My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Translation ) - Chapter 1 - Chapter One, rebirth [ the ending is over. You can read it without worry! ]

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Chapter 1: Chapter One, rebirth [ the ending is over. You can read it without worry! ]

Author: The snow of an icebergMachine Translation

"Ah, my head hurts!"

Lin Lei opened her eyes in anger. The old table to her left was very shabby, the mattress was hard, and the quilt was not new. Where was she?

Lin Lei suddenly felt very heavy. She tried hard for a long time but still couldn't sit up. The feeling in her hand... wait, it wasn't her hand. Her hand wasn't that fat, and it wasn't that dark. She touched her body and found that there was a lot of flesh on her body. There was obviously a swimming ring tied to her stomach. She couldn't have become so fat. What was going on?

Where was she? Wasn't she betrayed by her teammates and attacked by the Zombie Emperor?

Now, all kinds of signs indicated that she had transmigrated. After all, she had read a lot of novels in her previous life. She had suddenly changed her place and body, and the main character had transmigrated.

She didn't need to look at herself in the mirror. Nothing around her should exist in the post-apocalyptic world. The water in the post-apocalyptic world polluted the air. She took a deep breath and almost cried. It had been a long time since she had smelled such fresh air.

She was a level-five ice and fire power possessor. If she hadn't been careless, she wouldn't have been hit by the Zombie Emperor.

The saddest thing was that she had forgotten about the existence of space at the critical moment, and had died together with the Zombie Emperor.

'By the way, did I transmigrate to that space?'

Most people only knew that she had both ice and fire elements, but didn't know that she had another space. There were very few people with space power in the apocalypse, and this space was a jade pendant that combined with her body.

Her good friend, Su Su, why did she push her? She couldn't understand how many times they had helped each other in the last ten years of the apocalypse. Was it because of him?

Lin Lei suddenly felt a pain in her head, and her mouth was dry and cracked. She really wanted to drink some water!

The door was suddenly knocked open, and a man in an old-fashioned cotton-padded coat came in with a lunchbox in his hand. Who was he and what was his relationship with the original owner of this body?

Meeting his gaze, although his face was very dark, he was very handsome. His facial features could be considered to be among the best among all the handsome men she had seen She estimated he was at least 1.8 meters tall.

Song Yi impatiently placed the lunchbox on the side of the table.

"Eat. I agreed to what you said. The report has been handed in. Stop tormenting yourself. The body is yours. If you continue tormenting yourself like this, the pain will also be yours. Why bother?"

Seeing the man in front of her had finished speaking, he turned around and was about to open the door and leave. No, where was this place? She hadn't asked yet?

Lin Lei forced herself to sit up and shouted, "Wait a minute, who are you? Where is this place? And who am I? Can you tell me?"

'What's wrong with this woman?' Song Yi had already pushed the door open, but he was worried that she would let her imagination run wild in the house. Before closing the door, he spoke casually.

"Lin Lei, eat your food. It's good for your health. I have work in the afternoon, so I have to leave now. If there's anything else, wait for me to come back this evening."

Lin Lei's original name was also Lin Lei. What was going on?

Just as she was about to ask more questions, she saw the man close the door and leave.

So what if he was good-looking? What kind of attitude was that?!

A voice of protest came from her stomach. It was a small matter to be angered to death, but it was a big matter to starve to death.

She reached out to take the lunchbox and opened it. White rice, meat, and stir-fried cabbage were nothing before the apocalypse. However, after the apocalypse, water pollution made it impossible to grow vegetables. Things like cabbage could only be found on large bases, and not everyone could eat them...

Lin Lei ate very well. There was not even any soup left. She mixed the rice and ate it all.

After eating, she felt pain again. She could only lie back on the bed unconsciously and fall asleep again. In her sleep, Lin Lei finished looking at the body's owner. It was a short life.

Her original name was Lin Lei, just like herself. She was a rural girl. She had her parents and brother at home. It was a happy and harmonious family of four.

Her happy life had been disrupted because her brother had sacrificed himself to save someone earlier this year. And that person was the man who delivered the food just now. His name was Song Yi!

After that, his relationship with the original owner of this body was that of husband and wife.

Then, the moment he transmigrated, he would be the man in name.

What the hell was this? Was this a gift from the heavens?

Slowly, she looked through his memories. The original owner was very fat and did not look good. As the saying went, a fat person ruined everything.

In the countryside, most people around the age of 15 were engaged to each other. The original owner was 18 years old and no one had ever proposed marriage.

The first reason was that she was too fat and did not look good. She was also ate an enormous amount. In this era, grain production was low and no family was rich.

The second reason was that the original owner had a fierce personality. She had been pampered by her family since she was young. It was not a big deal for her to have a bad temper, however, she was so strong that none of the young men in the village could beat her.

Therefore, no one dared to marry her, even if her parents did not want the betrothal gifts and paid the dowry. After all, it was understandable that no family wanted to marry an ancestor. The people in this era were not rich.

Her brother had sacrificed himself. Song Yi came to her house to acknowledge his family. He wanted to replace her brother and continue to be filial to his parents. The original owner had taken a liking to him. This man was good-looking and did not look like a worker at all!

She had caused a ruckus at home with her parents for the entire night. Her parents had no choice but to say that this young man was not bad and even knew how to repay favors. It would also be very good if he was allowed to be their son-in-law.

Her parents did some thinking. They told Song Yi that there was only one request; for him to be their son-in-law.

Song Yi did not know what he was thinking, but he agreed... Heavens, what the hell was this? Could marriage be so easily agreed upon??

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