Martial Peak - Chapter 2075

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Chapter 2075, Whoever Dares to Stop Will Die

At that moment, Zhuang Pan realized that his pagoda’s spirituality was greatly damaged!

His pagoda was a Low-Rank Dao Source Grade artifact. He had nurtured it for many years with his blood, sweat and tears, even weaving his Divine Sense to make use of his secret technique to apply to the artifact. In other words, it was closely connected to him. Although refining it with that secret method could greatly enhance the power of the pagoda, correspondingly, once the pagoda was damaged, the master would also receive different degrees of backlash!

And at this moment, he had received a huge backlash…

His Source Qi was in turmoil and out of his control. He was unable to suppress it and spurted a mouthful of blood.


The lightning was still lingering around the pagoda. And it took a long time for it to slowly dissipate.

The pagoda didn’t seem to have suffered any damage on the surface, but its spirituality had fallen greatly. Zhuang Pan could sense that the pagoda had suffered a lot of internal damage and its inside was riddled with cracks. If he wanted to repair it, he would need some special materials and a lot of time too.

Due to this, Zhuang Pan’s blood and energy was in turmoil again. Blood kept flowing out of his mouth.

“Sir Vice City Lord!” The guard, who had come in to report before, shouted in shock after seeing this.

Zhuang Pan placed his hands on his chest. His face was extremely pale. His aura was unstable. He looked at the nearby Yang Kai with an ugly look on his face, his eyes were filled with horror and disbelief.

He really couldn’t figure out what the grade of that bead-like artifact was. To his surprise, it could shoot such a powerful attack that even his Dao Source Grade artifact couldn’t take!

[If I was struck by that bolt, would I still be alive?!]

If he knew that the bead was an Emperor Artifact, he would be shocked speechless.

In any case, Zhuang Pan was a Dao Source Realm master and Yang Kai didn’t want to waste time on him. Therefore, he took the Annihilation Thunder Bead and attacked right away.

In the past, when he got the Annihilation Thunder Bead, Yang Kai was just an Origin Returning Realm master. Although he could activate the Annihilation Thunder Bead, he couldn’t bring out its full power because of his insufficient cultivation.

Since then, he had used it many times, and every time he used it the power of the Annihilation Thunder Bead he could bring out increased along with the increase in his cultivation.

Now, he was a Dao Source Realm master and was able to mobilize World Principles. Even if he couldn’t bring out the full power of the Emperor Artifact, it wasn’t something that the Dao Source Grade Artifact could contend against.

In just one clash, it was clear which was stronger and which was weaker.

“Vice City Lord Zhuang, please behave yourself! If you dare to stop me again, don’t blame this Yang for being merciless!” Yang Kai glared at Zhuang Pan and angrily shouted.

Zhuang Pan’s face turned ashen. His lips parted but he dared not even say a word.

Naturally, he could tell that Yang Kai wasn’t bluffing, but he would really act out on it. In other words, if he stopped him, he might really lose his life here.

“Hahaha, dear Friend, why are you so angry?” Suddenly, a loud laugh came from outside. Following this, a fat and thin cultivator suddenly came in.

At the same time, a strong aroma of wine permeated through the hall.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but furrow his brow. He took a side glance at the visitors.

He recognized both of them. The short and fat man was the Vice City Lord with horrendous conduct, Drunkard. As soon as he entered the hall, he took a quick look around before his pupils shrank.

But soon, he calmed down. He took the huge battle gourd from his waist and took a swig as if he was taking it to calm his nerves.

The thinner cultivator was the City Lord of Maplewood City, Duan Yuan Shan!

He was also the only Second-Order Dao Source Realm master in Maplewood City.

Yang Kai had seen Duan Yuan Shan many times. Naturally, he was no stranger to him.

At this moment, Duan Yuan Shan was intently looking at Yang Kai with interest. He broke into a laugh and asked, “When did my Maplewood City have another Dao Source Realm cultivator? What a pleasant surprise!”

He didn’t appear to be looking to pursue Yang Kai’s case of hurting Zhuang Pan at all. Rather he looked very happy.

It wasn’t difficult to understand why the two of them would suddenly appear here. After all, this was still the City Lord’s Mansion. Duan Yuan Shan and Drunkard usually lived here. The clash between Yang Kai and Zhuang Pan’s artifact generated powerful energy fluctuations. How could they not notice these fluctuations?

So, they both rushed in here.

“Greeting Sir City Lord, Sir Vice City Lord!” Yang Kai frowned and cupped his fists to the two.

Drunkard pursed his lips as he wiped the wine trickling down the corner of his mouth. He casually cupped his fist in return but didn’t say anything. Instead, he found a place next to a pillar in the hall and lazily sat down, swigging from the bottle gourd.

Duan Yuan Shan, on the other hand, chuckled. “Dear Friend, how polite of you. Hmm, I wonder how to call you my dear Friend?”

“This one’s Yang Kai!”

“So it’s Brother Yang!” Duan Yuan Shan looked askance. “From what this City Lord remembers, there isn’t any major family surname Yang in Maplewood City!”

“I’m just a loose cultivator, that’s all. I came to Maplewood City more than a year ago!”

“So that’s how it is!” Duan Yuan Shan looked a little surprised. He immediately asked, “I wonder why Brother Yang and Brother Zhuang were fighting!? Everyone is Dao Source Realm master. How about we sit down and talk it out. There is no point in being so agitated?”

