Monster Paradise - Chapter 1687

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Lin Huang’s face was expressionless as he faced the colossal edifice in front of him.

He remained where he was, wondering how to deal with this batch of Bug Tribe monsters.

Suddenly, a spatial fluctuation began spreading out.

Lin Huang immediately turned his head to look in the direction of the spatial fluctuation and was instantly on guard.

He had not requested for any assistance.

Therefore, anyone who showed up now might well be the Raiders’ reinforcements.

A figure slowly stepped out of the Dimensional Whirlpool.

It was a fairly well-dressed man who was even wearing a top hat. He looked to be in his early twenties, handsome in appearance and possessed of rather extraordinary charisma.

Although the other did not release his aura, Lin Huang’s pupils contracted involuntarily the instant he saw the newcomer. He immediately went into a state of combat readiness.

He could sense that the person in front of him was an ultimate-rank Lord.

“Don’t worry, Lin Huang. I don’t belong to the group that you’ve just disposed of.” The man removed his hat, revealing neatly slicked-back hair, and gave Lin Huang a faint nod.

“Let me introduce my humble self. I am Liu Fu, Rank-S Royalty. I’m also the Supervisor for this investigation.”

“Supervisor?” It was the first time Lin Huang had heard of such a position.

Although he was Royalty as well—a Rank-A member even— he knew almost nothing about Royal’s internal organizational structure.

Liu Fu had obviously read Lin Huang’s file and knew that he had had practically no contact with other Royal members. As a result, his knowledge of Royal was very limited. Patiently, Liu Fu proceeded to explain.

“You probably know that this great world is Royal’s affiliate territory. Organizations from the outside world have to submit an application to Royal for entry, and they are only allowed to enter if we approve.

“However, if the applicant’s ability exceeds the highest combat strength of our affiliate territory’s local population, our assessment will be extra strict. The applicant needs to have sufficiently legitimate reasons, or we’ll completely deny them entry.

“However, what many outsiders don’t know is that if the applicant’s ability exceeds the highest combat strength of our affiliate territory’s local population and their application is approved, Royal will secretly arrange for a Supervisor to observe the applicant’s every move.

“In Royal’s internal department, a Supervisor isn’t a position—it’s a mission codename.

“Any time Royal is in need of a Supervisor, they will publish the mission. Whoever accepts the mission will be the Supervisor of the mission in question.

“Of course, there are requirements that must be met when one accepts a Supervisor’s mission. The Supervisor’s ability must be more powerful than that of the applicant seeking entry. If there are many applicants, the Supervisor must possess the ability to keep all of the applicants under control.

“When this group of Raiders applied for entry, I happened to see the Supervisor’s mission and accepted it, so I became the Supervisor for this matter.”

Lin Huang more or less understood what Liu Fu was saying. The Supervisor would be the one who kept the investigators’ movements under surveillance to prevent them from behaving as they pleased in Royal’s affiliate world.

“You’re here now because I’ve stirred up trouble by killing the Raiders’ investigators?” Lin Huang asked, his gaze fixed on Liu Fu.

“You’re over-thinking matters.” When he heard this, Liu Fu shook his head, smiling. “It’s very common for investigators to die during the course of their investigations. Royal won’t make trouble for its members just because of an outsider.

“However, if the Raiders demand an explanation from us, we might just send them the video showing the entire process of you killing all those nine investigators. After all, the Raiders are a top organization in the universe; we can’t refuse to give them an explanation.”

Lin Huang’s expression altered slightly at this point. He did not wish to be targeted by Raiders in the universe who were even more powerful.

He had now killed a peak upper-rank lord-level powerhouse like Nine Snake.

If the Raiders saw the video, the next time they would send at least an ultimate-rank Lord to kill him. They might even send a supreme powerhouse above lord-level.

When Liu Fu noticed Lin Huang’s change of expression, he continued.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Even if we do send the video, as long as you hide in this world, the Raiders can’t do anything to you.

“This is because the most powerful combat strength of the local population in this world is only that of a middle-rank Lord. The highest rank that Royal will allow into this world is an upper-rank lord-level powerhouse. Anyone more powerful than that is barred from entry. Even if they do send more investigators, it should be no problem at all; your current ability is sufficient for you to protect yourself.”

“I can’t hide like a coward in this great world forever.” Lin Huang shook his head when he heard this.

To become more powerful, he would have to leave this great world.

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“You’ve made your presence known just to tell me this?” Lin Huang fell silent for a moment, then abruptly asked Liu Fu, “Or is there something else?”

“Actually, all members of Royal are under Royal’s protection. Even if Rank-A members offend lord-level powerhouses, Royal will still protect them. However, if they offend powerhouses above lord-level, Royal will hand over this member without hesitation. That’s because it isn’t worth offending a powerhouse above lord-level for the sake of a Rank-A member.

“However, Royal will protect a Rank-S member with everything they have, even if that member offends a dao-level powerhouse above lord-level…”

Liu Fu paused at this point and smiled, looking at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang locked eyes with Liu Fu for a moment. Seeing that Liu Fu did not continue, he could not help but ask, “How does one become a Rank-S member?!”

“It’s very simple. As long as you possess Rank-S potential and talent, you’re eligible.” Liu Fu smiled and continued, “To be more specific, you only need to kill an upper-rank Lord by using lower-rank lord-level combat strength. That will be sufficient.”

“So I can be upgraded to Rank-S, then?” Lin Huang felt slightly more at ease at this point.

Although he usually disliked being dependant on any organization, based on the current situation, Royal was undoubtedly his best refuge.

“What do you want?” Lin Huang calmed down very quickly, then looked at Liu Fu.

He knew that Liu Fu had to have some sort of motive for disclosing so much information to him.

“I can recommend that you be upgraded to Rank-S. What’s more, your chances of successfully being upgraded are very high,” Liu Fu smiled as he spoke, “What I want is simple. When the time comes, just write my name in the referral column, and that will be enough.

“When a member is upgraded to Rank-S or when there’s a new Rank-S member, the referrer gains a handsome reward.”

“There aren’t any other requirements?” Lin Huang was quite surprised.

“No.” Liu Fu shook his head with a smile. “I’m a mere half step away from breaking through to lord-level. There isn’t anything I want from a junior just yet.


“I’m recommending you be upgraded because you do indeed possess the ability. For one, I happen to be able to do a good deed. For another, the reward I’ll obtain from recommending that you be upgraded to Rank-S might just increase my chances of a breakthrough by that much.”

“I understand. Thank you, senior.” Once Lin Huang realized that the other was not imposing any further demands on him, he relaxed his guard slightly.

Liu Fu left after they had chatted a little.

Lin Huang only turned around after seeing Liu Fu off and focused his attention back on the hive in front of him.

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