I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1242

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Look left, look right.

Look forward, look backwards.

Look up, look sideways…

The men all darted their eyes around maniacally while stealthily removing themselves from the crowd.

And like so, they pa.s.sed through the alleyways, snuck around a few buildings until they saw the ma.s.sive structures that they dreaded!

And what were these things?

Well, they were none other than watch towers!

That’s right. Do you think it’s only the main roads around District B that were guarded?


They looked like decorations too. And one might think so, if not for seeing the guards walk around the top of the guard posts.

These guard posts were 3 stories high, and all buildings close to the perimeters of District C, could never be higher than 2 stories.

In fact, most of them were angle story buildings instead.

It was just that for what they lacked in height, they compensated in width.

Of course, not just any sort of building could get approval to be placed around the perimeters.

Public warehouses or storage facilities, and other things of this nature, could be placed around the perimeter.

Every day crowd-gathering places like eateries were kept at the busiest areas within District C.

After all, this district mainly concentrated on government buildings, Academies, the Hospital and so on.

It wasn’t the fun zone but the administrative and educational one instead.

Now, looking at the tall 3 story watchtowers overlooking the place, Scarface couldn’t help nodding at the fact that these people at least had some sort of common sense in their heads when it came to this matter.

Yes. It seemed that they weren’t too useless after all.

Too bad this much wasn’t enough to slow them down!


The men dressed behind one of the warehouses there while also keeping a close watch of their surroundings.

Black masks that only exposed their eyes, and an entire black attire, seemed to give them invisibility powers in this dead of night.

And when the men were done dressing up, they calmly buried their bags within one of the decorative flower beds and quickly readied themselves for action!

Like so, they began jumping, rolling and rus.h.i.+ng behind building to building, while moving closer to the Towering Posts.

There was no other way. They had to bypa.s.s the towers to get to the prison.

A circular light pa.s.sed by, just a few seconds after one of the men retracted his head back from spying.

The man’s heart raced dangerously as he now leaned his body against the building.

Too close. Just a bit more, and he would’ve been discovered!

The man looked at Poison Blade, who had pulled him back gratefully.

And in turn, Poison Blade nodded in understanding.

The men said nothing but seemed to understand themselves at this moment.

Without a doubt, their goal now was to bypa.s.s these circular lights from the towers above.

This, of course, wouldn’t be a problem for them.

No!…They only hated it because it might take time.

No doubt about it, this one field was made for infiltrators or unwanted guests.

But like he said, for them, they were highly confident. It was just that they realized that the movements of these lights seemed tricky.

And only after observing for a bit more were they finally ready to make their move.

Poison Blade would lead the end in, while Scarface would be the last to close the scene.

Poison blade rolled his neck and flexed his boulder blades to loosen up his muscles.

Alright. This was it!



He dashed forward like lightning, front-flipped, rolled to the side and continuously made countless moves undetected.

And like so, he successfully dodged it all. With that, the others followed him too.

They were all confident with their skills. So this much wasn’t an issue for them.

After all, if they could deliver strange and mysterious letters between the T.O.E.P and its Pyno members without being detected by higher-skilled Pyno ȧssa.s.sins, then what more of these rubbish guards here?

~Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+~

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They all moved in a heartbeat, reaching the front of the towers undetected.

And now, standing directly underneath the towers, they only raised briefly, checked their surroundings before heading straight into the busy Forest zones of District B.

Hahahhahahahaha! Success!

They had successfully broken in!


Though it was nothing, they still felt a little challenged by the strange setups here in Baymard.

But once again, haven’t they won?

Didn’t they bypa.s.s the area without a hitch?

Everyone sneered at these stupid Pyno people.

Look! They couldn’t even spot any hidden scouts or guards around the place. So wasn’t this enough proof to show how incompetent these people are?


Already, several men had begun daydreaming of the day that Morgany would unleash its wrath at these lowly nonent.i.ties.


They were now in District B and were finally off to rescue Ulrich, the future Deifer Monarch!

Heh… Everything seemed to have time just fine and peachy.

But you see, how could things be that easy?

Back on the central Towering Tower, one of the men was on his Walkie-Talkie, listening to the other side with a playful smile on his face.

“Captain Gillia. That’s what happened.”

The other person suddenly burst out into laughter: [Hahahahhahaha… You did great! If you had attacked them then and there, there would’ve been a high chance for at least one of these intruders to flee. And since we want to catch them all, then why risk it? Tonight, the streets will be busy. So we can’t have a dangerous person on the run.]

“Those were my thoughts exactly, Captain. It’s better to trap them in District B. Again… since they infiltrated this half of the district, I think their goal is the Prison.”

[“Hmhm… I think so too. But now, here’s what I want you to do. First, contact the other border patrol units and let everyone keep a tight watch on the scene. Make sure that these people don’t flee!”]

“No problem, Captain!”

[“Good! I’m the meantime; I’ll begin the Hunt.”]

The man’s eyes opened broadly!

They were going to pull off an Hunt!

Keep in mind that if the Captain said they would chase after them, it would’ve meant a different thing.

But when it came to that particular hunt… Hehhehehe… That was a different matter on its own.

The man smiled mysteriously.

This should be good!

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