Monster Integration - Chapter 1851

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Chapter 1851 - Second Door

Its time to go out, I said and started to draw the formation one the gate. The formation on the inside and outside is the same, so I won't have to worry about breaking it twice.

There is one more thing I found about this place, it has more than one entrance. There is another entrance on the opposite side; it is similar to the other entrance, but I decided to back the way I had come from; I do not want to come across any surprises.


A few minutes later, I finished drawing the runes and activated the formation, and the next second, the door opened with 'Zip.' Bringing a powerful aura to my senses, I analyzed the aura for a fraction of a second before stepping out and just as I did, the door is closed behind me.

As I stepped out, I found myself under the gaze of two Grimm Monsters who were crazily attacking one of the broken gates. 

"Hehe… Human seeing how you have come, you must have a way to break the doors," Said the Werewolf. "He must have a high-quality calibrator; only those artifacts are capable of breaking these doors," added the Houndman beside it and looked at me greedily.

"Human, hand over the calibrator, and we will give you swift death, otherwise don't blame us if we torture you," The Werewolf said; it looked at me threateningly.

"Little wolf and little dog, you should have run away after seeing; that way, you should have been able to save your life." " Now, even an Elite would not be able to save you," I said. Hearing that, their aura's shot through the roof, and they came at me with rage burning their eyes.

"Human, die!" Both shouted loudly as they came at me. 

Their reaction is quite surprising; while I had expected their anger by the insult I had made, I did not expect them to attack me this quickly; well, it did not matter; they are already late the moment they have wasted precious few seconds talking.

The auras of two Grimm Monsters have been explored further as they appeared next to me before swing or swiping if one considers the metallic claws of the werewolf at me.

"Ice Dome," I said, and in an instant, an ice dome covered Grimm Monsters and me, who got frozen in their place the moment ice dome covered us with horror in their eyes. "As I had said, you should have run away the moment you saw me," I said to them as my vines revealed themselves around their body.

A few minutes later, the ice dome disappeared with only me, and I revealed myself. There are no Grimm Monsters around me; one could not even see their signs, both of them had turned into the essence roses, and one the essence rose had even got eaten by Nero.


With Grimm Monsters dead, I took out formation ink and quickly begin to draw the formation, and a few minutes later, the door opened with zip, and I stepped inside it.

Just as I entered, my runes reacted again, but this time instead of focusing on the feeling my runes are giving me, I focused on the sound I am hearing. 

I flew up and looked forward, only to see a Grimm Monster is ȧssaulting the gate of the other side, the gate which is broken.

I flew toward it, and soon, I was just a few meters away from the Crocman, which is attacking the broken door crazily with its saw blade. It did not seem to see me from the door, but I could see it and sense its powerful aura.

Seeing that, my expressions couldn't help but become serious. I am not leaving this place, so the battle is unavoidable, but before the battle started, I have to collect as many plants as possible, especially the two which are being dėsɨrėd by my runes.

"Ashlyn, help me collect the plants," I said to her, "Chew, Chew!" Invisible Ashlyn chirped before she flew out of my shoulder. While I closed my eyes and felt the direction of the plants, my runes are desiring.

I have to collect as many plants as possible. It will be hard to control the attack, and it will inevitably end up destroying some plants. Which is unacceptable, seeing how precious these plans are.

A few seconds later, I opened my eyes and flew, and a minute later, I stopped in front of blue wine, which tiny white fruits seemed to be suċkɨnġ light around them. 

"Light Sucking Fruits," I said happily before I started to pick one fruit after another. There is a total of thirteen fruits on the vine; I picked them all before I moved toward the other plant my vines are sensing, but when I reached there, a look of slight disappointment couldn't help but appear on my face.

The plant is encased in the formation, while it made me a little disappointed. I am not sad as I know it will be protected, even if both Grimm bastard and I attacked it with all our strength.

I did not waste any time and started picking the other precious plants; I wanted to pick as much as possible before the Crockman broke through the door.

I hope that some mechanism of the door would activate and blast the bastard up, it would buy me some more time to collect more precious plants, but that did not seem to be happening. I will have to collect as many of them with the little time I have.


"Human!" It said in surprise as it saw me looking at it before a crooked smile appeared on its face. It did not have to speak what it wants to say, its smile said it all.

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