Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby

I Swept Interstellar with Foods 我靠美食风靡星际 星际厨娘养娃记

Authors : Salted Lobster

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Comedy , Romance , Slice of Life

Chapters: 205

Last update: a month ago


Liu Weiwei transmigrated to the interstellar period and found herself as the lowest ranking student in an Interstellar High School.The poor performance of the original owner was ridiculed by the whole school, and the accidental pregnancy, even the father of the child was not known.Then Liu Weiwei realized that there was also a food system with her.[Get the recipe Mapo Tofu.] [Get the recipe of sauerkraut fish.] [Get the recipe Xiao long bao.]Soon, the whole interstellar was shook, people swarmed towards her with their tears flowing from their mouths.Marshal: The snail noodles are good. Come to work in the cafeteria of our military area, you will have five insurances and one housing fund.Scientist: Fried chicken is the best, give me one, don't force me to kneel down and beg you!Villain: I want to eat too Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?Male protagonist (rare low-key boasting tone): My wife is not good at cooking, you'd better not come to my house for dinner.

Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby