Mechanical God Emperor - Chapter 1056

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1056 – Nefarious Starfield

The Nefarious Starfield is a restricted area in the Gumana Universe full of all kinds of polluting creatures, evil creatures, and dark creatures. The Nefarious Starfield is an aggregation of malice stemming from universes devoured by the Gumana Universe.

Those defeated at the hands of the Gumana Universe’s powerhouse either have integrated into the Gumana Universe or fled to the Nefarious Starfield, to this place poor in resources, where they have to bitterly struggle.

The Bloodmoon Battlefield is located in the center of the Nefarious Starfield. The powerful beings in the Nefarious Starfield are all overflowing with killing intent towards the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses.

There are even a few Holy Spirit Warlock rank beings in the Nefarious Starfield. Without the protection of Holy Spirit Warlocks, it is basically impossible for ordinary talents to enter the Bloodmoon Battlefield.

A semicircular blasteel warship that resembles a floating island is flying in the Nefarious Starfield.

Above the floating island, there is a small artificial sun, the movement of which simulates the changes of the day. The floating island looks like it’s a real world.

The blasteel powerhouses who plan to take part in the Bloodmoon Battlefield look relaxed, as if they are going on vacation. They gathered together in twos and threes and chatted about this and that.

Wearing sunglasses, Yang Feng is sitting alone on a beach chair on the edge of a sea. He is quietly enjoying the beautiful sunshine and observing the things around him.

“The strongest powerhouses who can enter the Bloodmoon Battlefield are supreme Infinity Warlocks! Warlock Monarchs will be cursed to death by the universe malice if they enter. As for Holy Spirit Warlocks, they will be weakened to the extreme or even killed once detected.”

“But there are so many people entering the Bloodmoon Battlefield this time. In order to seize a final opportunity, many old monsters have come as well.”

Yang Feng’s eyes fell on a dozen plus powerhouses who stand out among the blasteel geniuses, and revealed a cold smile.

In fact, the Bloodmoon Battlefield itself does not forbid the entry of Warlock Emperors and Holy Spirit Warlocks. But once the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses with power and soul fluctuations above the Infinity Warlock realm are detected, they will be cursed by the universe malice.

In order to obtain peerless treasures that even Eternal Sovereigns covet, some of the old monsters of the blasteel race suppressed their cultivation base and soul fluctuations to the supreme infinity Warlock realm.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with enigmatic light: “I can’t see through a total of five people. They are either Holy Spirit Warlocks or possess special secret treasures that mask their fluctuations of power. They aren’t easy to deal with.”

For many Holy Spirit Warlocks, their evolution potential has been exhausted, making it really difficult for them to progress any further.

Even in the blasteel race, there are many Holy Spirit Warlocks who are trapped in the junior Holy Spirit Warlock realm, unable to make any progress. The Holy Spirit Warlocks who whole-heartedly aspire to make progress chose to enter the Bloodmoon Battlefield and fight for resources.

Suddenly, the space distorted, and a creepy, 100,000-meter-long star arcane eyes snake covered in countless eyes, emanating quasi-Holy step fluctuations of power, flew out and bit at the blasteel warship.

“Beast! You’re seeking death!”

A 10,000-meter-long steel arm protruded out from the blasteel warship and grabbed at the star arcane eyes snake.

The star arcane eyes snake shrank wildly, and then finally entered the palm of the steel arm and was crushed.

After that quasi-Holy step star arcane eyes snake was crushed, most of the malice hidden in the surroundings dispersed at once.

Countless eyes full of malice focused on the blasteel warship, yet they didn’t act rashly.

Although the beings in the Nefarious Starfield are full of malice towards the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses, but they are aware that the warship, which has Holy Spirit Warlocks aboard, is not a good target to provoke.

Along the way, the warship was attacked hundreds of times. But every attack was easily resolved and the monsters who came to attack were suppressed.

A month later, the warship finally came to the edge of the Bloodmoon Battlefield.

At this time, there are all kinds of warships and three Tier V Hives gathered on the edge of the Bloodmoon Battlefield.

The three Tier V Hives are treasures of the bona divine race, the winged divine race, and the frost divine race’s powerhouses.

If a Tier V Hive is fully staffed, it can erupt with Warlock Emperors rank battle prowess. Even among the eighteen sacred races, many only have one such unit and it serves as a trump card of the race and cannot lightly leave the base.

