Magic Emperor - Chapter 1315

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Looking at each other, Gu Santong and others were also strange: "you are not with heaven..."
"God what?"
"Yes, my God what?" Scratching his head, the ancient three links were also in a trance. He turned his head and looked at the sparrow and the sword boy and said, "what are we doing here?"
Look around, everyone is confused, as if they have forgotten what happened. There seems to be a person's name in their heart, but they can't remember it.
However, since they couldn't remember, they left him alone and went back happily. As for the blank in the middle, no one cares.
Ancient Santong and other holy beasts still have a good relationship with the Luo family. Danqingsheng and they still serve as the offerings of the Luo family. Sometimes they joke. Why are they so strong that they are willing to stay in the Luo family#_# sixty-seven thousand three hundred and fifty-six
But I'm used to it. Everyone laughs and doesn't tangle. But there has always been a vacancy in their hearts. It seems that a person's figure has completely disappeared in their minds.
Not only they, but the whole continent, has no record of this person.
Zhuo fan completely disappeared in this world and people's memories
"Emperor of heaven, let's have another game of the original chess game!"
In a vast white world, Zhuo fan sat on a stone bench with a chessboard in front of him and looked with a smile at the emperor who was coming with a full face of alert.
Looking around, the emperor was very cautious: "what is this place?"
"Your world!" At the corner of his mouth, Zhuo Fan said, "don't you always want to create the world and be reborn? This is the original appearance of the world. There is nothing. You can give full play to your creativity and graffiti. How about it? "
His eyes slightly hissed. The emperor of heaven stared at Zhuo fan and said, "I don't want to be here. I want to go back to the imperial continent. That's my world!"
"You can't go back. I've erased all the traces of you and me. You're there. You don't exist at all. Whether it is ancient books or people's memory, there is only the ancient Nine Emperors, without your seat as the emperor of heaven. Of course, there is no taboo about my housekeeper Zhuo! "
The pupil of the eye could not stop shrinking, and the emperor of heaven was surprised: "can you quietly erase a person's trace from a world? What on earth have you reached? "
"It doesn't matter. Let's play chess!" With a smile, Zhuo fan pointed to the chessboard.
Looking at him suspiciously, the emperor of heaven no longer had the momentum he used to have, so he had to sit opposite and start playing chess with Zhuo fan.
At this time, Zhuo fan was very calm. Each child was quite moderate, and there were no strange moves and steps. But the emperor of heaven cannot win regardless of the layout. Of course, Zhuo fan can't win. It's always a draw.
But that's why it's the most terrible.
The highest chess skill in the world is not to win or lose if you want to win, but to always keep a draw with your opponent and maintain this balance!
His eyebrows trembled slightly. The emperor of heaven rubbed the chess piece in his hand. Finally, he let go and threw it to the ground. He had no choice but to shake his head: "you won!"# six point seven three five six
"You're welcome. It's just a draw!"
"A draw means you win!"
With a long breath, the emperor of heaven looked at Zhuo fan with doubts in his eyes: "I have some questions to ask you. Can I tell you?"
"But it doesn't matter!"
"What is your way?" With hope in his eyes, the Heavenly Emperor stared at him and said, "since you appeared in front of me, I have felt that you are different from my brother's way. It's the same love, but it's different. What's that? "
With a smile, Zhuo fan refused to comment: "he is greater than me. He is great love. I am just small love."
"Small affection and love can also become a way and defeat me?"
"In other words, is the love in the world big or small?" As soon as the corners of his mouth turned up, Zhuo fan glanced at him. The emperor's face changed slightly when his body shook.
Chuckling and waving his hand, Zhuo fan slowly got up: "the emperor of heaven, including the other nine emperors, is too obsessed. Everything in heaven and earth operates according to his own rules. How can there be big love, small love, big love and small love? Love is love, which is generated by the most original source of the people's heart. It is not so complex. I recommend you a skill written by ordinary people. It may not be worth mentioning in your eyes, but it is what you emperors lack! "
With that, Zhuo fan waved his hand gently, and a message immediately entered his mind.
"True formula?"
Frowning slightly, the emperor murmured: "return to the truth, integrate into heaven and earth, integrate heaven and man, and achieve the road. Zhuo fan, are you... "
Suddenly, the emperor of heaven screamed again and again, but there was no Zhuo fan in front of him. He was alone. He looked at the white sky from a distance and said to himself: "heaven, earth and people are one, in charge of heaven and earth, above the highest, heaven and earth..."
His eyes flickered with hope, and the emperor of heaven kept looking up at the sky until the deepest place was still bottomless. But on the nine days, beyond the white fog, Zhuo fan dragged a small ball shrouded by the white air flow in his hand, with a smile in his eyes, threw it forward and threw it into an endless night sky.
Shua Shua
Around his body, the same small balls flickered and shuttled through the darkness. But some balls are pure white, some become gray, and some are already pure black.
Zhuo fan glanced at all this coldly, gently raised a finger and bounced forward.
Poof poof
A series of muffled sounds were sent out, and dozens of small balls shrouded in black gas dissipated without a trace.
"Sorry, I don't want to destroy the world, but your world has come to an end and has become Shura hell. I want to eliminate it on behalf of heaven."
As soon as the corners of his mouth turned up, Zhuo fan looked at the other countless small balls, especially a little gray ball, and sighed: "Alas, the Emperor Wu continent, although it is not the time to destroy the world, is also gradually going to perish..."
