My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Translation ) - Chapter 2 - The second chapter, Song Yi

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Chapter 2: The second chapter, Song Yi

Author: The snow of an icebergMachine Translation

Lin Lei made a guess. Song Yi had thought about this marriage and all the problems that could arise. The only thing that he had not expected was the original owner's fierce personality.

Originally, he had asked for leave to visit his family. It was a three-day leave at most. This sudden marriage was too rushed.

They had to rush back to the steel factory on the day of the wedding, so the two of them did not have time to consummate the marriage.

Song Yi explained to the original owner whom he had just married

"There are still matters to be dealt with at the steel factory. Wait until I ask for leave next time and come back then."

The original owner did not blame him and stayed at Song Yi's House. There were a total of eight people in the Song Family, including Song Yi.

The eldest brother, Song Cheng, was married and had a daughter, Song Niu. His wife was Li Hui from the same village. She was a nice person but a little stingy. As a rural wife in this era, it was understandable.

Song Yi was the second son. The third son, Song Jian, was two years younger than the original owner. He was also studying in the town and had an sister, Song Qian, who was fourteen years old.

Their father, Song De, and mother, Tang Shufen, had a large family. No wonder people in that era were especially fertile... If this was a modern era, their parents would be exhausted to death!

It was a problem for such a large family to eat. Since there were no separate families, and they were all rationed.

The host was especially good at eating. A few days ago, there were leftovers from the banquet.

The host was not picky about food and was very full. After finishing the leftovers, the family made a rationed meal. Everyone had a bowl of porridge for breakfast and some pickled vegetables. They basically did not cook at noon and only cooked at night. Everyone would cook something. There was not much oil in the dishes. Everyone had a piece of rice flour pancake.

The host was not full, but she was too embarrassed to say it to their faces, so she could only endure it in silence.

When the host returned home three days later, she explained to her mother, Li Qiuyue. As someone who had been there before, her mother advised her to bear with the separation.

The host's mother advised her to go back early. The new wife had been back to her mother's house for a long time, so the in-laws would not like her too much. The host was very obedient and went home before dark. When she entered the house, she found that everyone was eating dumplings.

However, it was not the new year, so why was everyone was eating dumplings?

The host was very puzzled. When she was here, the food had been clear and watery. When she returned home, everyone actually ate dumplings.

Because she liked Song Yi and had insisted on marrying him, the host dared not say anything.

When everyone saw that she had returned, they were also very depressed. Because she ate such a lot, they wanted to take advantage of her absence to eat meat. They only had enough dumplings for them to eat.

They had no choice but to give up two dumplings each, which was just enough for one plate. Sister-in-law Li Hui took it over to the host.

The host was relatively simple-minded, so she accepted this kindness, even though this plate of dumplings was not full. However, the stuffing inside was cabbage meat stuffing, which was usually only eaten during the new year.

In the middle of the night, the host woke up to go to the bathroom. She heard someone in the next room talking loudly and couldn't help but stop to listen.

Song Qian complained, "Mom, I didn't expect that damn fatty to come back early. I'm not full yet and I'm hungry!"

Tang Shufen said, "How did I know that she would come back early? No wonder she's so fat. My second brother is also stupid. Her family asked him to marry her and he agreed. How about his salary, 20 yuan a month? Five yuan is enough for us to eat a lot of meat at home."

Song Qian continued, "Mother, what should we do? She can eat so much. If she stays at our house forever, we won't be able to eat anything good. The money that my eldest brother's family gives you is only enough for his family. My other brother doesn't earn money and still has to study."

Tang Shufen retorted, "What can we do? We can't kick her out or split up the family."

"Why can't we split up the family?" Song Qian asked.

Tang Shufen saw that her daughter was so bad at accounting that she spoke slightly angrily.

"Girl, are you stupid?! Song Yi sent his salary but couldn't give it all to her. She was already married to your second brother. If she went out alone, your second brother wouldn't be able to give her living expenses. If he gave her our money, that would be less. Seeing that you're going to talk about marriage, you must use your brain before you speak in the future. Otherwise, you'll suffer."

Song Qian did not want to continue being scolded, so she quickly opened her mouth and spoke.

"Mother, then we can't separate the family, and we can't let her leave either. I'm so worried. I'm going to sleep now. You go to sleep early too, don't stay up late."

Tang Shufen could not sleep, so she tossed and turned.

"Old man, what do you think we should do? There's not enough room to sleep here, and we even gave her a room. In the past, when Song Yi came home, he would squeeze in with us, but now our daughter's room has been given to her."

Song de was very angry after being interrupted in his sleep and he spoke unhappily.

"What can we do? Tomorrow, we'll tell her to let our daughter sleep in the same room as her. In any case, our sister-in-law should be fine, so why are you being so stupid?"

"Song Yi is an enemy. If he says he should get married, then he should get married. We can't even discuss it," Tang Shufen said indignantly.

"Are you going to sleep or not? You still have to wake up early and work tomorrow," Song De shouted and then turned around.

When the original owner heard this, she understood everything. Therefore, she was so angry that she had to split up her family. Although she was too simple-minded to think too much about it.

However, Lin Lei thought that this family had obviously plotted against Song Yi previously. Now, they were plotting against her as well. They did not treat them as a family at all. Instead, they treated them as money trees.

As expected, when there were many children, the parents would be biased...

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