Monster Integration - Chapter 1860

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Chapter 1860 - [Bonus chapter]6th Floor

When I saw the sixth floor, the scene I saw there was no less shocking than the one I had seen on the floor below. 

There are thirty-three people here, twenty-one of them are Grimm Monsters, and eleven are humans; nearly all of them are attacking the gates they have chosen. All the seven gates here are open; three are being attacked by humans while four are being attacked by the Grimm Monster.

There is one Elite Grimm Monster here and eight who are just a step away from reaching the Elite. There is one more Elite here, but most people don't know she is an elite.

Danielle is here; she and the Elite Grimm Monster are just standing few meters from each other, looking at the complete runic gate. This gate is different from the other seven broken gates; this is a little smaller, but the design is more elaborate. 

The most amazing thing about it is its runic formation. It is mesmerizing, the most beautiful formation I have seein in this place, it is also equally hard. If I were to try to solve it, I would need at least need two days, and that is outside time, not a time I will need inside my Inheritance Space.

It seemed like opening the gate of the vice-tower master's office will be quite hard, not only in a runic way but also in another way; there are two elites are trying to open the gates with their high-end calibrators and runic projector.

Both Danielle and Bullman are trying; even if I solved the formation, it would be very hard for me to enter it with these two blocking the way.

If I want to enter, I will have to take help from one of them, and there is no way I could take help from Grimm Monster. I could only ask Danielle, but the thing is, she is known to be a loner; unless it is sanctioned group mission, she will work alone.

There are many benefits of working with her, not only protection from the Grimm Monster but also that wonderful calibrator; it will make things extremly easy for me; it will be a matter of few hours solving that formation, not a few days.

Making my mind, I walked toward Danielle; I don't know whether I will succeed or not, but I will have to try it.

They both saw me coming toward them but did not say anything, though they have become slightly careful. Even though I kept my aura like that of a mid-level unranked Tyrant, they have still become careful seeing me approaching, especially Danielle, who is ready to attack me if I tried something nasty.

"Danielle, would you mind giving me a calibrator for few minutes?" I asked, greatly surprising her. Though, that surprised had vanished within a second, and she looked at me with a leveled stare as if wanting to see what my real thoughts are.

I met her stare with a calm smile and clear confidence. 

I happily took the calibrator in my hand. The calibrator is black in color with palm length hand, and dark energy disk is top of that, it is sending out rays of projection, which not only act as the scanner but also transformed into runes, with it no need to draw the runes to break the door.

Till, both Grimm Monster and Danielle, using the breaking formation stored in the calibrator, but that had been useless.

I had no intention to use the breaking formation stored inside it; I am pretty sure they would not be a help against this formation. I plan to use the original function of the calibrator to calibrate runes; it will save tons of time.

Without wasting time, I activated the calibrator function, and the next moment, it started to calibrate, and a few seconds later, it finished with that, and now in front of me, a completely new formation. I begin to solve it, and as I did, the calibrator did its job in parallel, making the formation easier for me to solve.

This artifact is magical; it is solving the menial parts of formation in seconds which would have wasted my hours and presenting me with the real cores of formation to solve; it made the process of solving the formation extremly fast.

'I will be able to solve the formation in three hours; please make preparations,' I said telepathically without looking up from the screen in front of me.

If I had looked at her, I would have seen her shocked looked that appeared on her face for a fraction of seconds before it had disappeared. 

I did not get any response from her, nor I had expected to get it; I just hope by the time I had finished solving the formation. She would be ready with her preparations. I only want her and me to go inside; others should not be allowed to come inside.

This is the office and abode of the vice tower master; there ought to be some precious things inside. The people there are to share, the better.

I am pretty sure both Grimm Elite and Danielle know the truth about the door; not only them but also some unranked Tyrants on the floor also know about it; I felt their inquisitive gazes on it every few minutes. It is not surprising. If I could find a map, others also could.

Two hours and forty minutes passed, and I solved the formation. The only thing I had to do now, projects the runes, and the door will be opened.

'I have solved the formation; you can make your move,' I said to Danielle telepathically.

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