My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Translation ) - Chapter 6 - Chapter six, borrowing Mixiu

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Chapter 6: Chapter six, borrowing Mixiu

Author: The snow of an icebergMachine Translation

Before the dishes were out of the pot, Lin Lei tidied up the house again. She also mopped the floor, thinking about what should she could do without rice.

Lin Lei returned to the house and rummaged through her bag. There was a handkerchief inside. Lin Lei opened it and looked at a total of more than 120 yuan. She thought about her salary of more than 30 yuan a month. She estimated that a kilogram of rice should be around a few cents.

Lin Lei took five yuan and knocked on the neighbor's door.

The person who opened the door was about 20 years old. She had short hair and was about 165 in height. She was slightly thin and wore a blue floral shirt and black pants.

Sun Li looked at the person who knocked on the door and asked, "Who are you looking for?"

Lin Lei smiled. "Hello, I just moved in next door. I don't have any rice to cook at home. Do you have any at home? Can you sell some to me?"

She quickly explained her purpose of coming here, afraid that people would think that she was here to borrow rice. In this era, grain was not very expensive. Unlike in the 20th century, there were grain stores everywhere and rice could be bought at the supermarket.

Sun Li knew that Lin Lei was here to pick up the rice.

"My name is Sun Li. My husband's surname is Wang. I don't have much rice at home. I'll go get a bowl for you. Just go out and buy it tomorrow and return it to me."

Sun Li turned around and went back to the house to get some rice. Lin Lei waited for a while. She thought to herself that if she were to return the rice tomorrow, she would definitely order more.

Sun Li came back very quickly with a big porcelain bowl in her hand.

"Here, just return the bowl to me tomorrow. I'm going to cook now. The child's father will be back soon."

"Okay, sister Sun, you go back and cook."

Lin Lei looked at the big bowl. It was probably enough to eat. She was very grateful for sister Sun's help. She thought to herself, if this was in the post-apocalyptic world, killing people for a bowl of rice would be a common thing.

It was really a blessing to leave the post-apocalyptic world. This was something that people who had not experienced it would not feel. When she went back, the pot was already cooked. She washed the rice. She did not know how much Song Yi ate, so she simply boiled it.

She had been sleeping for the past two days and did not seem to have eaten anything. Today, she ate some lunch, and now her stomach was growling with hunger.

Song Yi opened the door and smelled the aroma of food. He was curious as to how she cooked when there was nothing at home. When he saw that Lin Lei had gotten up in the afternoon, he had bought some rice and vegetables in the cafeteria and prepared to go home to cook.

Song Yi looked at the busy Lin Lei and asked, "Are you feeling better? How did you cook? Where did the food come from?"

When Lin Lei heard the voice, she realized that Song Yi had come back. He was so busy thinking that no one knew she had entered the room.

"The dishes were sent by Wang Mei from upstairs. I was too embarrassed to refuse. I've already made an agreement with her that I'll treat her to a meal in the future. The rice was borrowed from sister Sun next door. She said to return the bowl with rice tomorrow."

Song Yi looked at Lin Lei, who was speaking in high spirits. He felt like a different person. Previously, he had not dared to look closely at her at home. It was either red or green. Every time he looked at her, he would turn his head away.

It was fine if she was a little fatter. He had never felt that fat women were bad.

Lin Feng had sacrificed himself to save him. He had originally planned to support his family for the rest of his life. When he made the decision at that time, he had already thought of being single for the rest of his life. No woman would be willing for her man to support another family.

In the end, on the second day after he went to Lin Feng's house, Lin Feng's father said that he hoped that he would marry Lin Lei. His family did not want any betrothal gifts. He hoped that Song Yi would be able to provide for them in the future. If they had children in the future, having a surname of Lin would be enough.

Song Yi thought about it and agreed. It was time for him to get married. However, he did not think that Lin Lei would be so capable of causing trouble.

"Oh, you can decide the family matters as you see fit. Today, I bought some rice and vegetables from the canteen. There's also 20 yuan here. You should use it sparingly. If you want to buy anything, you can get it in a few days when you're feeling better. Then, you can take the bus to buy it. This place is quite remote. Usually, you go out to buy or open the door to grow your own vegetables. "

Looking at the man who spoke in front of her, he looked quite good and spoke very thoughtfully.

Could it be that she had transmigrated here just to spend the rest of her life with him?

No, if she were to go back 20 years, the apocalypse would probably happen again. Thinking of the cruelty of the apocalypse, Lin Lei frowned. She really didn't want to experience it again...

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