If I Have You, What More Could I Ask For In This Life? - Chapter 29.2

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Translated by: Cherry


Yisheng took about an hour to shower, taking her time. When she went back upstairs, the light had turned from a bright white light to a psychedelic orchid-colored light coming from the walls. She saw that Song Anchen had turned to the side, covering himself in the blanket. He did not look like his normal self and had fallen asleep like an infant.


Yisheng did not know whether to laugh or to cry. She took light steps as she walked to the other side of the bed, pulling aside the blankets and lying down.


However, Yisheng could not fall asleep. She stared at the white ceiling in a daze, thinking about the bright lights on the surgery table. The lights had been so eye-piercing that she could not even open her eyes. She could only keep crying, bearing the sadness and bitterness alone.


Yisheng turned her body and found that Song Anchen had already opened his eyes and was staring at her silently. She had tears in the corners of her eyes, and because Song Anchen saw, she suddenly felt overwhelmed


The two of them looked at each other’s eyes, silent. One was stunned, while the other was in deep thought.


They stayed like that until Yisheng reached out his hand to gently wipe her tears away, pulling her into his embrace and hugging her tightly. He used so much strength that she felt like she was about to shatter into pieces. He did not speak for a long while. It was only when Yisheng said that it was painful did he loosen his hold. He said deeply, “Yisheng, why can’t you open your heart to me?”


Yisheng closed her eyes slightly and bit on her lower lip, “Those are all things that happened in the past.”


She did not know how to explain her ignorance in the past. She did not know what would happen after Song Anchen found out. She could only keep telling herself that that had happened in the past. In the past, she was silly. She had just been a confused young girl.


Song Anchen suddenly felt very weak. This whole time, she had been treating him as an outsider. He smiled, “I’m your husband your whole life.”

(T/N: OH he did a play on words here! In that sentence, he said both the above sentence and I’m your (Yisheng’s) husband. Yisheng’s name means like ‘one life’/life’, it changes based on context.)


Yisheng was stunned for a moment.


Song Anchen did not say anything more and lightly patted her back, “Sleep, we still have to go to work tomorrow.”


However, she stayed in his embrace and refused to leave it. She stammered, “If I can’t ever get pregnant, will you still want me?”


Song Anchen’s body stiffened, and he frowned.


Yisheng seemed to feel a kind of despair. She wanted to leave Song Anchen’s embrace when Song Anchen hugged her. He did not ask her why she could not get pregnant and did not ask her why she was asking him this question. Instead, he simply answered, “I’ll want you.”


He wanted her, and it was not something that came out of nowhere. It was something that he had felt over the many long years.


Yisheng stayed in Song Anchen’s embrace and suddenly started to cry. At that time, when the doctor told her that her abortion might cause tubal inflammation and obstruction, she did not take it to heart. Her period had been normal and she thought that it was nothing. Thus, she had forgotten about that matter. It was only when she slept with Song Anchen during such a fertile period but did not get pregnant did she remember the matter from that time.

(T/N: Going to be honest here, I seriously don’t know the medical terms)


These were all things that Song Anchen did not know about. He comforted Yisheng’s trembling body and used his embrace to prove himself. He knew that at that moment, Yisheng was very weak. He could not ask her about the matter he did not know about.


Many stars were shining that night, quietly shining on the silent room.




This was their first morning together. When Yisheng woke up, the sky was just turning white. Song Anchen had already changed. When he saw Yisheng sit up from the bed, he smiled and leaned down to kiss her forehead, “Good morning.”


Yisheng pressed her lips together and said, “Good morning,”


Song Anchen said, “I can’t send you to the hospital today. I need to make a trip to school. Don’t forget to eat your breakfast. The weather is turning cold, so wear more clothes. Oh, if you want to wash up, you can do it upstairs. I threw away your disposable toothbrush downstairs,” After he said that, he hurried downstairs. There was the sound of the door closing from downstairs. Yisheng blinked, a little confused. Why was he going to school so early in the morning?


She slowly got up and walked to the bathroom on the second floor. She realized that all of the items in the bathroom had doubled. There were two toothbrushes, two towels, and there were even some brand names facewash and makeup products on the washing rack.


Song Anchen had prepared everything? Yisheng did not know whether to laugh or to cry. It looked like he had truly planned it all out. She looked at the facewash and felt shocked. Song Anchen knew that she had dry skin and had helped her buy some moisturizing face wash/

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He was truly very thoughtful. Yisheng shivered and begun to wash up.


She did not have the habit of eating breakfast but went to buy breakfast today. She went to work after eating breakfast. Today, Zhao Jixiang was on duty and when she saw Yisheng, she energetically pulled Yisheng over to sit down, “Yisheng, I heard that you were transferred to the surgery department?”


“Yes, but I need to get Doctor Song’s approval.”


“I have a certificate, why didn’t they let me transfer?” Zhao Jixiang hit her thigh in anger, “I took a test to get a certificate because I wanted to join the surgery department. However, at that time, the competition to become a nurse in the surgery department was too intense. I was worried that I would be unable to enter, so I didn’t join the competition. Sigh, your childhood friend has helped you, and he’ll be able to help you join the surgery department.”


Yisheng paused, hearing Zhao Jixiang’s sour tone, she did not know what to say and could only smile in response.


“Do you know who donated the money for the renovation of the hospital this time?” Zhao Jixiang suddenly started to gossip.


Yisheng shook her head.


“The new boss of Boundless Skies. Oh my god, this is simply a fantasy,” Zhao Jixiang muttered, “A month ago, the hospital was looking for donations and this boss donated 500 million yuan in one go!” Zhao Jixiang reached out her hand and put it in front of Yisheng’s face, her five fingers extended.


“Isn’t the expansion of this hospital funded by the state?” Yisheng could not help feeling curious.


“It’s not funded by the state. It’s funded by the city. Originally, the city was about to allocate 50 million, but it was reduced to 10 million. With that amount, how can the hospital make an expansion? But the hospital had made many plans and had already ordered many pieces of equipment from abroad. They had no other way and asked for donations from the public. Unexpectedly, a rich donator appeared.


Yisheng pursed her lips. The boss of Boundless Skies was Song Anchen’s stepfather!


Because of that, Yisheng started to feel uneasy. With Song Anchen’s personality, if he knew about this, he would overthink. He was someone with a strong sense of pride.


Just when Yisheng was starting to overthink, a nurse appeared at the doorway and yelled, “Yisheng, your mother is looking for you.”


“Cough…” Yisheng choked on her saliva. Her mother had passed away six years ago, was it possible that a ghost had come?


Suddenly, a well-dressed lady appeared and smiled as she said to Yisheng, “Child bride!” Yisheng was shocked.


Zhao Jixiang opened her mouth wide in shock and Yisheng choked on her saliva again…


Song Anchen’s Mother had suddenly appeared. Yisheng did not know if this was a good thing or a bad thing?

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