Monarch of Time - Chapter 640

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Shun Long immediately felt a gentle force that completely suppressed Mao Jing's aura, while the expression on Mao Jing's face turned into one of disbelief, as the white-robed old woman turned around and stared at the corned of the room behind her.

The figure of a tall, white-robed old man with long white hair could be seen standing there, while his profound black eyes stared at Mao Jing with a calm smile on his face.

''G-Grand Elder!'' Mao Jing hurriedly stood up and bowed towards the white-robed old man as she called out in a respectful voice, while at the same time, the flames beneath her cauldron seemed to have lost their support and were instantly extinguished, completely ruining the concoction inside the cauldron.

However, Mao Jing didn't seem to have noticed this, as her eyes kept staring at the white-robed old man while waves of shock filled her heart.

This was the second most powerful person within the Holy sect, whose status was only below the Holy sect's sect master, the Grand Elder of the Holy sect!

Mao Jing wasn't surprised that she had failed to notice the Grand Elder's arrival. 

After all, who was the Grand Elder?

He was the second most powerful person in the Holy sect!

She simply hadn't expected that the Grand Elder would suddenly visit her.

At the same time, Shun Long and the others were all stunned as they turned their eyes towards the white-robed Elder in the corner of the room.


Unlike how it felt to stand in front of Mao Jing, the Grand Elder gave Shun Long and the others a feeling as if he didn't even exist in this place, almost as if he had turned one with the room itself!

If he hadn't spoken just now, no one would have noticed that he was present inside the room.

''Master, this old man is powerful. He is much stronger than this old hag or even that Jiang Tianfang kid. Even I failed to sense how he appeared inside the room just now. Although he hasn't reached the Sovereign realm just yet, he is only a step away from it, standing at the peak of the Dao Emperor realm.'' Little Black's bright blue eyes stared at the Grand Elder's figure from inside the foggy space in the 'Stone of Time' with a serious look.

For Little Black to say something like that, the Grand Elder's strength wasn't one to be triffled with. 

Shun Long guessed that this person was probably at the same level as the current Little Black, if not even slightly stronger.

At the same time, Shun Long suddenly remembered Jiang Tianfang's words as they were returning back to the Holy sect, causing his eyes to widen, as he stared at the white-robed old man in the corner of Mao Jing's private room.

Jiang Tianfang had said that even in the depths of the Holy sect, there is an old monster who has reached the peak of the Dao Emperor realm and is strong enough to support the entire Holy sect by himself! Even among the Dao Emperors that Jiang Tianfang personally knew, that old monster was still strong enough to rank in the top 5 in terms of strength!

Shun Long instantly understood that the monster that Jiang Tianfang was referring to, was definitely this old man in front of him.

At the same time that Shun Long stared at this old man, the old man's set of extremely deep black eyes also turned to look at Shun Long, before a smile was actually formed on his old face.

Seeing the Grand Elder smile and nod his head at Shun Long, the white-robed old woman, Mao Jing felt her heart constrict, as she spoke out softly

''Grand Elder...''

The old man turned his gaze towards Mao Jing with the same calm smile on his face, but Mao Jing could only feel cold sweat running through her back when she saw that smile.

''Mao Jing, I already know what happened. No matter what, for a Dao Emperor like you to bully an outer court disciple that is still at the late-stages of the Nascent Soul is extremely disappointing.''

The white-robed old woman, Mao Jing looked at the white-robed old man in front of her and responded in an aggrieved tone

''Grand Elder, this kid didn't give me any face. Not only did he beat Ma Ming, but he did so right outside of my Refinement Hall.''

The white-robed Grand Elder looked at Mao Jing and shook his head as he continued

''Face? You have already lost it all by yourself the moment you lowered yourself to personally deal with an outer court disciple.''

Xingyi's master, the white-robed old woman Mao Jing, looked no different from a child getting berated, as she lowered her head and didn't dare to speak.

The white-robed Grand Elder shook his head and sighed before he waved his hand and said

''Then, let this all end here today.''

''Yes Grand Elder!'' Mao Jing nodded her head hurriedly before she turned her gaze towards Xingyi and the others and said

''Xingyi, you all can leave!'' 

Mao Jing's voice was somewhat impatient as she looked at Xingyi, before her gaze moved back to the Grand Elder behind her.

For the Grand Elder to come meet her today there was definitely a reason for that.

After all, Mao Jing knew that the Grand Elder had been in seclusion for tens of thousands of years inside the sect, so what was the reason for him to suddenly leave his seclusion?

Xingyi looked at her master and bowed slightly with a smile on her face before she said

''Yes master.''

Naturally, for Xingyi to have this matter dealt so easily meant that her master wouldn't pursue this in the future.

Shun Long and the others all cupped their hands and bowed towards the Grand Elder at the corner of the room in thanks, but the Grand Elder simply laughed and waved his hand as he said


''Haha, don't be in a hurry.''

The Grand Elder's eyes were then focused on Shun Long, while the smile on his face turned even more pronounced than before as he continued

''Your name is Shun Long right? Are you the one who healed Jiang Tianfang?''


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