My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Translation ) - Chapter 18 - Chapter 18[ deleted ]

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Chapter 18: Chapter 18[ deleted ]

Author: The snow of an icebergMachine Translation

Song Yi finished cleaning up the kitchen and came out. He looked at Lin Lei, who was reading under the light. Her hair fell over her shoulders, and her hands flipped through the book from time to time.

She was holding an apple in her hand. Did she take a small bite? Her pink lips opened and closed.

Song Yi suddenly wanted to do something. By the time he regained his senses, Lin Lei had already been forced to lean against the wall by him.

Lin Lei was eating an apple when she saw Song Yi walking over.

Lin Lei picked up another apple on the table and stood up to pass it to him. She looked at Song Yi's loose clothes

His dark, hot eyes looked at her, making Lin Lei forget what she wanted to say.

Song Yi took a step forward, and Lin Lei took a step back.

She couldn't take another step back. She looked at Song Yi up close. His eyes were very beautiful. They were a pair of Phoenix eyes, and they were staring at her without blinking.

Lin Lei was at a loss. What was Song Yi going to do?

While Lin Lei was in a daze, she felt a biting pain on her lips. 'Would this guy kiss her? It was too painful.'

Just like that, she was kissed by Song Yi.

Her lips still felt pain. Fortunately, after kissing for a long time, he slowly relaxed, and her lips didn't hurt as much.

"Wife, be good! Close your eyes and take a deep breath."

Hearing a low voice coming from above her head, Lin Lei subconsciously closed her eyes...

After kissing for an unknown period of time, Song Yi felt that his wife was going to be out of breath. Only then did he let go of her hands.

At that moment, his wife's eyes were blurred, and her entire body was weak as she leaned into his arms. Her small face was slightly red. Song Yi really wanted to continue, but he was afraid that he would provoke his wife.

"Wife, do you still want me to continue?"

Lin Lei finally took a breath. "Continue what? I wanted to give you an apple just now, but you turned out to be so bad."

Song Yi picked up his wife and took a bite of the apple in her hand.

"Wife, it's so sweet. I like it very much."

Lin Lei was so angry that she stomped her feet. "It's the apple that's sweet. I gave you an apple, but you're really bullying me."

Lin Lei did not realize that her voice was more coquettish than angry...

"You're my wife. If I don't kiss you, why would I kiss someone else?" Song Yi's eyes flickered as he acted shamelessly.

"NEXT TIME, you're not allowed to kiss me before I agree. You have to respect me."

After saying this, Lin Lei quickly ran back into the room and closed the door. The way she ran away...

When Song Yi was chatting and laughing, everyone said that a man had to take the initiative when it came to such things. It seemed to be true.

Thinking back to the soft feeling in his mouth just now, his wife's body had a faint fragrance. Her chest was very soft, and it felt really big. His lower abdomen quickly reacted; it looked like he needed to take a cold shower.

He had to use all his strength not to eat his wife. She had to be willing to lie under his body. Now, he could only take a cold shower...

When Song Yi thought about it, he realized that his body was getting dirtier and dirtier!

Song Yi had no choice but to take a shower in the bathroom...

Lin Lei went back to the room and lay on the bed. She kept patting the bed with both hands, saying, "How could I let him kiss me? I'M ON MY GUARD!"

And was the heat all over her body unsatisfied with her desire? If Song Yi hadn't said that, would she just have let him eat her...

Don't think about that monster anymore. Go to sleep. Yes, go to sleep.

Just pretend that it didn't happen. Yes, that's right.

After two hours, Song Yi had finished showering, he came back exhausted and saw that his little wife had already fallen asleep.

After the shower, he felt much more relaxed. He couldn't say what it was, but it was as if his body had discharged everything that was unnecessary.

He looked at the time and realized that it was already past 11 o'clock. He quickly went to prepare breakfast for his wife the next day, before he got into bed.

Lin Lei moved a little and conveniently moved towards Song Yi's embrace.

Lin Lei had a habit of sleeping. She leaned against something to sleep and leaned into Song Yi's embrace to fall asleep.

Poor Song Yi had just taken a cold shower, but it was all for nothing. Her body was so soft in his embrace, and the feeling of her chubby body was very good.

He had no choice but to hug Lin Lei tightly and not let her move around...

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