Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece - Chapter 346

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Chapter 346 – Hemis and Agnes


The Theonian women’s openness and boldness often amaze the foreigners who come to Theonia for the first time, while those conservatives would secretly ridicule them by calling them “Savages”.

It is indeed a fact that the formation of such openness is influenced by the “customs” of the Lucanians and the Bruttians that makes up part of the union’s population. However, it is also the result of the intentional indulgence of the union’s top officials, mainly by Davos. As one could see, even the chief priestess of the Temple of Hera allowed the newlywed couples to kiss in public and even regarded it as sacred. So what if the women show their faces and curves? The Theonians are already used to it, and this openness has aroused the yearning of the young men and women in the neighbouring allied city-states, not to mention Roscianum. As even the unmarried men and women from Heraclea and Metapontum came to the Marriage’s Day. Davos was pleased with this, as it signified that these “customs” of the emerging Theonia Union were now setting the trend and deepening their influence on Magna Graecia.

At this time, everyone revels in sprinkling water, in which the patrolling soldiers’ existence became unneeded. After a while, one of the patrolling soldiers, as he dodges the splashing water, suggested to Rodom, “Captain, since there won’t be any trouble, why don’t we also join in?!”

Rodom is no longer the young Bruttian who knew nothing about Theonia, as years of training had made him different compared to a few years ago. Of course, he knows that once a Theonian citizen is guilty of a crime, like tax evasion, it would be extremely difficult for them to enter the legion or even hold a public office. And the Theonians, unless they are crazy, would usually not allow themselves to make such mistakes.

Nevertheless, he still reprimanded, “Let’s not take chances. In case something really happens, and you and I are not in our post, we would not be able to escape the responsibility!”

When the patrolling soldier did not reply, Rodom comforted his tribesman, “Marriage’s Day happens every year, so if you really want to take part in it, then I will give you an off day if you marry a Greek woman next year.”

“How could it be that easy to marry a Greek?” Another squad member muttered.

Per the Theonian law, there are many favourable policies for other races to marry Greek women. However, after Bruttii and a part of Lucania (i.e. Pyxous) were merged into Theonia Union, a large number of foreign races became citizens or preparatory citizens of Theonia, leading to the popularity of Greek women. And in recent years, due to the development of Theonia, the land distribution has been close to saturation, and the number of freemen staying in Theonia’s territory has begun to decrease in just a short period. As a result, many citizens of foreign races have to resort to the women of neighbouring city-states. But most of the non-Theonian Greek women and their families could not accept the proposal of those foreign races who were originally regarded as “barbarians”, even if he had become a Theonian citizen.

“Don’t be discouraged. If you are unable to find one, then let lord Baripiri come forward.” Rodom suggested, causing the eyes of the patrolmen to brighten.

Their chieftain, Baripiri, is now a member of the Senate of Theonia. As the strength of Theonia becomes stronger, the more the city-states of Magna Graecia became awed at them. Naturally, the statesmen of the Senate of Theonia are well respected by these city-states, so with the endorsement of Baripiri, the chance for the marriage proposal to be successful would naturally increase.

While the Theonians were rejoicing with abandon, some foreigners had also participated in this ceremony. However, most did not participate and just watched, including Hemis of Syracuse.

It made him surprised at witnessing such an event. Although the absurdity of the Marriage’s Day was not as good as Dionysia – the festival of Dionysius, the god of wine, it was more joyous and exciting.

According to his observation during his stay in Thurii, the Theonians were strict, rigid and even slightly cautious to the point that they are a bit timid when meeting a patrolling soldier and are far less liberal than the Greek citizens of other city-states.

However, combining what he is now seeing and the fierce rugby matches he had watched, he had to admit that the Theonians also have their own craziness that even when they are also under the rule of a tyrant (he thought that Davos was a tyrant), but when comparing the current Syracusans to the Theonians, the Theonians are happier and feel less depressed.

Syracuse, on the other hand, due to the Syracusans almost ousting Dionysius out of his power, made Dionysius exercised his oppressive rule in Syracuse to wantonly search for the democrats, increasing the number of patrols to patrol the city all day, and checking suspicious people, which were all carried out by the mercenaries. He even set up several camps not far from the city and even stationed nearly five thousand mercenaries. And he even gave a large number of mercenaries citizenship (mainly those from Campania) and gave them land near Syracuse to establish villages and towns to consolidate his rule.

