Invincible - Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Making an Exhibition of Oneself .

Huang Xiaolong turned around to look at Huang Wei, then said in a cold tone, “If he’s not qualified to sit here, then you are even less qualified than he is!”

“What?! Huang Xiaolong, you!” Huang Wei was truly offended; rage filled his heart . He possessed grade ten martial spirits, the future Lord of Huang Clan Manor, yet this Huang Xiaolong actually said he’s less qualified when compared to a slave servant?

At this moment, Huang Qide spoke: “Enough! We are in Li Residence, Old Patriarch Li’s celebration banquet!”

Because his grandfather had spoken Huang Wei could only glare at Huang Xiaolong with a vengeance .

Huang Qide then turned to Huang Xiaolong and said, “Xiaolong, is this person your newly purchased slave? He’s not qualified to sit here!”

Huang Xiaolong’s brow wrinkled, no matter what; in the end, his grandfather was still partial to Huang Wei . Ever since both of their martial spirits awakened, this has been Huang Qide’s attitude .

He was certain that If it weren't because Li Lu kept demanding that Huang Xiaolong comes, his grandfather Huang Qide would have brought only Huang Wei with him .

Huang Qide spoke again . “Tell you slave servant to leave the hall, and wait in the yard . ”

Leave? Huang Xiaolong’s anger started to rise, grandfather’s meaning is Fei Hou’s not qualified to even stand here?

“Xiaolong didn’t you hear what your grandfather said . Quickly tell you slave servant to scram! We are at Old Patriarch Li’s celebration banquet, you bringing over a slave servant, are you trying exhibit yourself?” Huang Ming added in an admonishing tone .

Scram? Huang Xiaolong’s anger continued to rise, sneered: “Although my servant is new, but it’s not for you order him around!”

“You!” Huang Ming didn’t expect an event like this where Huang Xiaolong would actually contradict him; his eyes bulged so in anger much they almost fell out .

“That’s enough, Xiaolong . ” Huang Peng said . “Obey your grandfather’s instruction, let him return to the yard . ” Even though Huang Peng agreed with his father, Huang Qide and Huang Ming’s words were excessive, but he also felt that his son bringing a slave servant on such an occasion was not appropriate .

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback, suppressing the anger, he nodded and said to Fei Hou behind him: “Fei Hou, go back and wait for me . ”

While the conversation took place, Fei Hou’s expression was calm, “Yes, Young Master . ” He saluted respectfully after saying that, turned around and left .

Huang Wei was feeling proud seeing that Fei Hou was ordered to leave .

Li Lu who was sitting beside Huang Xiaolong glared at Huang Wei when she saw his satisfied expression .

Suddenly, loud laughter erupted from outside the hall; it was Old Patriarch Li . Everyone in the Main Hall looked out and saw Li Mu, Li Cheng and their other guests walking towards the Main Hall under the protection of experts .

Seeing them, everyone got up .

However, as the group of merry people were about to step into the Main Hall, suddenly an anxious cry was heard: “Old Patriarch, it’s bad! Something bad happened!”

The voice was abrupt, and the laughter filled hall became silent; Li Mu was startled as he turned around to look, others did the same .

A flustered residential guard ran in looking frightened; the guard panted heavily as he reached Li Mu and Li Cheng, his finger pointed towards the main entrance and with a shaky voice said, “Old Patriarch, outside, outside!”

“Outside? What happened outside?” A sinking feeling crept into Li Mu’s heart, and he almost shouted his question .

“Outside, there is a huge coffin placed outside!” The Li Residence’s guard said in a quivering voice .

“What? A huge coffin!”

“What is the matter?!”

Inside the Main Hall, all the Patriarch and experts that came to congratulate Old Patriarch Li were shocked, and whispers circulated the hall .

Li Mu’s heart skipped a beat; his expression became solemn, and he said: “Go!” After speaking, Li Mu and his son Li Cheng walked towards the main entrance of Li Residence’s with quickly, while the experts of Li Residence followed closely behind them .

“We will also go and have a look,” said Huang Qide as he too walked out of the Main Hall, followed by Huang Xiaolong and the others, and Li Lu followed Huang Xiaolong . At her age, although she didn’t understand what a huge coffin being placed in front of the main entrance on her grandfather’s birthday celebration represented, she was nervous and tense .

Huang Xiaolong followed his grandfather to the main entrance, looked out and saw that a huge red-colored coffin was placed directly facing the main entrance of the Li Residence .

The of the coffin was dyed red with human blood and a strong scent of blood wove through the air assaulting their nose .

Everyone’s heart tightened watching this weird scene .

Li Mu walked up to the coffin . His expression was cold as he shouted: “Which scoundrel dares to look for trouble with Li Residence? Get out here!” When Li Mu shouted, the surrounding air rolled like waves, forming a large lion in midair; the lion roared endlessly .

Everyone was surprised and a look of awe apparent in their expression .

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered . His father told him before about the battle skill that Li Mu practiced, is this the middle grade, Mysterious rank battle skill – Sky Lion Roar?

Moments later, the lion in the sky dissipated, and there was quiet .

“Hey hey!” A snicker sounded in the air, from all direction confusing everyone as to the source of the voice . “Old Man Li, today is your eightieth birthday thus we prepared this big gift for you, you should be happy . Why are you angry? A bad temper usually leads to a short life!”

Li Mu flew up, with a loud shout his palm struck out; releasing many palm prints which rotated to form an enormous wind storm, swirling up as clouds became faintly visible .

“Windcloud Palm . ”

The massive windstorm created by the palm prints fell on a government building in front, and suddenly a muted green fist print pierced through the air and collided head-on with Li Mu’s palm print . A loud deafening explosion resounded as the two energies collided . Two muted green silhouettes appeared in midair above the government building as they stood in midair . Huang Xiaolong and everyone else looked at the two figures; their bodies were actually covered in scaled like a snake, with black eyes, their faces covered with green stripes and a long snake-like tail attached to their backs .

“Soul Transformation!” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed .

When a warrior reaches the Seventh Order, their martial spirits experience a second evolution which allows the warrior's body to integrate with their martial spirits . This ability is called Soul Transformation . After transformation, the warrior possesses the innate ability of his martial spirits . For instance, if a person’s martial spirit is a poisonous snake, then after Soul Transformation the battle qi in the warrior’s body will contain a certain amount of poison .

Clearly, the martial spirits of these two were some type of snake, and from the looks of it, most probably poisonous snakes .

“Hey Hey, Old Man Li, your Windcloud Palm is only so-so!”

“We won’t be killing you now; but within three years, we’ll definitely take your dog-life!”

“Open the coffin and see our birthday present to you!”

Both of them smirked, and their bodies became shrouded in a muted green glow, then disappeared in a flash right in front of everybody .

Li Mu didn’t expect the other party to flee the moment they appeared, so by the time he regained his senses and wanted to pursue, it was already too late .

“Dad!” Li Cheng walked up to Li Mu moments later . He then looked at the sealed coffin and asked, “Should we open it?”

Li Mu turned around, inhaled deeply, and said: “Open it!”

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