My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1320

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Chapter 1320: The World’s Vastness Is Not Something You Can Imagine

Flying at high altitudes did not give her the least bit of pressure at all.

In any case, because she had the water spiritual barrier protecting her body, the strong winds were unable to hurt her no matter how high she flew.

By this time, she had already seen that a middle-aged woman hidden by a black veil was sitting on the crow’s back. Behind her sat Fan Qiuhe, who cracked a grin at her.

Qiao Mu only felt her eyes getting stabbed with pain, as if blood was seeping out.

She seemed to have vaguely seen this middle-aged woman before in her dream.

But she had already completely forgotten who she was.

That black veil of the same style was sufficient to prove that she was the woman who had appeared in the abandoned cabin in the Mystic Beast Forest.

It was this nefarious middle-aged woman who had killed the poison-tailed butterflies she had dispatched to shadow Fan Qiuhe.


Qiao Mu’s icy eyes flitted across that woman and Fan Qiuhe. She curled her lips at him and revealed an imperceptible smile.

It doesn’t look like a smile! Fan Qiuhe jolted in fright. For some reason, he felt that this little lady’s genuine smile was not like this, where there was a crack in her stoic face.

“Huff—huff!” The double-headed black crow let out raspy caws as it flapped its wings, flying straight for the outside of the City Lord’s Estate with the suspended Qiao Mu in tow.

It wasn’t until they flew to a remote location in Jiaozhong Base that it finally threw her down.

Before them was a rundown temple’s entrance. Two to three people whose faces had changed beyond recognition were sprawled on the floor.

Qiao Mu had to pass by them.

Subsequently, these “zombies” moved abruptly, clawing toward Qiao Mu with their rotting hands.

Qiao Mu evaded with a flash without even giving them a glance. At this time, these zombies were standing up unstably and congregated around her like fresh meat.

“Keke.” The middle-aged woman released a modulated laugh. It did not seem like her true voice but rather like the effects of having it altered by drugs.

“The little lady is very courageous.” The middle-aged woman remarked with a smile, “You aren’t the least bit terrified to be facing me all by yourself! You are indeed a personage.”

Qiao Mu just shut herself inside the water spiritual barrier and let those zombies lunge at her and claw at her from across the water spiritual barrier.

It was so exceedingly laughable. They could only stare at this fat piece of meat in front of them that looked like it could be eaten just by opening their mouths, yet in reality they could not touch it at all.

Qiao Mu swept her a glance. “You think you can torment me to death with these things?”

After the successive battles earlier, only fools would be clueless about her capabilities.

If this woman brought her here brainlessly just to lock her up with zombies, then she would look down on the other party.

Because these toys simply couldn’t kill her.

“I acknowledge that you are very strong.” The middle-aged woman squinted her eyes with a chuckle. “But just that is far from enough! This world is much more vast than what you see. There are some people in this world that you cannot offend.”

“Like you?” Qiao Mu mocked.

However, the middle-aged woman did not get infuriated by her and nodded instead. “Like me.”

A spiraling fire dragon suddenly appeared behind her. It clawed upward while releasing a resounding dragon roar, so she originally thought that Qiao Mu would show a terrified expression.

Yet how would Qiao Mu, who had even experienced a golden dragon’s true physical form, be awed by a mere virtual fire dragon?

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