Martial Peak - Chapter 2431

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Chapter 2431, Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream

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The might of the Emperor Authority Bead had just brushed him, but Yang Kai felt as if his back was torn open and his internal organs had been displaced. He didn’t need to use his Divine Sense to know that his back had been badly mutilated.

If he wasn’t proficient in the Dao of Space and hadn’t decisively ran, perhaps not even a piece of him would have been left.

Yang Kai was gasping for breaths, his face was as pale as paper. Nonetheless, he managed to fly through the Asteroid Sea and find a large asteroid to hide in. He then summoned the Sealed World Bead and entered the Small Sealed World.

This Asteroid Sea was in a moving state with some inexplicable power driving it in one direction, seemingly towards the depths of this endless Star Field. Who knows where it was going, but at this moment, Yang Kai could care less about that. Healing himself was his first priority.

Near the medicine garden, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged before grabbing a handful of healing pills from his Space Ring and stuffing them into his mouth. Immediately after, he began to refine the medicinal efficacies. At the same time, he gathered the immense vitality dispersing from the Immortal Tree to use on himself.

This time, he had been seriously injured by Feng Xi, but Yang Kai didn’t worry about it too much. His physique was extremely resilient, and with the Immortal Tree planted in the medicine garden, as long as he didn’t instantly die, he would eventually be able to completely heal himself.

In order to escape the might of the Emperor Authority Bead, Yang Kai had burned up some of his Blood Essence, which had left him in a weakened state; therefore, even with all his resources, it would still take him a long time to recover.

The Shattered Star Sea was surging with storms as tens of thousands of Dao Source Realm Masters from the Star Boundaries poured into it, seeking opportunities, pursuing a higher Martial Dao, hoping to advance to the Emperor Realm while here.

In the Asteroid Sea, Yang Kai was in a retreat inside the Sealed World Bead. He was completely focused on healing.

One month went by in a flash and Yang Kai finally opened his eyes before softly exhaling. A complex look flashing across his eyes.

He hadn’t expected to take such a long time to heal his injuries.

Worthy of the Emperor Authority Bead refined by a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master! The might of the Seeking Passion Finger had not only injured him but also left behind some persistent energy in his body, making it more difficult to recuperate!

And it was exactly because of this that Yang Kai was forced to spend a month to eliminate the harmful residual energy. Otherwise, Yang Kai’s recovery would have been a matter of days owing to the effects of his physique and the Immortal Tree.

Yang Kai had healed without any issues, and his strength had returned to its peak state. Nonetheless, Yang Kai didn’t rush to leave the Sealed World Bead. He first scanned and checked the outside world with his Divine Sense, confirming that it was completely quiet all around and there was no one nearby.

After confirming it was safe and sound, he stretched out his hand. The next moment, four beads of different colours appeared in his palm.

These four beads were the Four Seasons Beads, relics of the Flowing Time Great Emperor.

A long time ago, Yang Kai had once speculated that he would have an unexpected harvest after gathering all of the Four Seasons Beads; however, he had never been able to find the Bead of Winter until he set foot into Ice Heart Valley’s Restricted Area.

Feng Xi’s Emperor Authority Bead made Yang Kai aware that he was not completely invincible here. With his current strength, he really didn’t need to be afraid of the cultivators in the same realm as him, but he did need to guard against the hidden trump cards of these elites.

Feng Xi had an Emperor Authority Bead, so who was to say that Yang Kai would not run into similar enemies? Even if they didn’t have an Emperor Authority Bead, they might have some other cards to play.

After all, the cultivators who could enter the Shattered Star Sea were all rising stars of the Star Boundary, many of them descendants of powerful Emperor Realm Masters or elite disciples of the top Sects.

Many of these people could not be underestimated as doing so would cost him his life.

Therefore, Yang Kai eagerly wanted to improve his strength. He was now in the Third-Order Dao Source Realm, so the next realm would be the Emperor Realm; however, it wasn’t that easy to break through to the Emperor Realm. Without any appropriate opportunity, Yang Kai had no idea when he could get a glimpse of the Emperor Realm.

Since he couldn’t break through to a higher realm, all he could do was pin his hopes on improving his techniques.

The Four Seasons Beads were undoubtedly his best choice. If he could comprehend whatever mystery they held, he might be able to gain the inheritance of the Flowing Time Great Emperor.

This Great Emperor was proficient in Flowing Time Force and was a top Master of his time. If Yang Kai could obtain such an inheritance, it would definitely provide a great boost to his strength.

So, Yang Kai didn’t mull over it for long and immediately started to study the Four Seasons Beads after taking them out, hoping to gain something.

Surprisingly, when he took out the Bead of Summer in Ice Heart Valley’s Restricted Area, it produced a kind of resonance with the Bead of Winter which was already there. However, when the four beads were gathered together, there wasn’t any such reaction.

Yang Kai didn’t know how to activate the Four Seasons Beads, so all he could do was put them together in his palm and pour his Source Qi and Spiritual Energy into them, calmly analyzing any reaction they produced.

Yang Kai didn’t become impatient. On the contrary, he remained perfectly calm.

