Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 417

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Chapter 417: How Could She

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There was more than the taste of tea inside the cup.

Gu Chaoyan subconsciously looked up at Susu, who was the Queen’s maid. If she was the mole… then the whole Weiyang Palace…

Susu was confused. Seeing Gu Chaoyan staring at her, she thought that the tea was not good enough for her. So she asked politely, “Lady Chaoyan, is the tea too hot or is the tea not up to your standard? I can make another sort for you.”

Gu Chaoyan let out a sigh of relief – Susu was not the mole.

Then it must be something else…

Gu Chaoyan noticed that both Xia Yinghan and the Queen were drinking the tea directly, and did not think that anything was wrong about that at all.

Then Gu Chaoyan took a look at the Queen…

The Queen had fairly white skin, but when observed carefully, she seemed to be unhealthy.. However, she was not sick at all. And her eyes… Gu Chaoyan remembered that when she was walking with the Queen, she could see that her eyes were slightly reflecting some bloodshots. Could it have been….

Gu Chaoyan frowned. She felt that her head was getting messy.

With teacup in her hands, she smiled at Susu. “It is fine.”

Susu smiled back and retreated to the Queen.

“But I have some knowledge about tea too. It is not a good tea, it must be some old tea. You are not young any more, Queen, so you better drink some new tea, because old tea is bad for sleep.” Chaoyan said.

As she was saying, Xia Yinghan drank some more tea, but could not tell the difference.

The Queen did not show much expression on her face.

Susu was young, so she showed some displeasure on her face.

The Queen was treating Lady Chaoyan so well, because of the Lord, but how could Lady Chaoyan behave so rudely. She did not like the tea and now she was complaining about it. Did she have better ones then?

The more she thought about it, the less happy she became. “Lady Chaoyan, you have better tea then? Please bring some for the Queen to drink.”

The Queen stopped Susu, suggesting that she was being rude.

Susu pursed her lips.

Gu Chaoyan was not pleased. She smiled. “Okay.”

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Susu wrung her handkerchief and felt even more annoyed – she had given out an empty punch! Could she have better tea? Even if she did, it would have been given by Lord – and she was showing off here.

If not for her social status, she would have snapped at this lady, but she stomped her feet and said nothing more.

Xia Yinghan felt that the air was getting embarrassing, so she said, “It is getting dark, me and Chaoyan are heading back to Saint College.”

“Okay, here you go. I am not keeping you.” The Queen said gently as before. “It is not a good thing to remain in the court for too long.”

The last words were spoken with a small voice, but Gu Chaoyan threw a concerned look at her.

She sighed and left with Xia Yinghan.

Since they were not in the same social status with the Queen, she did not see them off but asked Susu to do that.

When Susu returned, she was still pursing her lips.

She said unhappily, “Queen, you are treating her so well, how could she dislike your tea!”

“Susu, you are way too innocent.” The Queen sighed and closed her eyes, looking rather exhausted.

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