Martial Peak - Chapter 2432

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Chapter 2432, Shattered Source

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After quietly comprehending his harvest this time, Yang Kai slowly stood up.

Liu Yang and Hua Qing Si were standing in the vicinity. They had come here at some point, probably attracted by all the commotion made by Yang Kai, but they remained far away and did not dare to approach.

Seeing Yang Kai get up at this moment, the two girls looked at each other before they flew over.

“Master, what Secret Technique did you comprehend? Why did your appearance and physical condition keep changing?” Liu Yan nervously asked.

“Did my appearance really change?” Yang Kai, raising his brow, asked in surprise. He thought that it was just an illusion in his head and hadn’t expected it to physically happen to him. [No wonder I could comprehend Time Principles and form the seal of the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Secret Technique. It turns out that my body was constantly growing older and younger. I remember how the passage of time made changes to my body. I see… so that is how I managed to comprehend the Dao of Time…]

“Mhmm, you look really pitiful when aged,” the nearby Hua Qing Si nodded.

Yang Kai gave a slight smile. He didn’t really care about that as everyone would always grow old and die, this was an inescapable cycle. After comprehending the Dao of Time, Yang Kai felt much more comfortable with such concepts and notions.

After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai finally replied, “Naturally it was the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Secret Technique!”

Liu Yan and Hua Qing Si’s eyes immediately lit up after hearing this. Liu Yan quickly asked, pleasantly surprised, “Master, have you obtained the inheritance of the Flowing Time Great Emperor!?”

Even though Yang Kai also had the inheritance of Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, it wasn’t suitable for humans. The Great Emperor’s inheritance was different. If one could really obtain his inheritance, he or she would have a smooth sailing in the future.

Yang Kai denied, shaking his head, “I also thought the Four Seasons Beads held the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s inheritance, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. This was only a single Secret Technique of the Flowing Time Great Emperor. However… I still had a huge harvest.”

After learning the basics of the Dao of Time, Yang Kai felt that it didn’t matter even if he didn’t get the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s full inheritance. As long as he persistently cultivated, one day, he could reach the heights of the Flowing Time Great Emperor, or even surpass him.

However, before that, he needed to cultivate the Dao of Space to its pinnacle. If one bit off more than he could chew, it would only be counterproductive; Yang Kai understood this truth very well.

“How long has it been?” Yang Kai suddenly asked.

He had been immersed in that repeating cycle of time, so he was unable to judge just how long had passed or tell how long he had been cultivating.

“It’s been almost a year!” Hua Qing Si replied.

When Yang Kai came in injured, Liu Yan and Hua Qing Si sensed him, and since then, roughly a year had passed.

“A year!?” Yang Kai was startled. He thought that even if some time had passed, it would not exceed two or three months, but to his surprise, almost a year had gone by.

In other words, in the first year after the opening of the Shattered Star Sea, he had been comprehending the mysteries of the Four Seasons Beads and healing himself! It was hard to tell if he was seizing a great opportunity, or wasting one…

Yang Kai had no idea how long the Shattered Star Sea would remain open, but if it only remained open for just a year, wouldn’t he have wasted all his time in this place?

Considering all this, Yang Kai’s face blackened and an inexplicable sense of crisis gripped his heart.

“I’ll go out and see what’s going on!” Yang Kai stated before he turned around and leapt out of the Sealed World Bead.

Since he obviously hadn’t gained any benefits from the Shattered Star Sea after spending a year in the Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel anxious.

Coming out of the Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai emerged on a huge asteroid. Looking around, he discovered that the surroundings weren’t that different from before when he first came to the Shattered Star Sea.

But what Yang Kai could say for sure was that this was definitely not the place where he first appeared. Perhaps he was hundreds of millions of kilometres away from his previous location, because this Asteroid Sea had been moving at a very high velocity.

With a flicker, Yang Kai flew out of the Asteroid Sea and summoned his ship.

Rumour had it that the Shattered Star Sea was filled with great opportunities for Dao Source Realm cultivators, but Yang Kai had no idea what or where these opportunities were. As such, all he could do was go out and try out his luck.

Over the next few days, he didn’t encounter any situation worth paying attention to, but he did encounter several Starry Sky Storms. The Starry Sky Storms of the Shattered Star Sea were extremely terrifying, even shattering space in their wakes. Yang Kai’s heart clenched at the mere sight of this and he didn’t dare to let himself be swept in these storms.

He didn’t encounter any cultivators.

In this vast Starry Sky, he seemed to be the only one alive, making Yang Kai wonder whether the Shattered Star Sea had closed and everyone else had been thrown out, leaving only him here now.

If that was the case, it would be horrendous.

But one day, as Yang Kai happened to be flying through the void, he suddenly felt a slight hot feeling coming from the back of his hand.

Raising his brow, he looked at the back of his hand.

Naturally, it was coming from the five-pointed Star Seal branded on his hand that was now emitting a faint glow and heat. Furthermore, he could feel a weak pull coming from a certain direction, attracting his own five-pointed Star Seal.

