Martial World - Chapter 88

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 The Final Spear

Lin Ming tumbled into the group of vicious beasts . Before he caught his breath, all of the vicious beasts in his immediate surroundings had already been killed!

“Hoh!” A spear swept out, and the dark purple long spear curved like a full moon . An 800 jin heavy vicious beast was split in half and sent flying away . A martial artist’s sternum collapsed, and all five internal organs burst open on the scene .

However the number of vicious beasts was too many, and their attacks were too brutal . Also among them were cunning martial artists who appeared and vanished like ghosts . After Lin Ming sent this spear out, his body was wounded two more times . A sword has been thrust straight into his stomach; the wound had damaged his organs!

If not for the fact that he had achieved the Viscera Training stage and true essence had permeated into all his organs at the icy pond, then this sword would have already caused him to lose most of this battle strength!

“The pressure is too big!” Lin Ming’s whole body was bloodied . There was the enemies’ blood, and there was his blood . The dark purple long spear had turned completely crimson, and wet with blood . However because the spear shaft had undergone a special non-slip treatment, he could still firmly grasp the spear without a greasy feeling .

After Lin Ming had just massacred five enemies a moment ago, another five immediately appeared, one of which was equivalent to the cultivation of the Bone Forging Stage!

“This Lin Ming looks increasingly worse . I don’t think he will be able to last past the fourth incense stick . ” Some of the disciples under the stage said .

The fourth incense stick was almost burnt through, but on stage, Lin Ming had just coughed; he was obviously injured .

In the middle of a group of enemies, he might have been able to persist, but once injured, his battle prowess would drop, and he would not be far from death .

“He’s already missed the expectations, but he still should be able to advance to the top 100 rankings . ”

“Mmm . He’s a new disciple after all; it seems four incense sticks is his limit . ”

The people talked with less expectation and shock in their words than before . When a man repeatedly creates miracles time and time again, those miracles are soon taken for granted .

On the other hand, if he was unable to perform a miracle, even if his result was far superior to others, he might not even receive cheers, but boos instead .

For instance, if Ling Sen’s legend of being the top ranked number one was broken, then his position in the eyes of others would fall by several degrees . Even if he was still one of the top masters of the Seven Profound Martial House, his bright halo would already be lost, and people would talk behind his back, saying ‘This Ling Sen isn’t that great’, and other such nonsense .

The incense stick slowly burnt, and when the last weak spark unwillingly turned to ashes, the fifth incense stick was lit .

Four incense sticks had burned out!

At this time in the Ten Thousand Killing Array, Lin Ming had already taken 12 wounds, three of which were wounds to his internal organs . Lin Ming had luckily reached the stage of being able to breathe like a snake, and also had the Perfect first layer of the ‘True Prima Chaos Formula’ supporting him, otherwise he would have already lost all his battle strength .


Lin Ming’s spear swept out at a martial artist’s leg, and then he dived forwards and punched the martial artist’s chest . To save true essence, he did not use the overwhelming ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’ . Still, a punch with more than 4000 jins of might behind it hit the vital part of the martial artist’s heart and caused his heart to stop . The martial artist died while violently spasming on the floor .

At the same time, there was a humongous roar . A giant illusory phantom appeared in the world of the Ten Thousand Killing Array . Lin Ming turned around to look, and a hundred feet away stood a bear-like monster that towered more than ten feet tall . The whole body of this monster was covered in thick black fur, and looking at its massive body, it most likely weighed more than several thousand jins!

“Third-level vicious beast!”

Lin Ming let loose a gasp . Although this giant black bear was only a weak kind of third-level vicious beast, it was still a third-level vicious beast . That meant it was at least equal to a martial artist that had reached the Large Success stage of Bone Forging!

With this kind of vicious beast, Lin Ming could do nothing to it at all with his current strength . Not only that, but with this beast appearing, it meant that later on would appear more martial artists and vicious beasts that would at least be this dangerous!

Lin Ming knew crystal clear that he didn’t have much time remaining!

He turned his head again and he saw the black knight that he had battled for several rounds . He lifted his spear and rushed towards it!

True essence concentrated in the entirety of his body . Lin Ming was like a horse racing ahead at full speed . As he ran, all of the tiny units in his body began to breathe in rhythm . Lin Ming’s internal true essence began to rapidly vibrate!

Because of the intense vibrations, all of Lin Ming’s muscles swelled . He held the spear with an arm that was thicker by several inches, and the blue veins on his arm were bulging . With a ripping sound, the clothes on Lin Ming’s body began to tear apart, and all his clothes became tattered and fell off around him . Lin Ming’s body was like a shooting star!

The black armored knight lifted his halberd high in the air and cleaved downwards . Facing the cold, dense halberd, Lin Ming did not dodge or evade . He waiting for the split second the halberd came down, and focused true essence into both of his feet . The intense true essence vibrations disintegrated the ground underneath him; with every one of his steps, rocks shattered and came jumping into the air . He had reached the pinnacle of his speed, and then surpassed that! Together with his long spear, he was like a black arrow that flew towards the black armored knight!


Lin Ming abruptly arrived before the black armored knight before his halberd had fully come down, and thrusted his spear forwards!

“Flood Dragon Goes to Sea!”

The spear from the bottom up pierced the neck of the horse, broke through its armor, and then continued straight through the chest of the black armored knight!

Under the overwhelming vibrations, the black armored knight’s armor was broken like thin paper . The cloud vein wrought iron tip of the long spear had pierced all the way through the black armored knight’s chest . The savagely potent vibrations were sent into the black armored knight’s body, and the knight uncontrollably shook . The knight began to bleed profusely from its head, and then immediately horribly died on the ground . The vibrating true essence had already liquefied all of its internal organs!

However, with that last killing strike towards the black armored knight, Lin Ming had exhausted all of his true essence in a single breath . Even his own muscles could not bear the intensity of the true essence vibration, and he suffered enormous damage to his entire body . It was difficult to even move, as a huge group of vicious beasts rushed at him from all angles . At this point, his battle had ended!

On the Ten Thousand Killing Array’s altar, Lin Ming let out a cough . His face whitened and he was sent out .

On the altar, there were still three people in the assessment . The strength of the participants for this month’s Ten Thousand Killing Array inspection was on a much higher level than last month’s .

“Just a bit over four incense sticks, a tad better than I thought he would do . What’s his ranking? Murong Zi said with a smile and a laugh . She turned her eyes over to the Ranking Stone .

“Rank 89 Gu Yu is still not finished on the alter . This Lin Ming was eliminated a step earlier than him . His result should be no more than rank 90 . ”

“Mmm, this result shouldn’t be too far…”

The people were in a heated discussion, and they began to focus on the changes in the Ranking Stone . Zhu Yan stood in the middle of these people and turned a deaf ear to their discussions . He was fixated on the Ranking Stone, and his face was like a gloomy black lake .

The scouts sent by the princes also turned their focus to the Ranking Stone . They had come today for this reason . Some of them had even already prepared the sound transmitting talisman .

Most people were looking at the row that listed ranks 90 through 100 . But this time, the sixth row of the Ranking Stone had a fluctuation . This simple and minor change was destined to be written down in the history of the Seven Profound Martial House, even in the history of the Sky Fortune Kingdom .

Lin Ming, 62 .

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