My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Translation ) - Chapter 21 - Chapter 21, the first step of cultivation

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Chapter 21: Chapter 21, the first step of cultivation

Author: The snow of an icebergMachine Translation

Lin Lei sorted out all the things that she would need the next day. In order to avoid accidents, she took out some medicine from her space to treat external injuries. She was afraid that an accident would happen to the equipment.

Song Yi lay on the bed and calculated the route in his mind. He could not go up the mountain blindly. There were special poisonous snakes and beasts in some areas of the primitive forest.

Especially poisonous snakes. There was no serum in the factory. In such a remote place, if he was bitten, he would not be able to survive until he reached the hospital.

This was also why the factory forbade hunting in the mountains.

He said that the two of them had grown up and had lived in the mountains since they were young, so they should be able to help in dealing with emergencies.

Lin Lei came out of the bathroom and looked at Song Yi, who was lying on the bed.

He had a perfect face. His eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth were obviously very appealing. When combined with his facial features, he was very attractive.

It was not that Lin Lei had never seen a handsome man before. She had seen many of them on television and in her life. She always felt that she was not missing anything.

Looking down from his face, Song Yi's shirt was unbuttoned because of the hot weather. It was his abdominal muscles that had been trained for a long time...

Just like that, he was exposed in front of Lin Lei. How did it feel?

She reached out and touched him.

Song Yi noticed it when Lin Lei's gaze swept over him.

What was this girl trying to do? The sudden touch on his abdomen gave him a big fright.

Song Yi instinctively wanted to pull his wife over. Just as his hand was about to pull her over, his wife dodged it.

His wife could dodge, but he was quite fast. There were not many people who could dodge him.

Through this point, it could prove that his wife was skilled and not weak at all.

Thinking of this, Song Yi stood up swiftly and reached out to grab Lin Lei, who was standing not far away.

Lin Lei saw Song Yi coming over and instinctively dodged quickly. She avoided Song Yi's hands and feet and retreated out of the door. This house was quite small.

Song Yi hurriedly chased after her and grabbed her shoulder. Lin Lei flashed and retreated to the side of the table.

Lin Lei had no way out. She could only shout, "Song Yi, are you crazy? You want to hit me?"

"My wife touched me just now. My instinct was to hold my wife's small hand so that she could touch me." Song Yi's eyes flashed with a bewitching look. "Wife, if you want to touch me, I'll take off my clothes now. If I let you touch me, my entire body will be yours. You don't have to touch me secretly."

Hearing Song Yi's shameless explanation, Lin Lei's face instantly turned red. Why did she do it?

"I saw a bug. I was kind enough to help you hit it, but you fought back." Lin Lei also quibbled and cursed in her heart. Who asked him to lie there with his clothes unbuttoned?


Song Yi nodded. "So that's how it is. I've misunderstood my wife. Wife, have you learned martial arts from others before? I've never heard your brother say that he has a sister who is quite skilled, so I'm a little curious."

Lin Lei glared at him. "Why are you talking about? I don't have anyone in the village who can beat me. You heard the truth. You should be satisfied now."

Knowing that it was best to stop, Song Yi turned around and returned to his room.

"Go to bed early. We'll get up early tomorrow and go to the mountains."

He was a little disappointed. When would his wife confess to him? It was really hard to guess a woman's thoughts!

Song Yi lay on the bed and thought about Lin Lei's skills and the changes in the past few days. He made up his mind that he had to get this woman. She could only be his.

As for her secret, he would find out sooner or later.

Lin Lei watched as Song Yi returned to his room and drank a mouthful of water. In her mind, she kept recalling their actions just now. If they really fought, what were her chances of winning? After thinking about it, they might each have a 50-50 chance. After all, there was no real fight.

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