Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild - Chapter 430

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Chapter 430: Stop Waiting

The surrounding guards looked at each other, and no one dared to move.

They did not know the identity of the person sitting in the court.

“Move, move!”

Seeing that no one made a move, the five black clouds that were hiding in the crowd and watching the show hurriedly stood up.

Seeing the five of them, Magistrate Zhuo’s expression changed.

These five people were personally chosen by him. Naturally, it was because his twin brother said that these five people were on the same side and could be trusted.

“You… How dare you break your promise!”

He glared at the five of them and had a bad feeling in his heart.

If these five people had already ‘surrendered’ to the enemy, wouldn’t the Crown Prince’s matter have been exposed?

“What promise?”

Jia Zheng smiled carelessly. “She has always been our master.”

Magistrate Zhuo followed the direction of his finger and saw that they were pointing at the girl with the long whip.

Lu Sheng raised her eyebrows and smiled at him.

Magistrate Zhuo’s expression changed. He pursed his lips tightly and stopped speaking, but his eyes were still glaring at the five people.

After the black clouds suppressed Magistrate Zhuo, Lu Sheng retracted her whip.

Seeing that only the two of them were holding him, Magistrate Zhuo thought that this was a good chance to escape.

Unexpectedly, after struggling for a while, he realized their hands were like iron pincers and he could not break free at all.

He was shocked.

Even the two seemingly ordinary guards had such internal energy.

The Crown Prince was right. Chu Sihan had a lot of capable people around him.

“Lord, we’ve brought him here for you. Please begin the trial.”

The two black clouds threw him to the ground and stood behind Magistrate Zhuo, smiling.

Lu Sheng walked past them and stood behind Chu Sihan in the court.

Magistrate Zhuo knelt on the ground and gritted his teeth.

He wanted to stall for time until General Tang came to save him.

“Stop waiting.”

Chu Sihan looked down at him and said lightly, “The person you’re waiting for can’t even protect himself.”

When General Tang, who was mixed in with the refugees, heard this, he felt a bit ashamed.

“I don’t know your name, but I’ll call you Magistrate Zhuo for now. As for the real magistrate, we’ll find him after we execute you.”

Chu Sihan’s words caused an uproar among the citizens.

“He’s not Magistrate Zhuo?”

“But why does he look identical to Magistrate Zhuo?”

“No wonder Magistrate Zhuo’s personality changed drastically overnight. So he’s a good-for-nothing.”

“What’s his relationship with Magistrate Zhuo?”

Instantly, regardless of whether it was the refugees or the citizens in town, they were whispering and discussing.

Magistrate Zhuo was dumbfounded.

Other than the Crown Prince and his trusted men, no one knew that he had replaced his brother to become the county magistrate.

Even the five guards who betrayed the government office did not know. How did Chu Sihan know?


Chu Sihan told him not to wait anymore. He even said that the person he was waiting for could not even protect himself. Could he be referring to General Tang?

Even General Tang was defeated?

Then, he…

Magistrate Zhuo clenched his fists as if he had made a decision.

He bit something and suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. He collapsed onto the ground.

This sudden scene scared many people.

The clouds standing behind Magistrate Zhuo were stunned.

Jia Zheng hurried forward to check. He checked his breathing and realized that he was dead.

He hurriedly reported to Chu Sihan. “Lord, he has bitten himself with poison.”

“Who are you? Why did you force our magistrate to death?”

The two guards who came in to report looked at Chu Sihan in horror.

Everyone looked at Chu Sihan curiously.

They only heard ‘Magistrate Zhuo’ and a few guards addressing Chu Sihan as ‘Lord,’ but they did not know which lord this was.

However, someone who could make the county magistrate kneel must have an extraordinary identity.

Chu Sihan scanned the two guards coldly and took out a token.

Lu Sheng was about to take it and show it to the public.

However, when she reached out, someone was faster than her.

After Jia Zheng took the token, he first held it up for the guards by the side to take a look. Then, he faced the token to the two guards who questioned Chu Sihan’s identity and the crowd.

After this round, everyone’s expression changed.

Everyone knelt down and bowed. The two guards also knelt down in a daze.

“Greetings, Lord!”

“Get up.”

Chu Sihan said calmly.

Everyone helped each other up.

Amongst the group, the refugees were the most excited.

With tears in their eyes, they stared at Chu Sihan agitatedly.

They had thought that they had been abandoned by Xuan Yue Country. They did not expect someone to still remember them. The person even came all the way here.

After knowing Chu Sihan’s identity, no one dared to doubt him anymore.

Chu Sihan got his men to drag ‘Magistrate Zhuo”s corpse away and dispose of it. Then, he got his men to find two inns nearby and settle all the refugees.

Ren Xu and Ning Xiang did not follow the refugees to the inn.

Jia Zheng had returned all their money.

All these years, although the couple had only done a small business, they had earned a lot.

Now that they could not return to the village for the time being, they wanted to return to their original hometown to continue living.

However, before leaving, they wanted to thank Lu Sheng and Chu Sihan in person.

However, after knowing Chu Sihan’s identity, they became respectful and fearful.

Just as the duo was hesitating, they saw Lu Sheng and Chu Sihan walking towards them.

The duo’s eyes lit up, but they did not dare to go forward. They could only stand where they were and wait for them to approach.

“I heard that the two of you won’t be staying in the inn with everyone. Do you have a place to go to?”

Lu Sheng walked over and asked with a smile.

The couple looked at each other and smiled. Then, they looked at her and said, “We do have a place to go to. However, before we leave, we would like to thank you for saving our lives.”


Ren Xu smiled faintly and said, “If you hadn’t arrived in time, we wouldn’t have lived till now.”

Lu Sheng waved her hand and said disapprovingly, “It was just convenient. It’s not worth mentioning.”

Ning Xiang smiled.

“Hey, where are you two going?” Lu Sheng asked them.

“Back to Huang Yang Town.”

Ning Xiang smiled and said, “We originally lived in Huang Yang Town’s North City. Speaking of which, Huang Yang Town seems to be Lord’s hometown.”

“How coincidental.” Lu Sheng chuckled. “Huang Yang Town is not only the Lord’s hometown, but also mine.”


Ning Xiang was surprised. “I wonder which city you live in?”

“I used to live in Liu Yue Village. Now, I’m in Jin Fen Lane in South City.”

“Jin Fen Lane?”

Ren Xu smiled and said, “I remember that the Chu Mansion is there.”

Lu Sheng raised her eyebrows. “I live in Jin Fen Lane, but not in the Chu Mansion.”

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