Martial Peak - Chapter 2324

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Chapter 2324, Illusion Array Mountain Valley

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After gaining Yang Kai’s confirmation, Chai Hu did not hesitate any longer and immediately consumed a Coagulation Pill. Extremely anxious looks were present on Chi Yue and the others’ faces as they sat by his side, aiding him in absorbing the pill’s medicinal efficacies.

Within the Thousand Leaves Sect was a majestic great palace located on a mountain peak approximately three hundred kilometres from the main peak.

Within a room in the great hall stood Shi Cang Ying, with his hands behind his back, a gloomy expression covering his face as he listened to the report from a disciple standing behind him.

After a moment, he opened his mouth, “You’re saying that those outsiders are staying in the main palace?”

The disciple replied respectfully, “Yes, Vice Sect Master. That is indeed the case.”

“Did they make any trips outside during the last two days?”

“They did not leave at all. On the contrary, it has only been Sect Master who has gone over there.”

“Were you able to find out exactly what they came here for?” Asked Shi Cang Ying.

“This disciple is useless and cannot find out any clues as to why they are here. However…”


“However, I’ve heard that the one named Yang Kai is proficient in the Alchemic Dao, and is the person who had refined the Extraordinary Treasure Pill within the Four Seasons Realm. He is a Dao Source Grade Alchemy Grandmaster. This disciple guesses that they are here most probably due to something related to Alchemy.”

“Alchemy!” Shi Cang Ying’s eyes lit up before nodding slightly, “That seems plausible. Ye Hen is advanced in his years, yet his cultivation has not increased. Perhaps he’s trying to find a way to break through with the assistance of pills. However, if it’s just about Alchemy, why would Ye Hen treat that little brat with such importance, to the point of letting this Old Master lose face?”

That disciple replied, “Is there a possibility… that Yang Kai still has an Extraordinary Treasure Pill on him?”

Right as those words left his mouth, it caused Shi Cang Ying’s entire body to shake, while intense radiance burst forth from his eyes.

Thinking about it, Ye Hen was now in the Third-Order Dao Source Realm and required something precisely like the Extraordinary Treasure Pill. If Yang Kai had such a Heaven-defying pill on him, everything would make sense.

There was no Third-Order Dao Source Realm who wouldn’t covet such a Spirit Pill, as it was an exceptional treasure that would give them the possibility to break through to the Emperor Realm! Ye Hen definitely knew this, therefore, he had treated that little brat with such courtesy, to the point of not caring about Shi Cang Ying at all.

Considering all of this, flames immediately erupted within Shi Cang Ying’s heart.

He was also a Third-Order Dao Source Realm Master, but the Emperor Realm was still distant and remote for the current him. If he could obtain an Extraordinary Treasure Pill, it would present him with a chance to peer into the Heavenly Way and within an extremely short amount of time allow him to rise up!

“Vice Sect Master, there is also another matter…” Seeing Shi Cang Ying remaining silent for quite a long while, the disciple spoke out once more.

“What matter?” Shi Cang Ying asked.

“It is said that there is some movement from Sky Illumination Palace and Sky Peak Temple, and they seem to be unfavourable towards our Thousand Leaves Sect!”

Shi Cang Ying’s body shook once again as he turned around to look at the disciple, “Is this news genuine?”

The disciple replied, “It is just some rumours. Exactly how much of it is true, this disciple isn’t clear.”

“Go and investigate! Do everything possible to find out what the truth is. As long as you get the slightest whiff of the facts, immediately report back to me!” Shi Cang Ying spoke out in a slightly flustered voice.

If Sky Peak Temple and Sky Illumination Palace really wanted to take action against Thousand Leaves Sect, they couldn’t resist with their current strength. Each of the other two Sects was no weaker than the Thousand Leaves Sect alone. This was especially true for Sky Illumination Palace as it was rumoured that their Palace Master, Qiu Ze, had been attempting to break through to the Emperor Realm over the past few years, though he was still unable to do so. If Qiu Ze really entered the Emperor Realm, the ranking of the great forces within a hundred thousand kilometre radius would instantly change, with every Sect living or dying by the will of Sky Illumination Palace.