Yang Kai was puzzled, wondering what this Star Seal was resonating with.

After pondering for a moment, he changed his direction, flying towards the source of attraction.

No matter what, there was some movement there, so it would be better to take a look than to mindlessly fly around.

The Starry Sky was vast, so even if Yang Kai flew at full speed, it took him two full hours before he arrived at his destination. There was a shattered Cultivation Star before his eyes. This Cultivation Star wasn’t that big, but it wasn’t small either, just average-sized.

It was like the shattered planet that Yang Kai had seen when he had just entered the Shattered Star Sea. Over half of it had been smashed apart, leaving the other half listlessly floating in the void.

By the looks of it, this derelict Cultivation Star was devoid of any vitality; not even a little bit of greenery could be seen on it. Even after tens of thousands of years, this Cultivation Star still had a terrifying aura, something left behind in the aftermath of the decisive battle fought by the Great Emperors back in the past. It was particularly daunting.

But that pull that was drawing Yang Kai’s five-pointed Star Seal was definitely coming from this shattered star.

Yang Kai was surprised as he had no idea what was so special about this shattered star. He drove his boat to fly toward it and soon landed somewhere.

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Sweeping his gaze around, everywhere Yang Kai looked, he saw barren ground covered in countless pits of all shapes and sizes.

After coming here, the five-pointed Star Seal on the back of his hand glowed brighter and brighter and Yang Kai immediately confirmed that this was the right place.

Yang Kai promptly spread his Divine Sense to scan his surroundings, and soon he raised his brow as he shouted in joy, “Star Source!?”

He bore the Star Source of Shadowed Star, and as a Star Master, he was naturally quite familiar with the aura of Star Sources. This was a shattered Cultivation Star, and yet it still had some of its Star Source energy remaining.

However, perhaps because this Cultivation Star was horribly destroyed, its Star Source was also shattered and incomplete.

A Star Source was a priceless treasure for the cultivators of the Star Boundary, because with one, a cultivator could better perceive World Principles, making it easier for him or her to break through to the Emperor Realm where Principle Strength comprehension was essential.

However, it was very difficult for any Star Boundary cultivator to obtain a Star Source because Star Sources could only be given birth to by a Cultivation Star. As such, there were only a few such treasures in the Star Boundary. Even if such a treasure did appear, it would swiftly be snatched up by powerful cultivators, so it was very hard for an ordinary cultivator to even get a glimpse of one.

But there was a Star Source here. It might be incomplete and broken, but it was still a Star Source!

It turned out the rumours were true. There are indeed many Shattered Star Sources in this Shattered Star Sea. If Dao Source Realm cultivators could absorb these Shattered Sources for themselves, it would be quite helpful for breaking through to the Emperor Realm in the future.

“Could it be that the Star Seal resonated with this Shattered Star Source and that is what led me to this place?” Yang Kai guessed, but there was no one to confirm this speculation with, so he didn’t know whether his guess was right or wrong.

If this was the case, then the Star Seal was just a guide, one that could locate Source Strength from a distance.

While Yang Kai was guessing, he suddenly turned his head and looked toward the sky as he sensed something. In the next moment, he saw two dazzling rays of light shooting down from the void, and soon after they landed beside him.

When the rays of light finally dissipated, two figures entered Yang Kai’s vision.

Both of these two were males and seemed to be from the same Sect as their aura and robes bore a striking resemblance. Who knows how they came to the Shattered Star Sea together, but both of them were Third-Order Dao Source Realm Masters. Furthermore, their cultivations were quite solid and vigorous, far above that of an ordinary Dao Source Realm cultivator. These two were likely the disciples of some big Sect.

Yang Kai noticed that the five-pointed Star Seals on the back of their hands were also faintly glowing.

Apparently, these two were the same as Yang Kai and had been guided here by their Star Seals.

When Yang Kai’s eyes first landed on them, he beamed with delight instead of being surprised.

Because as long as there were other people here, it would mean that he wasn’t alone in the Shattered Star Sea. He was just unlucky to have been stuck in healing and cultivation for all this time. For a moment, Yang Kai looked at the two with genuine happiness.

The two of them had no idea what Yang Kai was excited about, but both maintained an air of arrogance and invincibility. They glanced at him once before ignoring him altogether. Instead, they spread their Divine Senses to scan their surroundings.

One of them slightly frowned and stated, “The Source Strength here is so thin.”

“En! It’s not even as good as the one we found yesterday,” the other nodded in agreement.

“But it’s better to have something than nothing. Many grains of sand would eventually build a tower. We can’t miss it just because of a lack of quantity,” the first man stated. He then glanced at Yang Kai and shouted, “What are you looking at? Why aren’t you leaving yet?”

The other man also sneered and added, “The Shattered Star Source here is ours! If you know what’s good for you, you’d better leave, or else you won’t be able to leave no matter how much you want.”

The two sang a chorus, and their threatening meaning couldn’t be any more obvious. Yang Kai, who was listening to this, turned livid in anger.

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