Monster Paradise - Chapter 1666.

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Chapter 1666. Going Into Closed-Door Cultivation Again

Since Lin Huang had no idea whether the anomaly in the Nirvana Trees’ connection to the death spring would be temporary or permanent, he did not dare let the opportunity slip by just like that. He immediately focused his entire being and received the massive volume of information resources furiously.

He was afraid that if he bypassed this round of benefits and the connection channel returned to the state that Nine Gloom had encountered, that would be a bitter pill to swallow.

However, Lin Huang did not look over all this information in detail this time.

Not only did he not look through it in detail, but he only preserved lord-level information resources. Any information resources below lord-level, he stored in memory crystals.

To prevent redundant information in his mind, he completely sealed all of the information resources lower than lord-level after they had been transferred to the memory crystals.

Days passed in the virtual realm cabin.

After an indeterminate amount of time, Lin Huang had accumulated tens of thousands of lord-level inheritances in his mind. The Nirvana Trees’ retrieval of information resources from the death spring still showed no signs of drying up at all. Not only that, the absorption speed did not slow down in the least.

Only now was he basically able to confirm that the unusual connection between the Nirvana Trees within him and the death spring was most probably not a temporary one. Although he had no way of being sure whether it was permanent or not, he felt that it would not stop in the immediate future.

He did indeed feel that the information resources he had retrieved were more than sufficient.

More importantly, the thousands of memory crystals in his storage rings were all full.

Lin Huang put aside the information transfer from the Nirvana Trees for now. He did not bring out the bodies of the two Lords in his storage ring to refine their Kingdoms. Instead, he got up right away and left the virtual realm cabin.

As soon as he returned to the Ricky Star, he contacted Bloody through telepathic voice transmission.

He transferred all of the inheritances to Bloody through telepathic voice transmission, including the lord-level inheritances.

As the load of information was massive, even with telepathic voice transmission, Lin Huang spent a full day and a half to complete transferring all the information resources.

After delegating the task of sorting out the information to Bloody, he returned to the God Territory within him in a flash.

He gave the entire batch of memory crystals to Yang Ling so he could digitize the information and sort it out for storage.

After seeing to the matter of the memory crystals, Lin Huang returned to the Ricky Star again.

Now he finally had the time to take out his Royal Token to check on the auction status of the Dao Weapons.

The final bid for the thirty-seven low-grade Dao Weapons surprised Lin Huang once more.

“One hundred and one lower-rank Lords’ Kingdoms?!” Based on his initial expectations, it would be incredible if he could trade the thirty-seven low-grade Dao Weapons with thirty lower-rank Lords’ Kingdoms. That would be an astonishing number already.

He had never expected that he would be able to get one hundred and one of them.

He clicked into the trading details to check and soon saw the description of the traded items.

“As expected… All hundred and one of them are Abyssal Lords’ Kingdoms…” In reality, Lin Huang had already speculated this might be the case when he saw the unusually high number of items traded. However, he had not expected that all hundred and one Lords’ Kingdoms would be Abyssal. None were from other tribes.

Lin Huang had always known that the God Territory Shell Remnants of Abyssal half-step Lords were not valuable, but it had never occurred to him that the Kingdom Shell Remnants of Abyssal Lords were equally worthless as well.

What he did not know was that for many people, cleansing God Territories was an exceptionally troublesome task.

He had within him the Eternity Fire, which could easily devour all of the Abyssal energy in the Abyssal God Territories.

However, for most other people, the cost of cleansing Abyssal God Territories was extremely high.

First of all, only powerhouses who were middle-rank lord-level or above could cleanse a lower-rank Abyssal Lord’s Kingdom.

Moreover, an ordinary lower-rank Abyssal Lord’s Kingdom would take a middle-rank Lord hundreds of years at least to fully cleanse it. If the Kingdom’s size was slightly larger, or if it possessed more living beings, the time required for cleansing would be even longer.

Unless they were in dire straits of poverty, no Lords would waste their time cleansing Abyssal God Territories.

Therefore, such a thing would usually be sold at a cheap price.

Furthermore, Dao Weapons were hard currency in the universe.

Divine Crystals were hardly used for trading between Lords. Bartering was basically the common practice now, and Dao Weapons were practically the equivalent of currency.

Conversely, Abyssal Lords’ Kingdom Shell Remnants and Abyssal Lord bodies were items that were harder to sell.

The Lords from Royal were more than willing to trade Abyssal Kingdoms for hard currency like Dao Weapons as long as the price was not too outrageous.

This had made Lin Huang the biggest beneficiary in the exchange.

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After transferring all hundred and one Abyssal Lords’ Kingdom Shell Remnants from his identity token to his storage rage, Lin Huang returned to the virtual realm cabin again.

The investigators from the Raider would be coming soon; he did not have much time to waste. Therefore, the minute Lin Huang obtained these Kingdom Shell Remnants, he wanted to convert the Kingdom Shell Remnants into abilities as soon as possible after obtaining them.

He picked up the storage ring in the virtual realm cabin and took out the two Lord’s bodies. He retrieved their Kingdoms and began to refine them.

At the same time, the Eternity Fire began to cleanse the one hundred and one other Kingdoms.

When the refinement of the two Kingdoms was complete, the Eternity Fire had cleansed all of the Kingdom Shell Remnants.

The vast quantity of Abyssal energy was a rare delicacy for the Eternity Fire. This round of Abyssal energy consumption had advanced it another level; it was even more powerful now.

As for Lin Huang, he did not stop refining the Kingdom Shell Remnants at all.

Days passed. He worked day and night refining Kingdom Shell Remnants without taking even a second or a minute of rest.

As he was refining the thirteenth Kingdom, he finally sensed that the Godly Right within him had now come to satiety.

The number of god sequence chains his Godly Right could contain had reached its upper limit—one million god sequence chains!

At present, the number of god sequence chains in the God Territory within his body had skyrocketed to one million eight hundred and sixty thousand chains.

Although his Godly Right was now at its upper limit, Lin Huang did not stop refining Kingdom Shell Remnants.

Without hesitation, he chose to continue refining them.

The number of god sequence chains in his God Territory kept increasing, just like previously.

After an indeterminate length of time, he finally managed to fully refine all the remaining eighty-eight Kingdom Shell Remnants.

The number of god sequence chains his Godly Right could contain was still one million but the total number of god sequence chains in his God Territory had increased to seven million one hundred and sixteen thousand chains—an increase of more than several times over.

Lin Huang did not come out of closed-door cultivation even after his ability had increased significantly.

Instead, he sat with his legs crossed and his eyes closed and began inferring god sequence chains again.

One must know that the god sequence chains he currently possessed were borrowed from the God Territory in his body. He had not truly mastered them.

Excluding the Sword Dao heavenly rules that he had comprehended from consolidating the Sword seal earlier, in reality, he had mastered very few god sequence chains.

However, inferring god sequence chains was easier than comprehending god rules himself and then elevating them into god sequence chains. After all, he had used those god sequence chains before and possessed an in-depth understanding of the sequence power within them.

Lin Huang crushed an Epiphany Card and rapidly immersed himself, heart and soul, into inferring god sequence chains…

The god rules in his body swiftly began to consolidate and assemble into god sequence chains… The speed at which the god sequence chains consolidated exceeded what everyone else generally understood about god sequence chains.

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