My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 971

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Chapter 971: Who on Earth is She?

Ling Yan found it increasingly difficult to breathe. She tried hard to pull away Gu Siting’s hands but failed.

The suffocating pain made her face turn a ghastly red and the veins on her forehead pop out.

When she thought that she was going to be killed by him.

Gu Siting released her and pushed her away.

“I am letting you off too easily.”

Ling Yan staggered and fell to the ground, panting heavily with her hands over her neck.

She thought of what he had just said. He said that Gu Weiwei had told him that she had given her the drugs.

She glanced at the body in the crystal coffin and shivered.

He had really… met her after she was reborn.

Only she, her mother and the deceased Gu Weiwei knew about the drug.

She and her mother had kept it a secret, so no one had found out about them.

But now he knew that she was the one who injected the drug and not her mother Ji Fang.

So… it was very possible that Gu Weiwei was still alive.

He had left in a hurry the other day and hadn’t answered her calls these past few days. He must have gone to find her.

Gu Weiwei, why are you still alive?


Seeing that he did not kill Ling Yan, Ji Fang rushed over and caressed her daughter’s swollen face.

She regretted that she had not been more forceful these past two days and brought her away from A Land.

Then she would not have had to suffer.

Gu Siting took the towel from Kuroda Shio and wiped his hands as if he had touched something dirty.

“Although I really want to kill you, I will not let you die so easily.”

Killing a person took only a few minutes, and death was a relief.

He would not let them be released so easily. He was going to make them pay back everything they had done to her.

Ji Fang looked at Gu Siting with fear as she shielded her daughter Ling Yan.

“What… are you doing?”

Gu Siting was a very cruel man. Now that he knew that Gu Weiwei had been killed by them, he would not kill them but he would not let them go either.

“Didn’t you ask her to die for you by being brain dead and then dig out her heart?” Gu Siting tossed away the towel he had wiped his hands with and looked at the distressed mother and daughter coldly. “From today on, you will also be injected with the drug until her heart is given back to her.”

Ji Fang shivered. As a doctor, she knew how harmful the drug was to the body.

He was tormenting her to death, so that he could remove Yanyan’s heart and give it back to Gu Weiwei.

“Gu Siting, you are killing someone, it is illegal!”

“You killed her too, didn’t you?” Gu Siting looked at Ji Fang, who had killed someone but was now blaming him. “Now, I just want you to pay with your life, it is very fair.”

However, when a living person gradually becomes brain dead, the process would undoubtedly be torture for both the body and the mind.

Ling Yan came back to herself and looked at Gu Siting unwillingly.

“You said that she told you who she is. Who is she now?”

If Gu Weiwei was still alive, who was she?

Gu Siting threw a cold look at Ling Yan who had a swollen face and blood-stained lips.

“Didn’t you already meet her? You couldn’t be compared to her before, and you never will.”

“Who is she? Who on earth is she?” Ling Yan asked hysterically.

“Mu Weiwei.”

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