Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse - Chapter 880

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Chapter 880 - Of course there had to be a Great Sage! II

As their voices reverberated, the 8 Sages had gathered together as the Blue crowns atop their heads spun rapidly, flying out of their heads and circling around each other as it seemed like they were trying to fuse.

Noah had no habit of letting his enemies power up, sending another command for the newly risen 100 Necrolords to be sacrificed for [Sweet Release of Death] while he continuously spammed Ruination Galaxy Spirit Bombs!


The chaotic void around the 8 Sages was tumultuous as after the terrific attacks landed at their location, an impenetrable golden wall seemed to have arisen as while the Blue crowns above continued to spin and nearly fuse to each other, the bodies of the Spirit Sages were doing the same.

The resonant voice coming from each of their lips continued.

"Seeing that the distance between the Cosmos and the detached Universe had not been too wide...I chose not to give up as I sent in more than half of my soul to cross the Sea of Ruination and see if I could successfully make it into this Universe without perishing. Sadly...only a sliver of my soul- only a portion, was able to survive the terrifying essence of Ruination."


The 8 bodies of the Spirit Race Sages seamlessly blended together as they didn’t even take all that long, all of them coming together as a brilliant blue light erupted out, the crowns spinning above also fusing into one as they formed into a majestic and enormous blue crown that descended only the head of a 20 meter tall being.

His body was incorporeal as his eyes held limitless wisdom, his mouth continuing to move!

"This portion survived countless years before I was able to find the unique Spirit Race, and this was finally where I was able to finally get some time to understand the situation around me as I reclaimed my many Daos and planned."

The newly formed body of the Spirit Sage shimmered with intense light, where one could actually find...illusory GALAXIES beginning to show around his c.h.e.s.t, but they seemed unstable and ready to fall at any time!

Noah’s eyes constricted from this as he knew what it meant!

It was the Realm above GALAXY that allowed a being to gain the title of a Great Sage, the Realm where from a single GALAXY, one had to birth many more- it was the Galactic Filament Realm!

It was a Realm that was very hard to cross into as many experts would fail to do so for all their lives!

Yet this monstrous being that Noah had found out the identity of now from its words...this being was actually at the cusp of fully forming more stable GALAXIES and stepping into this wondrous Realm.

He was half a stage into the Galactic Filament Realm, Half a Great Sage!

Noah gave a light sigh in his heart as he gathered all of the Sages under him to swarm by his side.

The Sword Emperor and Morgana made their way over as they looked towards the monstrous looking Half-a-Step Great Sage of the Spirit Race.

The being was actually not from their Universe, it being a terrifying creature that had another body that was in a powerful stage in the Primordial Cosmos!

A sliver of its soul had barely crossed the Ruination Sea to reach their Universe, and it had taken over the Spirit Race as it grew them to where they were today. A shocking truth of the race that did not want to save the Universe they were in!

At this moment, the Half-a-Step Great Sage raised his arm as a sense of profound strength released from him, a huge hole tearing apart the chaotic void as Primordial Essence began to flood into him ceaselessly.

The terrifying golden wall that protected this being from Noah’s continuous attacks and Ruination Galaxy Spirit Bombs was nearly shattered as cracks had spread through it, Noah close to bombing this Half-a-Step Great Sage away in the next seconds!

"You know, the Dao of Destiny is truly straightforward. It let me know of all the possible plans as out of millions, only two would work with surety."

"When utilizing this Dao, I found that in this Universe, the Cosmic Treasure was actually not destined for me in many the paths I wanted to take, that it would actually merely lead to the death of this sliver of soul that has been recovering! Not destined for the very thing I braved the dangers of the Ruination Sea to cross, it was extremely funny!"


The hands of the Half-a-Step Great Sage raised as they thrummed with power, finally saying the shocking words that represented its glorious purpose.

"But as you now understand...Destiny can be altered! The two paths that were destined for me, both of them had a stupendous boon that was no less treasured than the Cosmic Treasure itself, and if they play out...even the Cosmic Treasure itself could still be in play. It is of course...the Cosmic Dao that many Universal Realm experts strive to get their hands on even in the Primordial Cosmos, the highest form of Dao that very few can grasp, and yet unfairly...the one that was destined for the Master of the Cosmic Treasure who has already comprehended it!"


"As for what the two paths were? Haha! One was to experience the destruction of an entire Universe through Ruination, and the other...was to be killed by the destined Master of Ruination himself! Haha!"

Raucous laughter resounded out across the chaotic void as the goal of the Half-a-Step Great Sage was finally revealed!

It was the Cosmic Dao that in the Primordial Cosmos, only Noah had stepped in on- it was all for Ruination!


Noah’s attacks came to a stop the moment the words of the Half-a-Step Great Sage resounded out, feeling the beat of his heart as many thoughts crossed through his mind.

"This is why I said we had passed the crucial juncture! The Sea of Ruination will soon ravage the Dark Universe and I will achieve my goal, or the Master of Ruination will kill me...and I will still achieve my goal!"


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