Monster Integration - Chapter 1852

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Chapter 1852 - Thunderous I

"Human, hand over all the resources you have collected, and I will give you a swift death." The Crockman said, and a weird look appeared on my face, which say I don't know whether I should laugh or cry hearing it.

"Do you guys get a memo of something about these lines? Just a while ago, I had come across two bastards who said the same line," I asked, and there was no mocking in my voice but genuine curiosity.

Hearing that, a look of confusion appeared on its scaly face, but soon it cleared as it seemed to understand what I mean to say, and anger couldn't help but appear on its face, and dense thunder begins crackling in its eyes.

"It seemed like there is no playing nice with you; only death will teach you a lesson," It said, and a powerful aura blasted of it, and streaks of thunder appeared around it.

"Wait!" I said suddenly, "Now you want to take my offer, it is too late, human, you will die a torturous death," It said in a cruel smile.

"Nothing like that. I was just hoping we could fight above; fighting on the ground will damage too many of the plants," I said. Hearing that, Crockman got stumped for a moment before looking around. 

"I will accept your request, though this one does not think it will take more than a few seconds to kill you. Still, this one does not want to damage any of his resources," It said with entitlement and begin to fly up.

I followed behind it, and while I don that, I begin to observe this Crockman. This is the first Thunder Crockman I have come across; they are quite rare in the Crockman tribe. Though their number is small, they make up with power; their thunder is many times powerful than the lightning that powerhouses of the same level have. 

The thunder crockman is eight and a half meters tall with white and blue shining scales. These scales are quite defensive, both against the physical attack and energy attacks, and now they are being reinforced by its inheritance armor.

It is a good thing it does not have a bloodline; otherwise, I would not be able to control myself from harvesting it. Which I do not want to, at least not before I find a way to reach the absolute limit here.

"Ready to die human?" it asked when we reached the sufficient height, "I am, are you?" I asked back cheekily, which has angered it even more.

"Good, I hope you will be able to maintain this attitude till I kill you," It said, and its aura rose so much that that air around it begins to crackle.

"Thunder Razor!" It roared and swung its sword at me; its whole saw blade is covered in the blue thunder arcs. It is a very powerful attack, and seeing it using it from the start, I did not waste any time and activated the 'First Boost,'

As it swung its sword at me, a huge arc of thunder came at me, and that is just a beginning, as right after the first swung, it swung again and then again.

One after another, over ten-meter long arcs of thunder came at me like a punishment, and their size has covered a huge area that no matter where I go, I would always have to face them. So, I did not even think about dodging them.

My sword appeared in my hand, and I powered it up with both sharpness and heaviness before swinging at the first thunder arc that came at me.


My sword cut through the arc of thunder. When my sword touched it, it wanted to surround my sword and attack me, but the energy covering my sword repelled it as it cut it into two. Still, a load of power thunder energies came at me, but it was swiftly dealt by my armor and runes.

The first thunder arc was just the beginning, and the tens of arcs came at me right after it. I harnessed more power from the first boost, and my sword became a blur as it cut through one thunder arc after another. If anyone seeing the fight from outside, they would see me, covered in huge thundering arcs which be cut and destroyed every second.


I was cutting through the arcs when suddenly, I sensed the movement of Thunder Crockman. I immediately harvested all the power of the first boost and ripped throught all the thunder arcs covering me before swinging my sword at my back without breaking momentum.


My sword clashed against the huge black sawblade of the Thunder Crockman, who was trying to launch the sneak attack on me. 

Well, he had not succeeded despite attacking at the best possible moment when I saw covered in its thunder arcs.

"You should have made better preparations before your sneak attack; it was very obvious," I said with a cheeky smile. I have been keeping track of it even before it broke the door; even while dealing with those thunder arcs, most of my attention was concentrated on it.

One should always be cautious dealing with powerful opponents such as this one, who could do great damage if one were to be hit directly by their attack.

"Yes, it was a sloppy attempt; my style is more direct," It said, greatly surprised me with its truthful admission; Grimm Monsters rarely do that. 

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