My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Translation ) - Chapter 100 - Chapter 100[100] crisis 8

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Chapter 100: Chapter 100[100] crisis 8

Author: The snow of an icebergMachine Translation

Lin Lei recognized some of the antiques and paintings in the room, but there were also many that she did not recognize. She estimated that there were more than a hundred of them. The owner himself should be an antiques lover.

Lin Lei touched the jade bracelet in her hand to sense the temperature and determine the location of the energy stone.

Song Yi followed his wife closely, afraid that there would be special circumstances, so he had to protect his wife well.

Lin Lei followed the temperature change of the bracelet and slowly came to a wall. There was nothing on the wall. Could it be inside?

She knocked lightly with her hand and listened closely. There was an echo, which meant that the inside was empty!

"Wife, is the thing inside the wall? "

"honey, the bracelet should be inside. The temperature of the bracelet is highest on this side of the wall. "

Song Yi saw his wife stop at this wall. Could it be that the thing was inside the wall There must be a mechanism. Looking around, Song Yi looked at the bookshelf next to him.

He walked to the bookshelf and looked at the few rows of books. They were arranged in the order of Chinese history.

After reading it once, Song Yi felt that something was wrong. He read it again and finally found a book in the lower left Corner. There were two books in total. Could it be that if one of the books was taken away, the mechanism could be activated?

Song Yi caressed the other books and touched each one. In the end, there were only two books left. "Wife, come over here. ".

Lin Lei heard the shouts and rushed over to see what Song Yi had found. Just now, she tried to touch the walls and walls, but she did not find a way to activate the mechanism.

"honey, did you find anything? "

Song Yi pointed at the bookshelf with his left hand. "My wife saw 35 books in the first row and 64 books in the fourth row. These two books are the same. I feel that one of them can open the mechanism by taking it away. "

Lin Lei followed Song Yi's point and also saw the two books. They were indeed the same, but which one was it!

"honey, which one do you think is it? "

Song Yi carefully observed them. Both were new books, but one of them was slightly worn. There were some scratches on the corners, so he guessed that it should be this one.

For the sake of safety, Song Yi said in a steady voice, "wife, if you step back, I'll take the one next to me. "

After listening to him, Lin Lei carefully read the two books. The one that Song Yi said was slightly damaged, and she felt the same way. It should be that one.

Lin Lei did not listen to him and stepped back. She only took two steps back. "Hubby, you take it! I'm right here. If there's danger, don't worry, I'll protect myself. "

She thought that it was true. If there was danger, she would definitely push Song Yi away. He had come in to help her get the energy stone, so she could not let him be in danger.

If she pushed him away when there was danger, she would still have time to hide in the space and then come out.

"Wife, you heard a sound at the door. Go and take a look. "

Lin Lei listened carefully but did not hear anything. She suspected that someone was coming and walked to the back.

Song Yi saw his wife walk far away and quickly picked up the book. The bookshelf quickly moved to the left.

"huff, huff, huff"

A steady sound was heard. Lin Lei quickly looked back and saw that the wall had opened!

She hurriedly ran back and pressed Song Yi down with all her strength. She cursed, "you fool, how dare you lie to me. If something happens, what do you want me to do? "

Song Yi hugged his wife tightly and patted her back gently to comfort her, "I'm not. Am I afraid that something will happen to you? I'm most afraid of you being in danger. Wife, I love you more than anything. You're my everything. Do you understand? "

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