Kar98K Upon Touchdown! - Chapter 772

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Chapter 772 - When A Boy Hits Eighteen . . .

Wheres the last one?

In Shelter, Liu Zilangs squad was confused .

If it was a typical random matchmade game, it would have been logical for some old snake to be hiding somewhere, waiting to ambush someone .

However, it was a fanbase match . Why would anyone break off from their squad and fight solo?

Furthermore, that person was lying somewhere in ambush?

Or was that person a cunning old snake that had a fetish for bushes?

Everyone was out of ideas .

Whose fan could it be? This is ridiculous . 17shou was frustrated after searching the tunnels for yet another round .

Its not mine, thats for sure, Liu Zilang spoke confidently as he shrugged .

Everyone thought it made sense . In any case, a streamer attracted players that liked their playstyle .

To be selected by Douyu to join the fanbase match, it meant that the person was a true fan .

Liu Zilang had his bag of dirty tricks .

It was already a miracle that not all his fans were incendiary troops . How could his fan be hiding somewhere?

The problem still remained .

GodV, 17shou, and NB211 all had aggressive playstyles . The remaining player could not have been one of their fans as well .

Dont tell me he disconnected? GodV guessed .

As he spoke, he exited a tunnel from Shelter and looked at his surroundings .

As his field of vision scanned past the slope near the Shelter, he realized that something was amiss .

That patch of grass… seems awfully dense!

The next moment, he came to his senses .

F*ck! Hes here!

As his words escaped his mouth, he lifted his gun at the same time .

Such situations put a players reflexes and composure to the test . In FPS games where victory was determined within split seconds, whoever lost their composure would lose their life .

Of course, the type of weapon the player wielded was also a determining factor .

Gao Yunyang might not have shot first when GodV appeared from Shelter . Maybe it was because he was considering a few other factors .

However, disregarding gun skills and reflexes, the Groza in his hands was a lot faster and had more damage than GodVs gun .

In the blink of an eye, the battle was decided .

God Yunyang did not lose much health while he took down GodV with a volley of bullets .

Sloth knocked out GodV with Groza!


Thats vicious!

17shou and NB211 were stunned when they saw that the final fanbase player had taken out GodV so easily!

In their minds, even if the fanbase player had hidden well, GodVs gun skills and reflexes should have been enough to handle him .

That was the unfathomable gap between professional and casual players .

They had not expected GodV to be knocked out so fast . It was as though his voice was still echoing in the team chat when his body had fallen to the ground .

This fan seems… a little vicious!

While 17shou and NB211 were in awe of that player, Liu Zilang who had just returned to his senses saw the ID of the kill notification . The corner of his eyelid twitched…

He was also reminded of Wang Qianqian who had organized a mob to swarm him . His face was full of black anime lines…

Those fellas are here to pick a fight!

GodV and the others soon realized that something was not quite right .

Sloth? Could it be that Sloth?

Ask Vic? Maybe he knows?

What the hell do I know!

Liu Zilang pressed his lips and replied quickly, Dont ask me, I dont know anything .

But I can guarantee that our opponent is indeed that Sloth!

NB211 and 17shou understood the situation after Liu Zilangs explanation .

No wonder .

If a player of Gao Yunyangs caliber had hidden among the random fanbase players in wait for an ambush, it might have even been hard for them to gain the upper hand .

Liu Zilang was not too far away in the tunnel from GodV who had fallen to the ground . Looking at the situation, he pulled out something from his backpack and then threw it toward GodV .

His movements were very fast, and the viewers in his live stream channel thought that he had thrown a smoke grenade .

Wow, still throwing a smoke grenade at this time?

Hmmm, even if the smokescreen can obscure GodV, his opponent should be able to kill him with blind-fire at that distance?

Maybe Vic wants to loot GodVs crate under the cover of the smokescreen?

Well, knowing that b*stard Vic, that might be possible .


The next moment, they realized that they had guessed wrong .

Liu Zilang had not thrown a smoke grenade but a stun grenade!

Gao Yunyang, crouching on the slope diagonally opposite the Shelter, had been aiming at GodV and was planning to finish him off with another bullet . He was not expecting Liu Zilang to throw a stun grenade at him .

What a tactical genius!

The stun grenade struck Gao Yunyang .

His vision instantly turned white and his ears became full of buzzing sounds .

However, he did not remain on the spot, and he did not waste any more time trying to blind-fire at GodV .

Using his outstanding sense of direction, he ran in the opposite direction .

A parked car was waiting for him there .

By the time Liu Zilang had caught up to him, he was already in the car .

If the first bullet does not kill, hide a thousand miles away .

He was like an emotionless assassin .

Liu Zilang who was on top of the slope raised an eyebrow when he saw this . He lifted the muzzle of his Kar98K .


The crosshair of his 8x scope moved along with the car .

Until the end, he did not pull the trigger .

Afterward, Liu Zilang unarmed his gun, ran down the slope, and then revived GodV .

17shou and NB211 came immediately after .

They had heard the sound of the car driving farther and farther into the distance . They did not need to ask to know that the opponent had already escaped .

However, the viewers in the live stream channel were full of questions when they witnessed this scene .

Why didnt you shoot?

That b*stard Vic must be going easy on his teammate .

After reviving GodV, Liu Zilang glanced at the bullet screen and raised a corner of his lips .

What do you idiots know?

When a boy reaches eighteen, they only do things they are confident in! A real sniper never wastes his bullets!

After listening to Liu Zilangs philosophical speech, GodV, 17shou, and NB211 were speechless in the team chat .

Its OK to admit that youre afraid of missing your shot . But why are you acting cool?

I nearly believed that nonsense!

After confirming that the final fanbase player had not disconnected, there was nothing else to do .

Rather than searching for him as a group, they split up and executed a carpet-search in the safe zone .

Liu Zilang knew that sticking together was a much safer choice .

However, his suggestion for them to act as a group was rejected by his teammates . They felt that there was no point in doing so .

Frankly speaking, 17shou and NB211 were eager to test their skills against Gao Yunyang, Asias Number One Rifler who was also known as the Breaker of Armies .

Even GodV, who had been knocked out by Gao Yunyang earlier, felt that he stood a chance against this person now that he knew of his existence .

They ignored Liu Zilang who had already become thirsty and hoarse from trying to convince them to stick together to bully Gao Yunyang .

They were frustrated, thinking…

Sure, hes one of the top players in the world, but why…

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