Monster Integration - Chapter 1858

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Chapter 1858 - Astral Garden Tower I

The name of this place I am in is Astral Garden Tower, and it is fifty-nine stories long with over a thousand herbal stations; and currently, I am on the northeastern side of the 2nd floor.

There are not only herbal stations here but also offices of tower master and five vice tower master. There are also twenty-two rooms that are noted as the training facilities. 

I wonder what kind of training facilities they are. There might be something in those training facilities that might help me reach the absolute limit.

The office of Tower Master is on the top floor, and training rooms are also on the upper twenty floors. Reaching there would be quite a problem seeing how many Grimm Monsters there are; that is why I am planned to go for the office of vice tower master.

There are five offices of the vice tower masters, and they are spread all over the tower; there is one on the sixth floor.

I might be able to find something there. Hopefully a pass, the pass would make a lot of things very easy in this tower. The pass would enable me to open all the restrictions; there would be no herb dome that I won't be able to access.

I shook my head to get out of those fantasies and focused on realities. Reaching the sixth floor would be a dangerous affair; I might come across Elites, even Masters whom I am no match off. There are other difficulties as well, like if the runes are visible on the door and how hard it would be breaking it if it would be visible.

I thought about these things for a while before I put away the map and focused on the place I am. Since I had worked hard to break the door of this place, it is a brainer that I would collect everything I need here; there are very precious plants here.

After making a decision, I did not waste any time; I started collecting the plants. I first collected the plants I need before I went on to collect the others.

It is a slow process. While the unprotected plants could be harvested within a second, those protected would need more than an hour to break. Even though my speed of breaking the formation is increasing, I still need more than an hour to break the formation.

It is worth it though, the protected plants are more precious than those unprotected ones and could easily be sold higher.

It took me thirteen hours to collect all the plants, both restricted and unrestricted. I wanted to go out right now, but I am both hungry and slightly tired. So, I erected my abode and went inside.

Eight hours later, I got out of my abode and took out the formation ink to open the door. In the eight hours, I ate and also took five hours long sleep, which had refreshed me from my core, and now, I am ready to do anything.


A few minutes later, I finished carving up the runes and activated them. A second after that, I walked out and saw several attacks coming at me; it turned out I had unknowingly walked into the middle of the fight.

Bang Bang Bang

Several of the attacks landed on me, these attacks are quite powerful, and I have no defensive method activated when they crashed on me. I could see the horror appear on the face of the sole human who was fighting against the three Grimm Monsters before I got swallowed by the attack.

"You guys should really be careful of your attacks," I said as I waved my hand, swept away all the attacking energies, revealing myself totally unscathed. This utterly shocked the human and the three Grimm Monsters.

"Ice Dome!"

I said and surrounded the three Grimm Monsters and myself in an ice dome. Ten minutes later, I walked out and saw the human in a much better state than ten minutes ago. He seemed to have recovered from some of his injuries.

"Thank you, Jordan, if you not for you, those three bastards have eaten me alive," He said. He did not mean it as a joke; that would have really happened. These bastards really love to eat us, humans, alive.

"You would have done the same for me, Neil," I replied with a smile before disappearing from my spot. I had seen the gears turning in his eyes; I am sure he would have suggested we work together, and rejecting him would have been awkward.

I have a clear target in my mind, and that is the east wing of the sixth floor. Fortunately, it could be reached from the place I am.

Hoping the journey would be smooth is too much; I hope everything I encounter would be within my powers to deal with; I did not encounter a powerful Elite or a Leader class Tyrant; encountering that would be the end of me.

I walked carefully toward the third floor, and when I reached there, I saw a scene that very rarely happened. I saw Grimm Monsters and humans targetting their own doors; there is no fighting them.

On the way to the stairs, I had sensed the presence of both humans and Grimm Monsters and had been slightly confused but seeing the scene, the confusion in my mind had vanished. 

Seeing me coming out of the stairs, both humans and Grimm Monsters looked at me. I flashed a smile to some of my acquaintances and leveled the stairs to the Grimm Monsters, and walked fearlessly toward the stairs that will take me toward the fourth floor.

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