Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 1876

Chapter 1876: Seething in anger

“Where’s that youth?”

His voice came out as if he was talking to himself. But, when several people in the palace’s hidden places heard it, they were stunned. It was only at this time that they found that the youth in black had disappeared without knowing when and where he went.

When he didn’t hear any answers, the black robed man narrowed his eyes. “Search! Search for him as well as the other shadow disciples!”

“Yes!” This time, all the people in the hidden places answered.

The black robed man had already strode out. With his feet above the ground, he headed towards the shadow disciples at fast speed. If he still had no idea where the problem lay at this point, he would have lived in vain!

However, he didn’t expect this. How dare that youth! How dare he!

He clenched his fist tightly and snapped his fingers. The anger in his heart reached extreme heights. If he saw the youth at this moment, he would surely wring his head off!

At this time, Feng Jiu was in the woods behind the palace. It was one of the exits. All the others arrived except the sixteen shadow disciples who were prepared to infiltrate the four great sects.

“Is everyone present?” Feng Jiu looked at the crowd. Her gaze swept across their faces as they removed their masks.

Answering captain, except for the sixteen members who were sent away in advance, everyone else is present!” Lei Xiao reported.

“Very good! Now that you’re all here, leave immediately along the mountain path. After leaving the boundary here, split into four groups. Remember what I told you, gather at your designated positions within three days!”


The crowd answered quietly. However, they still had some doubts and couldn’t help asking, “Captain, are we leaving like this without killing him? It’s a shame to let them off the hook like this.”

They thought they could have a good fight here, but the captain’s order was to bury those things in the palaces after setting fires. They didn’t know what those things were for.

Feng Jiu’s lips curved up. She looked up at the place where the blaze was more intense. “Without us taking action, they will die without a place for burial.”


“Boom! Bang! Boom! Bang! Boom…”

As if confirming her words, as soon as she stopped speaking, a loud bang was heard. The sound was no less powerful than lightning. It rang out all of a sudden from within the flame. Then, the rumbling sounds echoed one after another. It was so powerful that currents vibrated in the air. Even the ground began to tremble and crack.

The people standing here felt a sudden shaking of the mountain, and even they could not help shaking. After steadying their steps quickly, they looked towards the rumbling sounds with an incredulous look on their faces.

“Alright! Hurry up! I’ve broken down the barriers and arrays for you so that you can just leave! Let’s go!” With a gesture, she told them to leave quickly.

After all, although she chose not to meet the enemy head-on, the place was ruined after the explosives were placed in the palaces. The number of those dead and injured would definitely be substantial due to the power of the explosives. It’s impossible to really hurt those strong exponents who were not poisoned.

So, she had no other choice but to let them leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, if they encountered the enemies head-on, it would cause unnecessary damage.

“Yes!” The crowd answered. They walked quickly towards the mountain path in the forest until they went beyond the boundary and then left in different teams.

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