Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 1877

Chapter 1877: Seeing is believing

Feng Jiu did not leave immediately. She stood here waiting for Lei Xiao and others to leave. Instead of leaving, she turned around. Her face gradually turned colder. Her bright eyes fell on the few figures coming her way without showing what she was currently thinking.

The black robed man who was . Even though he wore a mask, the killing intent on his body almost soared to the sky. In addition to seeing the Shadow Night Palace being blown up to pieces, he looked like a mess thanks to the sudden airflow blast when confirming the situation at the shadow disciples’ camp.

Although he didn’t get hurt, his black robe was stained with a cloud of dust. Flying debris from the blast also cut several holes on his robe. When he arrived at the camp and saw no one there, he knew that all the resources provided during the three months had been lost.

Not only did the resources get squandered, but it also trained those people to become strong enough to deal with him. When he thought of this, his anger on his body was apparent to all. Especially, when he saw the figure clad in black standing on the mountain path, his killing intent soared even higher.

How did they solve the Heart-Scattering Pill? It made sense if only one or two didn’t take the pill. But, over a hundred people, it was impossible! Someone must have solved the poison!

How did they solve the poison that even those from the Four Great Sects couldn’t?

An image emerged faintly in his heart. Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu! Who else in the world could solve their Heart-Scattering Pill besides her? What’s more, according to the legend, Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu, went to the upper continent and helped detoxify the Opulent Celestial Sect’s True Monarch, but later disappeared without any trace.

Now that he had seen all this, how could he not think of it? But, unexpectedly, this damn Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu was so bold. She had the cheek to come here right under his nose!

After a few moments, he came to a place a dozen meters away in front of the youth in black. The people who accompanied him landed around him, and naturally, surrounded the young man in black.

The black robed man narrowed his sharp eyes and stared at the person who no longer restrained his breath. The young man didn’t keep his eyebrows drooped nor look downwards. He looked laid back yet he was full of self-confidence. His eyes were cold and calm. That change of vigor made the black robed man’s eyes flicker.

“Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu!”

His voice was gloomy and vicious. It’s not a question anymore but a certainty. His eyes were fixed on the young man whose lips curved up slightly, revealing a devilish smile.

“As expected of the Shadow Night Palace’s Master. You’ve identified me so quickly.” Feng Jiu sneered. At the same time, with a move of her hand, the ancient Qingfeng sword appeared in her hand suffused in azure light.

The few people surrounding them were startled to hear their Master’s words. This young man before them was actually the renowned Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu?

They were shocked. They couldn’t see any signs of a beautiful woman’s coquettish attitude from this young man’s body. They couldn’t believe that such a bold young man was a woman!

“What a Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu! What a Phoenix Empire Princess! It’s true indeed that seeing is believing!” He squinted, glaring at her handsome looks. He knew well that it’s not her true face.

According to rumours, Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu was a peerless talent. Her figure dressed in a red robe was even more enchanting and gorgeous. When he saw her today, he knew nothing else but that her courage and strategy had opened up his eyes!

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