I Became the Wife of the Monstrous Crown Prince - Chapter 168

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Chapter 168 – Into the light we dream of (14)

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Richard couldn’t have made a mistake. He would have drawn magic circles and memorized spells as soon as he had learned from Ser.

Maybe Ser has given him a fake spell.

“Ahhhhh! Serphania! You’re fooling me! Argh!”

Richard realized the truth and gave out a cry of anger to Ser.

However, the fire grew bigger. And Richard’s life energy was flowing into Karan’s body in the magic circle.


A bright light was burning Richard’s whole body. Because of his melting flesh and vitality being pulled out, Richard called the name of the goddess.

“Ahhhhh! Serphania! Serphania!!”

At that time, as if to answer Richard’s cry, a bigger light was suddenly in front of him. Serphania appeared.

She glanced down at Richard. She looked as if she knew what would happen.

“You cheated on me! You lied to me from the beginning!”

“Is that all you have to say to me?”

Her voice was filled with sadness.


“Extinguished this fire right now! Right now!”

Ser looked silently at Richard, who was yelling at her.

After meeting Ancia and apologizing, Ser returned to the former capital of Zelcan, Khan.

There, shepurified the polluted land after a thousand years, regained the power tied to the ground, and apologized to everyone who suffered from her mistakes.

She fell into a deep sleep in Khan’s land with her sins, saying that she would no longer pay attention to the human world or do anything.

Leaving only ‘Shell’ in the world in case something happened.

However, Shell woke her up.

“Serphania, we’re in trouble! The disease happened again.”

Shell told Ser about what had happened.

She said that Richard had spread the disease of a thousand years ago again after his memories came back due to Ser’s influence.

Ser was rushing back to the capital. Then Shell added,

“But don’t worry! Ancia found a cure.”

The time between a goddess and a human is different. A lot of time went by in the human world during the brief time she slept. After Richard spread the disease, Ancia succeeded in making a cure.

My friend, Ancia…

Then she heard Richard reciting a taboo spell.


‘Oh, did he end up using that magic…?’

Serphania loved Phillip. So she listened to everything he wanted, but she felt something was strange with him deep inside.

And when Phillip asked to teach her how to switch

souls, her doubts deepened.

Ser lied for the first time to her beloved lover.

Phillip wanted to accomplish many things, but he wasn’t that cruel.

Ser believed in him. But now, a thousand years later, he has broken even the taboo.

Ser immediately headed to Richard’s place.

He struggled in the flames and glared at Ser.

“Extinguish this fire right now! How dare you deceive me!”

He regained the memory of his past life, but he did not apologize. There was no guilt of deceiving Ser and sealing her for a thousand years.

Rather, he was only angry at the one lie Ser had told him.

Ser’s eyes became cold.

Staring at her insensitive eyes, Richard only then began to apologize.

“I, I’m sorry. So please help me!”

Ser laughed in vain. Has she been struggling this far to hear such a thing?

She thought she would feel better if she heard him apologizing. But it wasn’t like that. Rather, anger overcame her.

“Se, Serphania, we’re a couple. You love me!”

Ser looked down at Richard, who was begging, and said,

“I’ll get you out of here.”

“Yes, yes, hurry!”

As soon as Richard nodded, his surroundings began to shine brightly.

His body rose lightly and the heat that seemed to melt his body disappeared.

Done, everything is done.

Richard smiled inwardly.

A thousand years later, she’s still a dumb woman. She still has lingering feelings for him. So she saved him.

When his magic failed, he thought it was all over. But even the heavens were on his side, there was still a chance.

He still could use Serphania.

He could ask her to give Blake’s power to him. If he coaxes her well, she’ll listen to him again.

Richard smiled inwardly. But something was wrong. It was dark all around even when he opened his eyes.

Where is this? It wasn’t his underground fortress.

Richard tried to go outside for now. However, as soon as he took a step, he was blocked by a wall.

He was blocked by walls on every side and couldn’t leave.

Richard realized that he was trapped in a transparent sphere.

“Open it! Open it now!”

Richard pounded violently against the wall. However, it was no use.

“Serphania! What are you doing!”

He shouted loudly as flames rose from the floor. Then, he saw his hand distorted by it.

Richard realized only then.

Just like when he sealed Serphania a thousand years ago, this time, he was trapped in the door of darkness.

“Serphania, wait, wait! Listen to me!”

Richard shouted urgently. However, no matter how much he shouted, he couldn’t hear her voice.

Because he used a taboo spell, Richard’s physical vitality was drained.

Serphamia took Richard’s soul and sealed him deep in the valley of chaos.

Just like when he sealed Serphania a thousand years ago. But there was one difference.

Richard didn’t have the same power as Serphania.

Of course there was no way for him to unseal it. There was no one who would save him either.

Richard will forever be trapped inside the sphere, unable to unseal it.

Richard, who belatedly realized the reality, screamed.

When he realized this, Richard cried. But no one heard his voice.


Richard let out a cry of resentment against Ser. At that moment, a big light hit him. And when the light disappeared, the flames from the magic circle also disappeared.

Richard was also out of breath.

His body melted in the flames felt so painful.

Blake took my hand. I also held his hand.

It’s really the end.

Their tragic relationship with Richard is finally over.


That night, I met Ser.

“Richard must be dead.”

I nodded calmly at Ser’s words.

“I know. He had to pay for his sins in eternal darkness.”

She spoke calmly.

“It was supposed to be like that. He was never a human being, and I should have finished him with my own hands. But I hesitated again, only because he’s reincarnated. He’s not Phillip, so I somehow gave him a lighter punishment. I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s enough that you gave me evidence before.”

Ser let me know that Richard was trying to poison Blake before she left.

Richard had no recollection of what happened in his past life. So I didn’t think it was up to me to punish him.

Anyway, thanks to the evidence she left, I was able to find out all of Richard’s evil deeds.

But Ser shook her head firmly.

“I’m the one who turned him into a monster. I should have taken care of it. And I’m sorry I couldn’t be of help this time again.”

She apologized again and again, then carefully said something.

“Laon, no, Ancia. If you don’t mind, can you accept this gift?”

It was a beautiful bracelet made from beautiful crystals.

“I tried to stop my relationship with the human world. But there were a lot of things happening when I left. Richard’s sealed, and this won’t happen anymore, but can you still call me if you need me?”

“Can I just call you when I want to see your face?”

“Yes, of course.”

Tears as clear as light flowed from Ser’s eyes. I smiled and hugged her tightly.


I felt the bright sunlight and woke up.

This was the bedroom of the Amoria Palace, and I couldn’t see Ser.

What was it? Was it a dream?

I rubbed my eyes while still half-asleep.

The bracelet Ser gave me on my wrist was shining.

It’s not a dream. It wasn’t a dream.

I tried to touch the bracelet in my left hand. But my right hand was caught.

Blake fell asleep while holding my right hand tightly.

He is now an adult, unlike ten years ago, but he still looked like a child in his sleep.

I smiled and looked at him. Blake opened his eyes and his red eyes looked at me.

“Sorry, did I wake you up?”


He smiled and shook his head, pulling me into his arms.

“But you’re tired. Let’s sleep a little longer.”

When I was in Blake’s arms, I started to fall asleep again.

It was warm and cozy. Everything was good with him.

And now only these peaceful days will continue.

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