“City Lord, this person is really arrogant. He ignored the city rules and flew a ship straight into the city. This Zhuang just wanted to ask but he didn’t want to cooperate. I ask the City Lord to investigate it!” Before Yang Kai could answer, Zhuang Pan stole the initiative to answer. Everything he said was in line with the truth, he didn’t slander or embellish the facts.

“Is that right!?” Duan Yuan Shan furrowed his brow before turning his gaze at Yang Kai.

“Yes, that is indeed right!” Yang Kai nodded his agreement.

Zhuang Pan immediately sneered. “Sir City Lord, Maplewood City’s rules are set by you personally. This guy has no respect for the rules and wantonly breaking them. May I ask how to deal with this!”

He had just suffered a loss in Yang Kai’s hands. Even the pagoda’s spirituality had fallen, so he naturally hated Yang Kai very much. And now, since Duan Yuan Shan and Drunkard were here, if he could really pin the crime on him, Yang Kai would truly suffer the consequence of going against him.

That was what he would like to see!

“If Sir City Lord still wants to punish this Yang after learning why, then this Yang Kai would not object!” Before Duan Yuan Shan could deliver any judgement, Yang Kai threw a sentence with a sneer.

“What happened!?” Duan Yuan Shan immediately became a little suspicious after seeing his serious expression.

“About 2 thousand kilometres from here, the seal of an Ancient Great Demon broke and pure Demon Qi has started leaking. I’m afraid it won’t be long before it reaches Maplewood City,” Yang Kai promptly replied.

“What!?” Duan Yuan Shan blurted out in surprise after hearing this. “Ancient Great Demon’s seal is broken!? The leaking of pure Demon Qi!?”

The nearby Drunkard, who had been leaning on the stone pillar, drinking, and looked completely drunk, was also stunned by this news. He immediately became sober and stared, wide-eyed at Yang Kai. Wine was spilling from the corner of his mouth but he didn’t seem to care.

“What a load of crap!” Zhuang Pan immediately shouted angrily. “Sir City Lord, don’t believe in his nonsense, he…”

Duan Yuan Shan raised his hand to stop him from speaking. He looked straight at Yang Kai and asked with a serious look on his face, “Is that really true? Where did Brother Yang get this news? And what’s the proof?”

“I saw it with my own eyes! I fled all the way back to Maplewood City,” Yang Kai glanced at Zhuang Pan and sneered. He pointed at Mo Xiao Qi and continued, “My friend was concerned about the safety of the few millions of souls residing in Maplewood City and wanted to warn the City Lord’s Mansion so that everyone can prepare, but Vice City Lord Zhuang remained unmoved. He didn’t even want to send anyone to verify it, and because of this one’s ship hurriedly flying into Maplewood City, breaking some goddamn rules, he kept arguing and even fought. Heh heh, as for proof… you can go and check it out yourself! 2,000 kilometres isn’t that far!”

“I’ll go check it out!” The nearby Drunkard didn’t dare to drag on after hearing this. He hung the bottle gourd on his waist and stood right up before flying out, leaving a long trail.

“I have said everything I have to say. Sir City Lord, this one will take his leave now.” Having finished his piece, Yang Kai signalled Mo Xiao Qi with his eyes. Mo Xiao Qi instantly understood his intention and hurriedly walked toward the exit.

“You can’t leave! We still haven’t verified…” Zhuang Pan tried to act strong and shouted aloud.

“If you dare to stop me, I will kill you!” Yang Kai immediately threw this sentence without even turning back. The next moment, he and Mo Xiao Qi disappeared from the hall.

“Sir City Lord, this person is simply too arrogant and domineering!” Zhuang Pan didn’t dare to stop Yang Kai. So, he could only pin his hopes on Duan Yuan Shan. He was expecting him to stop Yang Kai.

The latter immediately glanced at him and indifferently stated, “If what this guy said is true… Maplewood City will be in grave danger!”

Zhuang Pan was struck by a lightning bolt after hearing this. He couldn’t speak anymore.

Even though Duan Yuan Dhan didn’t say anything, he could see the dissatisfaction and blame in Sir City Lord’s eyes. He knew that he was extremely angry and anxious at this moment.

[But… how can you even think that the news about the breaking of an Ancient Great Demon seal and the leaking of pure Demon Qi to be real!?]

After a while, Duan Yuan Shan suddenly took out a communication artifact and poured his Divine Sense into it. Obviously, Drunkard had sent a message back!

Zhuang Pan’s face was filled with expectation. He was secretly praying that Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi were making things up. If that’s the case, he would have a legitimate reason to find trouble with Yang Kai.

And Duan Yuan Shan would definitely not let Yang Kai go after having been lied to like this.


Under Zhuang Pan’s nervous and expectant gaze, Duan Yuan Shan’s face suddenly turned pale and slightly trembled.

“Sir City Lord…” Zhuang Pan nervously shouted.

“Relay my order, activate all the defensive Arrays at any cost. And we must increase the power of the Spirit Array to maximum!” Duan Yuan Shan suddenly shouted as his voice spread throughout the City Lord’s Mansion!

“Impossible!?” Zhuan Pan immediately turned pale and slumped down on the ground.

Duan Yuan Shan angrily glared at him. With a shake of his figure, his figure disappeared from the hall. After a while, countless instructions were orderly transmitted from his communication artifact, passing it to those under him.

After a while, a humming sound came from the walls of Maplewood City as various defensive Arrays that had not been activated for many years activated today, one after another.

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