I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1619

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Chapter 1619: Open It and See if You Like It

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“I missed you, so I came over. I’m a little tired, but all the fatigue is gone when I see my baby. I won’t be going back today, I’ll stay here with you.”

The man patiently answered her every question.

They hadn’t been apart for long.

Although Qiao Mianmian was filming in a foreign land, Mo Yesi often came to accompany her.

This time, it was probably the longest they’d been apart, almost 10 days.

Qiao Mianmian felt like she hadn’t seen Mo Yesi for a long time.

She hoped that he would stay today.

“Mm, I’m not going back.”

“I should be able to wrap up early today.” Qiao Mianmian’s eyes lit up. “When I’m done, I’ll take you around tonight. I’m very familiar with F City now, I know what’s good and fun here.”

Mo Yesi smiled and said, “Alright.”

“I’ll treat you to dinner tonight.” Qiao Mianmian said excitedly, “I know a good restaurant. Can we go there tonight?”

“Then, that’s settled. I’ll take you shopping after we’re done. There’s an alley here, and all kinds of lanterns are hung at the shops at night. The alley is also very vintage and unique. Do you want to go shopping?”

“After shopping in that alley, we can go to the snack street next door. Let me tell you, there are many kinds of snacks on that street, and they all taste good. Also…”

“Baby, stop for a while.” Mo Yesi interrupted her. “There’s no rush. We can discuss it later. Why don’t you ask me if I brought you a gift?”

“A gift?” Qiao Mianmian blinked.

“Mm, a gift.” Mo Yesi pinched her face and looked at her lovingly. “Other women’s husbands have to bring gifts when they go overseas for work. Have you never thought of getting me to bring you a gift?”

Qiao Mianmian was speechless.

She hadn’t thought about it.

She didn’t know that her husband had to bring gifts from overseas.

Qiao Mianmian was stunned for a while before coming to a realization.

She looked up and smiled. “Hubby, did you bring me a gift?”

“I did, but some people don’t seem to be looking forward to it. Do you want me to give you this gift or not?”

“Yes, yes.” Qiao Mianmian immediately shook his arm. “Who said I’m not looking forward to it? I’m looking forward to it. Quickly take it out and let me see what you brought me.”

Mo Yesi was just teasing her. He quickly took out a box from his pocket.

He handed it to Qiao Mianmian. “Open it and see if you like it.”

It was obvious that there was jewelry inside.

Qiao Mianmian opened it and saw a bracelet inside.

It was a diamond-studded bracelet. It was simple and suitable for daily wear.

Qiao Mianmian liked it very much.

Mo Yesi had bought her expensive jewelry before.

But Qiao Mianmian kept it away.

As jewelry was too expensive, she was always worried that she would lose it, so she simply put it all away.

Mo Yesi probably knew why she did that, so the bracelet he bought this time was suitable for daily wear. It didn’t look expensive.

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