My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem - Chapter 97

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"Lydia…” I spoke, bringing out my hand and gently touching her cheek. “I told you before, I love you. You’re beautiful, and sexy, and smart. And strong. There is no way I wouldn’t want to have sex.”

Lydia looked up at me, her eyes just a tinge doubtful. “Then… why haven’t you… pushed me down. There were plenty of times. Even though I held you every night, you never…”

I smiled wryly. “You never really pushed me down either…”

Lydia blushed. “H-how could I… to Master.”

And that was the crux of the situation. I grimaced, feeling incredibly stupid. How could she push me down? I was the Master, she was the slave. There was no way she could abandon her proper role like that. If anything was to happen between us, I had to take the initiative. Our time in the dungeon had been a unique opportunity. We didn’t officially have a Master Slave relationship at the time, since she was still owned by that noble. Furthermore, it was more out of desperation that she threw herself at me.

I had taken her bold actions for granted, and assumed that if she wanted to have sex in the future, she’d be just as bold. No, it was more than that. She was my slave now. I felt like if I demanded sex from her, I’d be abusing our relationship. After all, if I asked her for sex, she’d have no choice but to put out. I still didn’t understand why Lydia liked me, so it was easier to believe that deep down, our relationship had been platonic except for a single night of passion. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It took seeing Lydia’s tears for me to realize that while I was wanting her, Lydia was also wanting me. I reached up and patted her head.

“Lydia, I’m sorry. I was focused on other things and I didn’t think about your needs. In the future, know that I am always interested in being intimate with Lydia…”

“A-always?” Lydia’s expression started to brighten.

“Hah… well… I guess I’m a teenager, so yeah. Please don’t be afraid to voice your wants to me. If you’re in the mood, tell me, and we’ll take care of it, okay?”

Saying those things was so embarrassing! Yeesh. Well, at least I was clear and straight forward. That was what was important.

“Master…” Lydia spoke up.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Can… we?” Lydia looked up at me hopefully, her tail swishing.

“Now!” I let out a cry of disbelief, sputtering.

Lydia puffed out her cheeks. “You said be honest…”

I had completely underestimated Lydia’s appetite and her boldness. I was a teenager, but would I be able to keep up with a tigress? Suddenly, I recalled that out night together hadn’t been complete romance. I remember after ten rounds Lydia demanding we keep going to a hundred. She was very forceful and on top. Suddenly, I felt slightly nervous.

Lydia moved closer to me, and looking into her eyes I realized the truth. It didn’t matter whether I could keep up. It didn’t even matter if I was good at it. All that mattered, is that we could be together, and that we could express the love that we wanted to express.


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Our lips headed towards each other and we held each other close.

“T-that’s so great…” A sobbing voice caused both of us to freeze and look at Miki.

She was wiping the tears from her cheeks and smiling.

“Hah?” I let out a noise of confusion.

No, wait, I just stopped Lydia from crying, why was Miki crying now?

“Miki…” Lydia blushed, looking down guiltily.

“It’s fine… I should leave the two of you to your privacy…” Miki spoke through her tears.

“Miki, are you…” I started to ask.

“I’m fine.” She waved her hand, her expression flipping between a big, forced smile and bitterness. “I’m so happy… so don’t mind me. You’ve saved my life and given me a family. You’re both my family. So… I can only be happy that you found happiness.”

Her words were saying one thing, but her expression was saying another. It wasn’t that I didn’t think Miki was beautiful. Rather, I just never considered it a possibility. Miki had that wallflower personality. She made up for it with teasing and mischievousness, but I didn’t realize she had looked at me that way. I had assumed she was just doing it to tease Lydia.


“Figuro will find me another tent tonight.” Miki stood, her emotions finally in control. “Please… I’m just a slave. Master has been so wonderful, I just had selfish thoughts for a bit. Ignore it. I understand my place. Thank you for everything, Master.”

Miki turned around and fled the tent before another word could be spoken. My emotions were turbulent, and I was at a genuine loss about what to do next.

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