Shaking his head, Zhuo fan trampled in the air, patrolled all the way in the dark space, touched those vibrant white balls from time to time, shot out the black balls surrounded by black gas from time to time, and went on like this
Thousands of years later, the Emperor Wu continent experienced several changes, a large number of heroes emerged, forming a separatist regime. Although the monopoly of holy mountain has not been formed, it has also become a situation in which major forces compete against each other.
One of the biggest forces is the Luo family. Because of the close relationship with the holy beast, there is also a mysterious sword emperor in the family, which can be said to be a big Mac that no one dares to provoke in the world.
Fortunately, the Luo family has always cherished benevolence and righteousness. Although they are strong, they do not bully the weak, but preside over justice, which is quite popular.
But even so, in this world of the strong, the weak are still inevitably miserable!
"Stop, don't run, hand over the spirit stone!"
"This is what we use to buy food. The devil handed it in!"
In the cloudy mountains and forests, two young girls, one big and one small, kept running. It seemed that one was about eight or nine years old and the other was about ten years old. They ran barefoot and their faces were black and gray.
Suddenly, the two girls stumbled and stumbled to the ground, and five or six teenage boys caught up with them. Seeing this, they couldn't help showing an obscene smile: "Hey, hey... Run, do you run?"
"Don't come here, or I'll be rude to you!" When the older girl saw them coming up, she immediately stood up and protected her sister behind her. Her face was full of stubbornness: "I'm eight times angry. Come up and be careful of your dog's life!"
However, hearing this sentence, those people laughed even louder: "ha ha... Juqi Bazhong, I'm so afraid. What are our accomplishments? "
"Boss, we are all forging bones. Even the worst ones are forging bones triple!"
As soon as their faces shook, the two girls immediately stagnated, and their faces became dignified in an instant. Those boys laughed more wantonly, waved and said, "come on, take them back to me and sell them into the kiln. You can also earn dozens of spirit stones, ha ha..."
Everyone laughed and was about to come forward. The two sisters waved their hands in a hurry and curled up in fear.
But at this time, a crisp finger tapping sounded, and those people suddenly stagnated, but they could not move any more, as if time was still. They still had such a treacherous smile, but they were still stationary like sculptures.
Slowly step by step, Zhuo fan came to them. Seeing that the two sisters were still covering their heads and shrinking, he couldn't help smiling and whispered, "don't be afraid, they won't hurt you..."
Suddenly, the two girls put down their hands. Seeing that it was so, and seeing Zhuo fan's kind face, they immediately showed a smiling face and quickly bowed down to thank him.
"What's your name?" It was clear in his heart, but Zhuo fan still asked.
After looking at each other, the old girl immediately signed up and said, "my name is Xiaoyu. This is my sister, Xiaoshuang!"
"Resist the rain, Shuanger..."
Murmuring softly, Zhuo fan stretched out his hands and said with a smile, "come with me. How about worshiping me as a teacher?"
Not from a Zheng, two people look at each other, light rain youyou asked: "do you have anything to eat?"
"Yes, of course, and you don't have to be bullied anymore!"
"That's great. I'll see you, master!" The two girls' request was very simple. Hearing Zhuo fan's reply, they immediately knelt down and kowtowed.
With a smile, Zhuo fan took the two women's hands, turned around and disappeared.
Then the boys moved again, but when they jumped on it, they suddenly jumped into the air and couldn't help but be confused.
Eh, where are the people? Why are they missing? There are ghosts
On the other hand, Chu Qingcheng stood still in front of a dilapidated slum. The corners of the mouth rise, always with a sweet smile.
Seeing this, two young women not far away learned from time to time and discussed: "Shizu, how does her old man like to live in seclusion here and wrap up a whole broken house? I don't know what his hobby is? Isn't it better to clean up some famous mountains and rivers? "
"Who knows, wait!"
"Who are you waiting for?"“ I think it's waiting for me! " Suddenly, a faint male voice sounded around the two women. They were surprised and immediately retreated, but they saw Zhuo fan's innocent face, but they didn't know when to stand beside them“ You... Who are you and when did you get here? "“ Don't be unreasonable. Step back! " However, as soon as they made a noise, Chu Qingcheng shouted and scolded. They were surprised, turned their heads and saw their master, who was usually like ice and frost. At this moment, they showed a different face, with a trace of complaint in their excitement, and the tears in their eyes became clearer under the sun. Knowing that there was a story in it, they left quickly without disturbing. Zhuo fan smiled bitterly, took two steps forward and sighed, "I can't imagine a thousand years. I have eliminated everyone's memory, but you still remember me!"“ I knew that a thousand years ago, everyone forgot you. You made a ghost! "“ Yes, after all, I can't be around them anymore. Forgetting is best for everyone! "“ But I didn't forget! "“ Maybe it's because your tears are still in my heart! " With a smile and a nod, Zhuo fan breathed out: "maybe it's God's will. Everyone thinks that the reincarnation of the emperor's brother is to find the emperor's realm Avenue and stop the emperor. But in fact, no one knows that what he is really looking for is the love root he cut off at the beginning, and you are my love root! "“ That is to say, will you take me? "“ Of course! " With a step, Chu Qingcheng rushed up. Chu Qingcheng held Zhuo fan tightly. His eyes were so excited that he said, "where are you taking me?"“ Alas, I've worked hard all my life. I'll take you to my master's home to work! "“ Master? " Not from a Leng, Chu Qingcheng said, "what are you doing?" With a grin, Zhuo fan showed a mysterious smile: "still the old business, housekeeper, housekeeper of heaven and earth..." (end of the full text)^_^ 67356This novel has been translated by and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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