Gradually, he entered an ethereal state with no other thoughts in his mind, completely relaxed, as if his being was drifting through a sea of clouds. He completely forgot where he was and what he was doing here, simply immersing himself in this inextricable feeling.

Half a month went by, then one month, two months…

The Four Seasons Beads were still unresponsive; however, Yang Kai was madly absorbing the World Energy of the Small Sealed World, making his Source Qi denser and purer. His Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation was steadily rising and soon approached the peak of his current realm.

One day, after three months of silence, Yang Kai’s mind suddenly shook as a shock from the depths of his heart arose him. Immediately after, a scorching hot sensation came from his palm and he opened his eyes to see four radiant glowing balls escaping from his hand and dancing around him like ribbons of light.

Each of the glowing balls had given birth to a very distinct and unique kind of Principal Strength. The four Principles complemented one another, mutually restraining and promoting each other’s characteristics.

Four Seasons Principles!

Yang Kai’s heartbeat became rapid as he realized that he had accidentally triggered the power of the Four Seasons Beads. When he scanned them again, the Four Seasons Beads that should have been in his hand had disappeared, leaving four radiant glowing balls that flitted about around him.

Yang Kai immediately understood that this was his opportunity and he didn’t dare to neglect it. Instantly closing his eyes once again, Yang Kai focused all his attention on comprehending the pulsing Principle Strength around him.

Unlike the ethereal meditation state of the past few months, this time, he was actively trying to comprehend with a clear goal in mind.

As soon as he spread his consciousness, Yang Kai sensed four extremely unique and powerful Principles lingering around him; a pleasant spring breeze, a scorching hot summer, a withering autumn, and a frigid winter. They seemed to form a peculiar cycle, constantly overlapping each other, seemingly endless and ever-changing.

Yang Kai fell into a deep state of comprehension.

He was like an outsider that had been exiled by time itself, his skin slowly growing old. In just the time it would take to burn an incense stick, Yang Kai had been reduced to an elderly man with white hair. But he came back to life at the critical point, returning back to the peak of his youth. The entire experience was extremely strange.

The Four Seasons Principles were surging and even the environment beside Yang Kai was constantly changing.

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The spirit medicines planted in the medicine garden seemed to have experienced many years in just a moment of time, growing and maturing at a rapid rate. Except for the Immortal Tree and the Firmament Tree, which weren’t affected by these surging Principles, all the other spirit grasses and spirit medicines grew noticeably.

Yang Kai felt like he was dreaming. In this peculiar dream, he kept wandering between two stages of life, young and old, using his own body to remember the feeling of the passage of time, his mind to experience the concept of passing time.

Gradually, some vague ideas appeared in his mind.

Yang Kai wanted to see these ideas clearly, but he felt as if a film was blocking him from doing so, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t penetrate this barrier.

But every cycle made these ideas clearer and clearer.

At some point, these vague ideas turned into enlightenment.

Yang Kai suddenly woke from that unending dream and his face and eyes glowed brightly.

The four glowing balls were still flying around him, like four coloured ribbons.

Nonetheless, Yang Kai remained absolutely still, an extremely serious look appearing on his face as he quickly formed a set of mysterious seals with his hands and he muttered a chant, “Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream!”

His voice was very slow, and his movements even slower.

But the moment he said this, a mysterious seal suddenly formed.

The next movement, the four glowing balls that had been flying around him seemed to have received some instruction and suddenly turned into specks of light that drilled into his pores.


An invisible and powerful aura rapidly spread outward into the surrounding area with Yang Kai as the centre.

After everything stabilized, a strange light appeared in Yang Kai’s eyes as he cried out in surprise, “So, it was Time Principles! The Flowing Time Great Emperor was truly remarkable!”

In this world, the only Dao which was more esoteric than the Dao of Space was the Dao of Time. These two Daos were extremely different from the rest, sharing some similarities in the sense that they were both extremely difficult to comprehend, and even harder to cultivate.

The only reason Yang Kai was able to cultivate the Dao of Space was because of luck and opportunities.

Along his road of cultivation, he had encountered some cultivators who had gained some knowledge of the Dao of Space, but as for mastering them, apart from him, there was probably only one other; Li Wu Yu.

Li Wu Yu was proficient in the Dao of Space, and was famous throughout the entire Star Boundary as a result. And as a Third-Order Emperor, no one dared to find trouble with him.

There were always a few cultivators who had learned some basic concepts of the Dao of Space, but Yang Kai had never encountered anyone who cultivated the Dao of Time.

In light of this, the Dao of Time seemed even more difficult to master than the Dao of Space.

But the Flowing Time Great Emperor had cultivated this exact Dao to an extremely high level!

Yang Kai originally thought that Four Seasons Principles were a representation of the four seasons themselves, a kind of derivative of Time Principles, but after comprehending this seal, he finally understood that the Flowing Time Great Emperor had already mastered the Four Seasons Principles to the level of Time Principles.

Thanks to the blessing of the Flowing Time Great Emperor, Yang Kai could be considered to have comprehended the initial concept of the Dao of Time after obtaining the power of the Four Seasons Beads.

Throughout the ages, Yang Kai might just be the only individual who had cultivated both the Dao of Space and the Dao of Time simultaneously.

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