Only the three divine races, who possess profound underlying strength and hold more than two-thirds of the Gumana Universe’s resource, can easily mobilize Tier V Hives.

Suspended in the void, the three Tier V Hives, as if they are the center of the universe, emit mysterious and powerful brilliance.

Looking at the three Tier V Hives, Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a burning color: “Tier V Hive, one of the most powerful kinds of weapons in the Gumana Universe! If only I could get one.”

The Tier V Hive is a weapon developed by the Gumana Universe that can contend against Warlock Emperors. The Tier V Hive can gather the strength of low-level powerhouses, making it so the low-level powerhouses are no longer powerless ants in the face of Warlock Emperors. If Yang Feng gets hold of this secret treasure, the xizu technology will surely have another break through.

“The bona divine son invites the young blasteel powerhouses to join us.”

A ray of light ejected from the bona divine race’s Tier V Hive, entered the blasteel warship, and transmitted a slightly arrogant voice.

“The bona divine son, a peerless genius of the bona divine race! He’s a bigwig who formed an immortal body in the quasi-Imperishable step and defeated an Imperishable step (Holy Spirit Warlock) powerhouse.”

“For such a big wig to invite us, that’s truly wonderful!”

“The bona divine son, that’s a bigwig with the potential to advance to the Perfect step (Warlock Emperor). It’s a great honor to be invited by him.”


When the blasteel geniuses heard that, they revealed excitement in their eyes.

The bona divine race is one of the Gumana Universe’s three divine races. As for the bona divine son, he is a descendent of the bona divine race, a bigwig most hopeful to advance to a Warlock Emperor. If they can establish an amicable relation with him, it will be a very fortunate affair for these blasteel geniuses.

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Along with flashes of light, the blasteel geniuses flew towards the bona divine race’s Tier V Hive.

Yang Feng also flew in that direction.

Swarms of powerhouses from different races flew out from their warships and, as if on a pilgrimage, flew towards the bona divine race’s Tier V Hive.

Yang Feng mused: “The position of the three divine races in the Gumana Universe’s is really like that of gods.”

Light radiated from the bona divine race’s Tier V Hive and formed gold stairs with 10,000 steps.

An arrogant voice came from the Tier V Hive: “The bona divine son only wants to interact with the most outstanding geniuses. As long as you can climb these stairs, you may participate in the gathering held by the bona divine son.”

An Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse spoke: “That’s right, it’s impossible for ordinary people to participate in the gathering held by sir bona divine son. Only the most outstanding powerhouses are qualified to participate.”

Lights shone, and the Infinity Warlocks flew towards the gold stairs.

A huge force came from the gold stairs and sent a dozen plus Infinity Warlocks flying. Of the hundreds of Infinity Warlocks, half were eliminated.


As soon as he stepped on the gold stairs, a frightening force rose and nearly sent Yang Feng’s avatar Gadi flying.

Yang Feng pressed the blue jade pendant on his chest. With a flash of light, the Blue Glory Star mecha appeared and radiated resplendent light.

When Yang Feng merged with the Blue Glory Star, the force coming from the gold stairs became unable to restrict him. He turned into a blue stream of light and easily proceeded forwards.

“Who is that?”

“That’s the blasteel Blue Glory Star!”

“For a mere Starfield step (Infinity Warlock) powerhouse to possess an Imperishable step mecha, how enviable!”


When the powerhouses who struggle on the gold stairs saw the Blue Glory Star, they revealed looks of envy and jealousy in their eyes.

“Damn upstart!”

When Elise and the other princes and princesses of the blasteel race saw the relaxed Yang Feng, they cursed inside, merged with their mechas, and proceeded forward.

The powerhouses of the 18 sacred races used their secret methods to climb the gold stairs.

At this time, the gap between the 18 sacred races and the other races was revealed. The top geniuses of the 18 sacred races freely climbed the gold stairs, and only a portion of them was eliminated.

Of the Infinity Warlocks who came from superior races, basically only one or two people of each race are laboriously walking up the gold stairs, while the rest was easily eliminated.

If it wasn’t for the Holy step Blue Glory Star mecha, Yang Feng’s avatar Gadi would have been already eliminated.

“Sir, please follow me!”

As soon as Yang Feng finished climbing the gold stairs, a beautiful bona divine race girl came over with a smile and guided Yang Feng into the Tier V Hive.

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