At the same time, for his own safety, Dionysius forcible evicted the people living on the island of Ortygia and only allowed himself and his family, as well as his loyal courtiers, to live there. He also continued to strengthen the walls around the island, built fortresses, and is guarded by his trusted two thousand mercenaries while completely using the people of Syracuse to guard against the enemies.

Hemis shook his head and discarded the dangerous thoughts in his head. In any case, Dionysius appreciate him now. He is not only well paid but had also been quickly promoted. Therefore, he does not want to arouse the suspicion of the tyrant one day due to inappropriate words.

Seeing that it was getting late, Hemis judged that it was time for Pollux to come back, so he left behind the peals of laughter without a moment’s hesitation.

According to the situation of Pollux in the Senate these days, the problem is gradually favouring him, and the seemingly solid strength of Davos begins wavering. Interestingly enough, Dionysius’ dictatorship and high-handed rule made his throne as stable as a mountain and made the people tremble to the point that no one dares to oppose him. On the contrary, the young archon of Theonia, who was friendly to the people and gentle in his means, made him timid about doing things, allowing Pollux and the others to take advantage of his shortcomings. Naturally, Hemis would not feel sorry for Davos. In fact, once his work was successful, Dionysius would even promote him to the point that it was not just a dream for him to sit side by side with an important minister like Philistus!

Thinking of his, he became excited as he walked towards Pollux’ residence.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Agnes was walking on the corridor of the mansion, and all the slaves she encountered bowed down to greet her.

The slaves had different attitudes towards the two beautiful mistresses: Cheiristoya is smart and capable, and she was the one in charge of the household, so everyone was more in admiration of her; while Agnes who had served Artemis then Hera as their priestess, although her character is cold, her temperament was gentle, so the people are respectful of her.

When she reached the wooden door in the rear courtyard and pushed it open, she heard a loud shout, “Happy Marriage’s Day!”

Then, a white blur came flying towards her, and she could not stop herself from screaming and the water splashing on her body, soaking her thoroughly.

“Nice, our sneak attack was successful!” Like a child, Davos gave the excited Adoris a high five while Cynthia snickered.

Seeing this, Agnes also laughed. As the chief priestess who was standing high on the platform, no one would dare pour water on her. So when she watched the crowd in the square having so much fun, she sometimes thought enviously, ‘If only I could join!’

Now, her wish has come true.

“Mother Agnes, hug! Mother Agnes, hug!” Little Kro came running while shouting. For some reason, ever since Agnes got married into the household, this child has been very fond of his new mother.

Agnes bent down and tried to pick him up. Then she remembered that her clothes were drenched, so she had to stop him, causing Little Kro to cry out with dissatisfaction.

“Son, stop causing trouble!” Cheiristoya’s words immediately calmed little Kro, then she continued, “Sister, you go take a bath and change your clothes first. Azune had already prepared the bath for you.”

“Sister, thank you!” Agnes responded with a smile.

After going upstairs, she found a big wooden barrel in the bedroom, surrounded by mist. She reached for it and found that the water’s temperature was just right, so she quickly took off her priestess’ white robe and stepped into the barrel.

After standing in front of the temple for a whole day, it is impossible for her not to feel tired. And with the temperature of the water being just right, it was not only nourishing her skin but also giving her a drowsy and pleasant feeling.

At this time, a pair of strong arms wrapped around her from behind.

She was startled at first, then she relaxed. Because who else would be there besides her husband!?

“Agnes, you’ve worked hard!” Said Davos gently, and the heat of his breath blew on her earlobes, making her feel itchy.

“Come here, let me have a look!” She could hear the eagerness in Davos’ gentle voice. Then with one hand on her arm, he easily pulled her to her feet.

Agnes subconsciously put her left hand across her chest and her right hand on her bottom, but Davos gently pried opened her hands as his eyes gradually burned with flames, burning every inch of her skin that she couldn’t help but shiver.

“Agnes, my wife, you are as beautiful as Hera!” Davos praised excitedly.

Agnes suddenly smiled with mischief as she poured a bucket of water on Davos and said, “Happy Marriage’s Day!”

She couldn’t help but laugh from seeing Davos’ embarrassing appearance, causing the shaking of her body to add to the temptation.

“Hmph, I will punish you well!” Davos said “meanly”. Then he picked her up and laid her gently on the bed.

In Agnes’ nervous and expectant gaze, Davos tore off her chiton and leaned over her.

“My Hera!” He whispered, kissing her tender lips.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

If before, Nicostratos had some doubts about the rumours of Theonia’s superior medical skills, then after a day of the Medical Symposium, he became convinced.

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