Monster Integration - Chapter 1857

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Chapter 1857 - Map

"This!" I said as I looked at the interesting thing she had found. It is a skeleton, which is in a very decayed state. 

Most of its clothes have already been decayed, and the same could be said for its bone; I am sure that if I touched the bone, the ones that had not been turned into the dust would also be turned to dust.

Still, this is a great find; it is the first humanoid skeleton I had found. In the boneyard, there was no humanoid skeleton; all the skeletons were of the beasts.

This skeleton is not of humans, the skull and palm that had survived the erosion of time and thick astral energy tell. It is of the species almost four meters tall; no wonder the gates here are all so big.

The different race is not a surprising fact. In the vast cosmos, thousands of races exist, and more than half of the ruins floats around our world are from them.

I scanned the skeleton with my soul sense and found a couple of things, seeing that my face couldn't help but light up, and I sent a couple of my thick vines at the skeleton, turning into dust and removing three things from it.

Aside from bone dust and decayed cloths, there are three things on the skeleton. There is a damaged dagger, a bracelet that looked fine, and a crystal disk.

I looked at the damaged dagger; it is completely black in color with silvery runes carved on it. These runes are damaged like the dagger. From what I could observe, the grade of the dagger is quite high, above the Tyrant grade at the least.

I moved the dagger further with my vines, and when about fifty meters away from me, I sent a sliver of energy inside it.

As I did that, the silver runes of dagger lighted up, and they vibrated with powerful fluctuation, which had shaken my body and made me take my armors defenses at its highest. The powerful fluctuation lasted only for a second, but they have created quite an effect on me. 

I did not insert any energy inside the dagger again; that volatile burst of energy is enough to let me know that it is a very dangerous weapon in its broken state and I should not use it.

After a minute of observing, I saw no change in the dagger, seeing that I had brought it back to me and stored it carefully in the sealed box before storing it in my storage. 

After dealing with the dagger, I looked at the bracelet. It is the most important artifact, and I very much hope that it turns out to be fine. 

If that happens, I will receive the amazing riches of my dreams. This bracelet is, without doubt, a space storage artifact, but the question is whether it is working or not.

Like all artifacts, the space storage artifacts have a life, and it would be even said they have much less life compared to the other artifacts. 

The space inside the artifact is stabilized with the help of runic formation, but as time passed. That formation loses its power, and space started to became unstable, and when that instability reached the limit, the space collapsed, taking everything with it.

I used my vines to move the bracelet away, just like the dagger. The bracelet may be fine, but it may not be fine. I do not want to take a needless risk by standing too close to it.

When my vines reached fifty meters away, I stopped and sent my energy inside the bracelet with an excited heartbeat, and I got nothing in return. My energy is just got swallowed by it without getting any response.

I waited for a couple of seconds before sending another streak of energy at it, but the result was the same; no result. 

Seeing that, I sent another streak of energy and then another before sending a continuous stream of energies at it, but the bracelet kept swallowing it all without giving it a result. I still continued and only stopped when I saw no result after five minutes.

It will be an understatement if I say I am very disappointed to see the result. I had put up lots of hopes on the bracelet, thinking it will give me great treasures; this skeleton was above Tyrant stage without a doubt; it means even simple things inside it will hold immense value to me.

It took me a while to get out of my disappointed mood, and I was able to focus on the last thing. It is a simple crustal disc; there is nothing written on it except for having a faded emblem which I had seen many times in this place, including on the doors.

I moved the crystal disk away from me, and when it was fifty meters away from me, I sent my energy inside it, and the thing that happened after that had shocked the hell out of me.

The faded logo of the map lighted up, and a moment later, it had disappeared, and in its place, a projection of a silver cylindrical tower appeared, and on the tower, there is something written in the silver text; fortunately, it is written in the universal language, and I could read it.

"Astral Garden Tower." I read out loud. It only takes a second for me to realize what it is, and I brough the crystal disc to me and begin to fiddle with the projection.

The more I study the map, the happier I become, and how could I not as I have found a freaking map of this place.

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