My Disciples Are All Villains - Chapter 972

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Chapter 972: The Disciple Who Has Completed His Apprenticeship

There was truly a balance for everything in this world.

Yu Shangrong suddenly felt that he had made a wise decision by decisively severing his lotus back then even if it was dangerous and painful. It seemed like he would not need to suffer the kind of pain Yu Zhenghai was suffering.

“I’ll wait for you then,” Yu Shangrong said with a faint smile before he leaped to the top of the dilapidated palace wall and looked around.

The night sky stretched as far as the eyes could see. It was completely dark with no stars to light it up. The air in the ruins was strange and deathly still.

Yu Zhenghai’s avatar was like a little lamp in the midst of the darkness, providing a little bit of light.

At this time, Yu Shangrong’s body moved. His speed was as fast as lightning. He flew out 50 meters before he flew back again.

He muttered under his breath, surprised, “This is Liang Qu’s speed?”

After a moment, he decided to practice with the Longevity Sword. He had nothing to do now anyway. He tapped his toes on the top of the palace wall before he soared high up into the sky.

After he came to a halt, he closed his eyes. The Longevity Sword in his hand remained still.

“Calm Disturbance.”

Calm Disturbance was the move Lu Zhou had demonstrated to Sikong Beichen back then in the Ninth Temple.

“To use all creations as swords. The swordless path.”


The sound of energy resonating rang in all directions as energy swords appeared in the air.

When Yu Shangrong finally opened his eyes, he saw more than 100,000 energy swords in the sky.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The energy swords pointed out as they gathered and spun like a plate in the sky.

Suddenly, Yu Shangrong dove down as he controlled the more than 100,000 energy swords to follow him.

The run-down building in front of him instantly collapsed under the assault of the energy swords.

“Not good enough.” Yu Shangrong was dissatisfied with this result. He controlled the energy swords and moved south.

The more than 100,000 energy swords flew after him like a dragon.

“Isn’t this like the Water Dragon Song?” Yu Shangrong chuckled. “Nevertheless, it’s still a little lacking compared to Calm Disturbance.”

Indeed, this move was rather similar to the Water Dragon Song that Lu Zhou taught Yu Zhenghai.

Yu Shangrong continued to fly around with the energy swords before he suddenly came to a stop. The more than 100,000 energy swords disappeared in just an instant. He realized this move was too eye-catching.

“Is this the strength of a Birth Chart expert?” For some reason, he felt that his strength was that of a Birth Chart expert now. After absorbing two life hearts, he could feel his reaction, speed, strength, and control were much stronger than before. However, his avatar was still the same as before: a Hundred Tribulations Insight avatar with golden leaves with a tinge of green.

It was silent as Yu Shangrong continued to hover in the air. The air blew against him, causing his green robe to flutter.

After a moment, he looked at Yu Zhenghai who was on the ground. Yu Zhenghai looked like he was in even more pain than before. Nevertheless, he was not worried. After all, in regard to suffering, no one in the Evil Sky Pavilion could compare to Yu Zhenghai. Since Yu Zhenghai had suffered so many hardships, this little bit of pain that would smooth the road ahead of him was nothing.

In the Evil Sky Pavilion’s eastern pavilion.

When Lu Zhou saw Yu Shangrong and Yu Zhenghai’s progress that seemed optimistic, he no longer observed them. Instead, he thought of ways to pass the information he had gathered to Zhu Honggong.

Zhu Honggong did not know how to use the talismans or formations that the Evil Sky Pavilion and Si Wuya used to communicate.

Lu Li had lost his cultivation base. Therefore, although he knew the way to communicate, he did not have the strength to do it.

Lu Zhou recited the mantra for the Heavenly Writing Power again.

He saw Zhu Honggong asking Lu Li, “Is there really no way to form the Thousand Realms Whirling avatar?”

“No, I will find a way. There must be a way!” Lu Li said. There were all kinds of life hearts in front of him at this moment.

Zhu Honggong said with a smile, “In fact, it’s not that bad even if I can’t form the Thousand Realms Whirling avatar.”

“You’re saying this again?”

