Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild - Chapter 23

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Lu Sheng woke up to realize that Lu Ran was making breakfast .

She looked at him with surprise, but did not say anything .

After washing up, she carried her hoe and went to her garden .

In the past, her Master would make her plant her own vegetables, carry pails of water, and cook on the mountain .

That was why besides cultivating, she was also interested in culinary .

As she thought of watering the potatoes, she found that the ground was wet .

She paused and asked Lu Ran . “Brother, did it rain yesterday?”

“No, I watered it . ”

Lu Ran threw the dipper back into the water tank .

He looked a lot better today .

It seemed like he had his life figured out .

Lu Sheng put the hoe down and walked over to Lu Ran . “Brother, I’m going to the Police Bureau later . Do you want to come?”

Lu Sheng did not know the laws of Country Xuan Yue too well, so she did not know if murder would garner a death sentence or some other punishment .

She had deliberately released Madam He’s spirit into Lu Dahua’s room the previous night to see what kind of decision she would make .

However, it seemed that she did not want Lu Dahua to die .

The mention of the Police Bureau darkened Lu Ran’s face .

He nodded . “I’ll accompany you . ”

“Then Lu Jiang and Lu Xin…”

Lu Sheng could tell that Lu Ran still harbored some element of grudge toward the young siblings .

Lu Ran turned silent for a while before speaking, “Bring them along . ”

Even though they were the biological children of Madam Liu, they were Lu Dahua’s children as well . They were his siblings .

“Okay . ”

Lu Sheng washed her hand . She was about to knock on the door when she saw Lu Jiang leading Lu Xin out .

The duo did not move an inch after seeing her .

“You’re up?” Lu Sheng went up and patted Lu Xin’s head . She smiled and said, “Go and wash up . Second Sister will bring you to the town for some good food later . ”

The siblings’ eyes lit up when they heard ‘good food . ’

After the quartet had eaten their breakfast, Lu Ran went to borrow an ox cart from his neighbor before traveling to the town .

“Second Sister, I heard Mother and Third Sister were captured by the officials . Can I visit them?”

Lu Dahua was mostly not at home . So, Lu Jiang did not feel anything regarding his absence .

He did not expect his father to be in jail too .

“You can . ” Lu Sheng smiled . “Second Sister and Big Brother will bring you there . ”

Lu Ran had just parked the ox cart outside the Police Bureau when someone came up to them .

It was unknown what Lu Ran had given the official, but the official’s stern face became a lot friendlier and he even sent them in .


Lu Sheng looked at Lu Ran, and she was reminded of the twenty taels Lu Dahua left her .

That money was intended for Lu Ran’s education, and it was unknown how much his entrance gift would cost .

The siblings had just reached the entrance of the jail when a strong and repugnant smell wafted into their noses .

Lu Ran frowned, and the siblings covered their noses . Only Lu Sheng continued walking with a composed expression .

The officials stared at her with surprise, but said nothing .

“What do you want?”

A stern voice reached them .

Another official hurried forward and said, “Head, they are the members of the Lu Family . ”

“The Lu Family?”

“The Lu Family from Liu Yue Village, Lu Dahua’s family . ”

“Oh, let them in . ”

Lu Sheng squinted and spotted a tall and burly figure standing in a dark corner .

He was holding on to a long whip that was coated with fresh blood .

It seemed like this figure had just punished someone .

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