Shi Cang Ying was instantly flustered upon hearing about those two Sects possibly wanting to take action against Thousand Leaves Sect. After the disciple had left, he continued to pace up and down with unease.

After a long while, he suddenly came to a halt, before a chilling glint flashed within his eyes. Clenching his teeth, he growled, “Ye Hen, Ye Hen! You’ve really gone senile to actually be willing to let the wolves into the Sect, disregarding this Old Master’s advice! Since that’s the case, don’t blame this Old Master for not considering our long friendship! This Old Master also has to make plans for the future of our Thousand Leaves Sect! The work of our Ancestors cannot be destroyed by your hands! Otherwise, how would this Old Master face our various Ancestors when I head to the underworld!”

After saying those words, he seemed to have made some kind of decision, as his gaze grew resolute.

After a short while, he sent his Divine Sense out to summon a few of his trusted disciples. After receiving the secret commands, they proceeded to quickly leave.

On the third day since Yang Kai and the others arrived in Thousand Leaves Sect, Chai Hu’s condition had already gotten much better.

Although the poison within his body had not been completely removed, it was no longer continuously corroding his dantian and meridians like before. As long as he continued to consume the pills as per Yang Kai’s instructions, the poison within his body would be completely dispelled after half a month.

Naturally, Chai Hu was incomparably grateful to Yang Kai.

On the contrary, Chi Yue and the others did not say anything much to Yang Kai. Originating from the same Star Field, the relationship between them had already become incomparably tight. Chai Hu was their sworn brother, which meant that he was Yang Kai’s Senior. Therefore, it was all the more natural for Yang Kai to help him.

Yang Kai was also very glad that Chi Yue and the others had made friends with Chai Hu upon arriving at the Star Boundary. According to the scenario they had described, their lives in the Star Boundary would not have been as smooth as it was if not for the two years Chai Hu had spent helping them.

Furthermore, for the sake of saving Chi Yue, Chai Hu had totally disregarded his personal safety, putting himself in harm’s way as a result. Despite knowing the low chance of success, he still went ahead boldly without any hesitation, rushing straight to the City Lord’s Mansion.

This matter also proved that Chai Hu would have died for nothing if Yang Kai hadn’t been there.

Clearly, he was a person who had the utmost regard for loyalty and relationships.

One would truly need a friend or Brother like that in their lifetime; no need for many, just one would suffice! Yang Kai was truly happy for Chi Yue and the others.

On the third day, Yang Kai was seated in meditation when he heard the faint sounds of footsteps from outside of his door before they came to a stop right before his room.

Without waiting for the person to knock on the door, Yang Kai extended his hand and opened the door, only to see Ye Jing Han standing right outside his room.

As their eyes met, Ye Jing Han said in a soft voice, “Young Master Yang.”

“Come in and talk.” Yang Kai replied.

Ye Jing Han nodded her head, before stepping forward.

Entering the room, Ye Jing Han found a chair to sit in, before asking, “How has your stay here been, Young Master Yang?”

Yang Kai smiled faintly, “Sister Ye has not come over just to ask this question, am I right?”

Seeing that Yang Kai appeared to have guessed the reason behind her visit, Ye Jing Han couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment and turn speechless as a result.

Yang Kai opened his mouth, “Please lead the way, Sister Ye.”

Happiness gushed out from Ye Jing Han’s face upon hearing those words, before asking, “Isn’t there anything else Young Master Yang has to do?”

Yang Kai replied, “What else do I have to do? I’ve come here for the sake of that Sealed World. Could it be that the Thousand Leaves Sect has not completed their preparations?”

“No, no, no!” Ye Jing Han hastily waved her hands in denial, “Thousand Leaves Sect can take action at any time. Father has also been waiting patiently for this. Please follow me, Young Master Yang.”

As she said that, she immediately stood up to lead the way.

