My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 972

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Chapter 972: She

Hearing her name, Ling Yan shivered and mumbled, “It is her, it is her, it is her, it is her…”

She should have known that it was her, but she had not believed that she was still alive.

Only she knew Gu Weiwei so well, and only she would have tricked Gu Siting back when she was kidnapped by the Gu Family. Only she would have made such a scene in the movie…

She should have known, but she did not believe that she was related to Gu Weiwei.

Even after Sleepless was released, she still didn’t suspect that she was Gu Weiwei.

Gu Siting turned around and was about to leave when he said to Kuroda Shio, “You know how to stop them from running away.”

“Yes.” Kuroda Shio nodded and walked towards Ji Fang and Ling Yan.

The mother and the daughter took a few steps backwards as they watched Kuroda Shio approaching them.

“What are you doing?”

Kuroda Shio grabbed Ji Fang who was standing in front of Ling Yan and broke her legs without much effort.

“Ah!” Ji Fang screamed in pain.

“Mom! Mom! Let go of my mother!”

Ling Yan screamed and lunged at her, trying to save her. However, she could only watch as her mother’s legs were broken, and was left speechless.

After Kuroda Shio dealt with Ji Fang, he looked at Ling Yan.

Ling Yan retreated in fright and rushed to Gu Siting’s side, begging as she kneeled by his feet.

“Brother Siting, don’t treat me like this, please don’t treat me like this. I love you and everything I do is because I love you and I want to stay by your side. Gu Weiwei doesn’t love you at all. She didn’t love you before, and she still doesn’t love you now. Only I truly love you and can keep you company…”

Without taking a look at them, Gu Siting urged with a low voice.


Kuroda Shio approached and pulled Ling Yan away, breaking both of her legs too.

The sound of the women’s crying and screams echoed around the cellar, yet Gu Siting stood still and did not turn around.

Ling Yan gradually lost the strength to cry because of the pain, but Ji Fang still endured the pain and threw herself to her side.

“Yanyan, mom is here, mom is here.”

Ji Fang still did not abandon her daughter even at the critical moment. Instead, she stared at Gu Siting’s back, looking furious.

“Gu Siting, you can’t get her back even if you kill me. You have never been able to get her person or her heart. She has fallen in love with Fu Hanzheng! She is with your enemy Fu Hanzheng! Even if you kill me to take revenge for her, she will not spare another look at you!”

Hearing her words, Gu Siting took a deep breath and said with his teeth clenched, “Kuroda, I don’t want to hear any more words from this woman.”

“Got it, I will ask Doctor Bai to deal with it as soon as possible,” Kuroda Shio answered.

If he couldn’t stop her from talking, then he could just cut off her tongue.

Gu Siting walked out of the cellar, looking dark and cold.

Standing in the living room, he looked around at this home that he had lived in for more than twenty years, and endless pain and regret arose in his heart.

If he had not hated her for causing his father’s death and distanced himself from her, none of this might have happened.

She would not die, she would not leave him or fall in love with Fu Hanzheng.

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