Monster Integration - Chapter 1850

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Chapter 1850 - Carnivorous

Dhul Dhul Dhul

The earth erupted around me, and seven huge thorny vines broke out of the ground. These seven long vines were purple in color and have long, huge spiky mouths with green teeth like an earthworm, and now all of them are coming at me.

Every mouth of the vine is big enough to gobble me whole, and they are coming at fast. They are coming at me so fast that normal Tyrants would not be able to dodge them at all, not to forget it had spread in all the directions, making it hard for one to way out.

I have no dėsɨrė to escape from it, and I even waited so long for them to come out. I remained on my spot and waited for them to come to me.

'This distance should be enough,' I said to myself as all the seven vines reached a three-meter distance from me. As I had made my mind, I acted, and all the stopped, it is like they have frozen. They are not frozen; they are just bound.

When I had sensed it earlier, I had sent my vines down; they have completely bound it without it realizing. This place might not have monsters, but it is still a dangerous place.

'Let me take a look at you,' I said as I flew up and pulled the monster up; the vines are not its full form. It is just a branch of it. Its main body is hiding inside the ground, safe from all the predators that might attack it.

The form of the plant begins to come up, and finally, a minute later, its huge form is hanging in the air by my vines. It is a huge carnivorous plant which had a huge cactus-like body, which is wide open, and inside its mouth are thousands of wriggly little things that just looking at it make me wanna vomit.

Still, I controlled my emotions and sent vines inside it and took out its core; just as I did, it died, and I let its body fall on the ground. In few years, the seed of this plant will bud, and a new carnivorous plant will appear here.

I looked at the fist-sized green color core in my hand, and it is releasing dense green energies. It is an optimum healing material. The healing potion crafted from it would be very powerful that it would be helpful to someone like even an old monster.

After storing it, all the feelings from my runes have vanished. I have acquired all the things my runes were hungering for, but I would not get out yet; there are still quite a lot of rare and precious plants in this place, I would not get out of here before I got them.

Five minutes later, I found another plant, and this one is pure astral type. I immediately collected it before moving toward another plant.

"Fuck!" half an hour later, I cursed loudly when an herb turned itself to dust. I have come across an unknown type of herb which needs a specific method to harvest, which I do not know. My energy delicately plucks the stalks and used different methods, I know, but all the six stalks of it turned to dust.

I hate it when I come across such plants whose harvesting method I do not know. I ended up destroying such resources.

Shaking my head, seeing the waste, I moved toward another plant; half the flowers of this plant had been eaten by Ashlyn. it is a good thing she had left some for me; these are very rare flowers, especially to those who practiced the wind elemental energies, they will pay a high price for it.

It took me two hours to break through, half an hour less than what it usually took me. Till now, I had broken a total of six formations, and I am learning quite a lot from them and also breaking them faster.

I will have to use these formations as practice, so when I make any attempt at the library, I will be able to solve all the challenges that came at me.

After collecting the last plant, I cleared one spot and set up an abode. I would not have taken the rest if I had not been awake for five days already. Before coming here, I was already awake for four days; though I am not feeling tired, I like to be prepared.

There are hundreds of Grimm Monsters that have entered this place, some of them I am not a match of. I need to be at my peak to face them.

The first thing I did after entering the abode is to shower. I wanted to do it since I had entered that graveyard of bones. I wanted to wipe off the thousands of years old bone dust off my body, and now I finally had got a chance to do that.

After I showered, I went to the kitchen and begin to cook mean for Ashlyn and me. I used many of the locally sourced material; this garden not only had Tyrant stage plants but was also have also filled with Emperor stage and King stage plants; I have collected many things.

An hour later, I finished cooking the meal, and it was so delicious that we have licked the pot clean. After eating, I directly slept on my bed and woke up five hours later.

I freshened up and cooked before going into my Inheritance space to solve the runes of the second door. I had already recorded them and could solve it here safely, so when I go out, I would only need few minutes to break open the formation and enter.

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