Yang Kai followed behind Ye Jing Han as the duo flew within the Thousand Leaves Mountain Range. After a short while, they arrived before a mountain valley surrounded by extraordinarily beautiful sceneries and landscapes, as beautiful and refreshing as a spring day, all of them vying for the most beautiful spot.

Upon arriving, Yang Kai could not help but raise his brow as he stared deeply at the scenery of the mountain valley before him, a peculiar glint sparkling within the depths of his eyes.

He could instinctually sense that there was something not quite right about this mountain valley. However, he was unable to pinpoint exactly what it was.

Ye Jing Han took the initiative to explain, “This is an Illusion Array, and it was arranged by an Ancestor of our Thousand Leaves Sect. Please wait for a bit, Young Master Yang. I’ve already contacted Father to lift the barrier.”

[So it is an Illusion Array!] Yang Kai finally understood why he felt as though there was something off with this mountain valley.

Currently, he had reached a reasonably strong cultivation, while his Divine Sense had become even more powerful than before. Nevertheless, he was still unable to see through the mysteries of this Illusion Array. This was proof of how mysterious this Spirit Array was. The person who had arranged it was definitely an Emperor Realm Master, as only an Emperor could achieve such a feat.

Yang Kai was instantly curious after coming to a realization. He proceeded to send his Divine Sense out to scan the mountain valley in an attempt to gain a comprehension of the mysteries within.

Nevertheless, despite his efforts, he was unable to gain even the slightest bit of insight.

The Illusion Array that covered this entire mountain valley appeared to resemble nature itself, leaving utterly no weakness to exploit.

This truly shocked Yang Kai to the core.

Since Thousand Leaves Sect had been on the decline for so many years, this meant that this Illusion Array should also have been created countless years ago. After weathering the vicissitudes of time, this Illusion Array continued to stand mightily. This not only showed how powerful a cultivation its creator had, but how incomparable their achievements in the Dao of Spirit Arrays was.

To the side, Ye Jing Han carefully sent her Divine Sense out to scan the surroundings. Only after confirming that there was no one in the vicinity did she retrieve a communication artifact and send her Divine Sense in. Clearly, she was sending a message to Ye Hen.

After a short while, ripples suddenly started to appear in the space before her, appearing just like the waves formed on the surface of a tranquil lake after someone had thrown a pebble into it.

Seeing this, Ye Jing Han hastily spoke out in a solemn tone, “Young Master Yang, please follow exactly in my steps, if you step off the path, you will trigger the Killing Array within this mountain valley.

“I understand.” Yang Kai replied with a nod.

Yang Kai followed behind her and took a step forward. In the next instant, the scenery before him suddenly changed.

He was still in front of the mountain valley. However, the beautiful scenery around him had changed into an exceedingly bleak and desolate one, with not a single plant in sight. The entire area was composed of barren land.

Standing quietly in the front, Ye Jing Han nodded slightly towards Yang Kai upon his entry, before quickly moving forward to lead the way.

Clearly, she had entered here quite a few times before, resulting in her confidence towards knowing the safe route within this Illusion Array. Moving step by step forwards, she made exceedingly precise and nimble movements.

Originally, she was worried that Yang Kai might not be able to keep up with her, causing her to slow down; however, after travelling for a while, she noticed Yang Kai appeared to be exceedingly relaxed. Immediately, she knew that her worries were unnecessary, resulting in her increasing her travelling speed substantially.

Yang Kai continued to follow closely behind her, travelling like a shadow and not straying an inch off the path she took.

The duo travelled for a stick of incense’s worth of time within the Illusion Array before appearing in a wide clearing. Right before them was a gigantic platform, one that was clearly man-made, with traces of carvings present. This platform radiated an ancient aura, a clear sign of the countless years it had endured.

Present here was Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sect Master Ye Hen, who stood on the platform with a depressed and guilt-ridden look on his face.

Hearing their arrival, Ye Hen turned his head around. Seeing his daughter arriving with Yang Kai, he hastily cupped his hands, “Young Master Yang.”

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