“Alright, alright. I made a promise to you, and I’ll keep it. However, if it’s really impossible for me to form the Thousand Realms Whirling avatar, you can’t blame me,” Zhu Honggong said.

“You have to become strong in order to live well. Aren’t I doing this for your good? Do I still have to tell you this?” Lu Li said, “I don’t know what your master taught you. Your talent is wasted on him. A strict master would produce great disciples; an easygoing master would produce lazy disciples. If you were to follow me when you’re a child, you would already be a powerful Eight Chart expert! What a pity…”

“Old Lu, how can you slander my master like this!”

After spending so much time together, Zhu Honggong had grown closer to Lu Li. He had even gotten used to addressing Lu Li as Old Lu.

Lu Li ignored him.

Zhu Honggong said, “My master is the number one expert in the golden lotus domain; he’s the Pavilion Master of the Evil Sky Pavilion. All the ten disciples of the Evil Sky Pavilion are prominent figures!”

“You’re quite loyal.”

“Of course,” Zhu Honggong said with a sigh, “You don’t know this. My talent and aptitude for cultivation were poor when I was a child. My father is the Cult Master of the Ancient Saint Cult, but there was nothing he could do to help me cultivate. In the end, my master solved the problem and let me cultivate the Nine Tribulations Thunderblast. Although I lost a lot of years of my life in the beginning, I’ve gained them back through cultivation. Therefore, I’m very grateful to my master…”

“It has nothing to do with your master. It’s the Great Void energy,” Lu Li said.

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“How do you know the Great Void energy wasn’t given to me by my master?” Zhu Honggong asked with a smile/

Lu Li. “…”

Lu Li was rather surprised by Zhu Honggong’s words. Indeed, how did he know if the Great Void energy was given to Zhu Honggong by his master or not? Moreover, Si Wuya, Zhu Honggong’s fellow disciple, had the Great Void energy as well. He had also learned from Zhu Honggong that all the disciples of the Evil Sky Pavilion were highly talented. Based on what Zhu Honggong’s described, his fellow disciples’ cultivations were consistent with those who possessed the Great Void. If that was true, there was only one possibility: everyone in the Evil Sky Pavilion had the Great Void!

With that thought in mind, Lu Li said, “I suspect your master is from the Great Void…”

“The Great Void again. I’m sick of hearing it! When will I see the results of my hard work?”

“That’s enough. All you do is eat and eat every day… Do you think you can improve your cultivation base by eating?” Lu Li said. After a moment, he suddenly rose to his feet. “Wait!”

“What is it?”

“Eat!” Lu Li picked up a life heart and looked at Zhu Honggong before he said, “You can try eating it!”

Zhu Honggong. “…”


Zhu Honggong disappeared like a gust of wind.

Lu Li frowned as he muttered to himself, “That’s right. It’s so big and hard; how could he eat it? Cut it up? Crush it to make porridge? Or… absorb it?” His eyes lit up before he called out, “Zhu Honggong, come back here this instance! I have another good idea!”

Lu Zhou nodded. It seemed like there was no need for him to rack his brain to think of a way to send a message to Zhu Honggong; Lu Li would be able to figure out the method.

Nevertheless, just to be sure, Lu Zhou used the Heavenly Writing and shouted, “Absorb!”

Zhu Honggong who had already left the hall suddenly came to a stop when he heard a thunderous voice shouting, “Absorb!”

He scratched his ears and murmured, “Isn’t that master’s voice? Ah… It seems like I’m thinking too much about everyone that I’m even hallucinating. You want me to eat that thing? No way!”

Lu Zhou shook his head and cut off the Heavenly Writing Power.

The cost of transmitting that one word ‘Absorb’ depleted almost all of his supreme mystic power.

He no longer worried about Zhu Honggong. After all, Zhu Honggong’s life was not in danger. It was better to keep an eye on his eldest and second disciple for now. Moreover, if the duo successfully found the scroll of the Heavenly Writing, it would greatly increase his strength as well.

At this moment…

“Ding! One of your disciples, Yu Zhenghai, has successfully formed the Thousand Realms Whirling avatar. Reward: 10,000 merit points.”

“Yu Zhenghai has met the requirements to complete his apprenticeship. Would you like him to complete his apprenticeship?”

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