If I Have You, What More Could I Ask For In This Life? - Chapter 29.1

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Translated by: Cherry


Yisheng sat on the front passenger’s seat, feeling troubled. She pulled at her clothes, looking uneasily as Song An the car parked at the parking lots in Ling Tian Estate. The car’s engine was turned off, but the two people sitting in the car had yet to move, continuing to sit in the car and looking ahead.


Yisheng clenched her fist and took a deep breath, “Little Brother Song, we…”


“We’ve gotten our Household Register, so let’s find the time to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and do everything we need to do,” He suddenly leaned over and helped her unbuckle her seatbelt, smiling gently, “Let’s go home.”


Yisheng swallowed the words she wanted to say. She did not know what was happening recently. She had been worried this whole while that she was pregnant, and after her period came a few days ago, although she felt a sense of relief, she had an empty feeling. Today, after such a surprising thing happened, as she had always been quite slow about these kinds of things, she had only come to her senses at that current moment. She had no other way out, her parents knew about their ‘relationship’. Even if she wanted to escape, she could not escape from the constraints of her family. She raised her head and looked at Song Anchen’s slightly tired side profile, her heart feeling heavy.


Song Anchen had always been a very responsible man. Even if an accident like that happened, he would take all the responsibility. He thought that Yisheng was definitely pregnant, but unexpectedly she was not pregnant. And the only thing that could hold him to her was not her, it was a child.


The two of them went upstairs one after another. Yisheng kept her head lowered, not daring to look at him. Only when they reached the door to the apartment did Song Anchen turn around and face Yisheng, holding her hand and opening the door to enter the house.


This was the second time that Yisheng had come to Song Anchen’s house. It was the same as before, clean and wide. Before Song Anchen left, he would close the windows tightly and pull the curtains shut, unplugging all the appliances. This was a habit Song Anchen had. In the past, when they went to school together and Song Anchen was waiting for her, he would often close her windows and unplug her appliances. He had said that ‘when you leave your house, you need to shut your windows. It’s not to prevent robbers from coming in. It’s to prevent the rain from messing up your house. Before you leave, you need to unplug everything. It’s not to reduce wastage of electricity. Instead, it’s to prevent fires from starting.’


Song Anchen was the kind of man that was extremely careful.


As soon as they entered the house, Song Anchen did not treat her like a guest and welcome her. He directly headed to the kitchen. Yisheng walked to the sofa awkwardly to wait for him. Unexpectedly, when he came out from the kitchen, he was holding a porcelain bowl in his hand. He walked over to her carefully and passed it to her.


It was brown sugar and ginger water. Yisheng’s face turned red, “My period just stopped today.”


“I know, but it’s easy for your hands and feet to be cold during autumn. After your period, it’ll be made worse if you have an insufficiency of vital energy and blood,” Song Anchen’s tone was very mild and he sat down by her side. Yisheng used both hands to hold the white porcelain bowl and blew on it, lightly licking her lips. There was a slight spiciness amongst the sweetness, but it made her heart feel very warm.


Yisheng took a secretive glance at Song Anchen, her voice a little weak, “Um… Do I sleep with you today?”


Song Anchen had originally been leaning against the sofa. His eyes were half-closed from tiredness. When Yisheng asked that question, that pair of deep eyes suddenly opened and shocked Yisheng. Song Anchen did not react much and smiled slightly, “Don’t you want to work hard to have a child? Do you think we can have a child if we sleep on separate beds?”


Yisheng gritted her teeth. Even she did not know how to tell him the truth. She could only say, “I wasn’t able to get pregnant last time despite it being my fertile period. It is more unlikely now,” She did not tell him the secret she kept in her heart.


This was something that Song Anchen had been confused about. In that kind of situation, the timing, along with his performance that night, she didn’t get pregnant? Song Anchen laughed and stopped thinking about it. He blinked at Yisheng and said, “I’ll just go clean up and go to bed.” After he said that, he stood up and walked to the bathroom. However, a few seconds later, he peeked his head out again, “I pondered for a long time. Let’s get our marriage certificate tomorrow after work. As for the child, we can settle it within the month.”

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Yisheng smiled a superficial smile. He said he had pondered for a long time? It had just been a few seconds. Also, what was with his tone? Settle the child in a month? Did he treat her as a test subject to dissect, or was this some goal he was striving to reach? She felt a little dizzy and did not know what to say to Song Anchen.


After a while, Song Anchen poked his head out again, “Do you want to shower together?


This time, Yisheng directly ran upstairs to prevent him from poking his head out to say something else. Song Anchen watched as she ran off, suddenly feeling like he was in a good mood. He smiled and entered the bathroom.


Yisheng went upstairs and realized that there had been some changes upstairs. It was no longer just a bed and a bedside cabinet. A set of furniture containing a rattan table and chairs had been placed next to the floor-length window. By the window, there was a bracket plant in a hanging white pot. It looked a lot more interesting than before.


Yisheng walked over and sat on the chair. There was a feeling in the air that made her feel out of it. This bedroom no longer made Yisheng feel that it was too empty or too wide. It did not feel cold either, and instead, caused a warm feeling to flow into her heart and warm her up.


She did not know if it was because she was feeling too comfortable or too tired, because she felt a little sleepy as she sat there. As soon as she closed her eyes, she fell asleep. Only when she felt a feeling like she was flying through the clouds did she slowly open her eyes. It turned out that Song Anchen had carried her onto the bed.


“I haven’t showered yet,” Yisheng said when she landed on the bed.


Song Anchen was not wearing his pajamas at the moment. Instead, he had wrapped a towel around his lower body. He was leaning towards Yisheng and if Yisheng moved her hand, she would be able to touch his wet chest. This posture really made her feel embarrassed.


Song Anchen’s dark eyes that were like the starry sky looked at her, almost obsessively. They were like a black hole, wanting to suck her in. Yisheng could not stand it and pushed him away, rolling off the bed, “I’ll go take a shower.”


Song Anchen leaned on his bed with one hand, turning his body to the side to look at Yisheng’s embarrassed posture. He squinted his eyes and smiled.

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