A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss - Chapter 385

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Together, Beneath the Stars
Editor(s): Speedphoenix

Night had already come.

The sun was far beneath the horizon and the stars had already taken its place, their distant lights illuminating the beach. The waves were breaking against the shore, their crashing the only sound I heard besides Lyuu’s soft breaths. It was so quiet that it almost felt like we were the only two left in the whole wide world. All alone.

“Looked like the warwolves had plenty of fun,” I said. “Even though all they really did was play around on the beach.”

While they certainly did enjoy all the food and drink, they had far more fun with the beach than anything else. It wasn’t as if I didn’t understand. The Gyrolls lived inland. Only half of them had ever seen the ocean, and it was a rare treat even for those that already had. I know this is gonna sound patronizing as fuck, but holy shit, they were like puppies. They were freaking out when they touched the water, and backing off every single time a new wave hit the shore. Shit was hilarious.

“That’s just cause us warwolves ain’t the type to be leavin’ our territory much,” said Lyuu with an awkward laugh. “Watchin’ them was real embarrassin’, but it ain’t somethin’ I wasn’t expectin’.”
“Yeah, watching them mess around and get excited and stuff really made it all the more obvious that you guys are all the same race.”
“What’s that s’pposed to mean, Master?”
“Just that you’re all really innocent.”

I answered her peeved stare with a casual shrug.

We continued joking around for a good bit before I decided to get a little more serious.

“Lyuu, can you pass me your left hand?” I said, after taking a deep breath.

She looked straight at me as she presented the limb. There was expectation in her eyes, a glimmer of hope and excitement.

Excitement I answered.

I retrieved her ring from my inventory and slipped it over her finger.

“I know you probably already heard from Nell, but I might as well say it again. But uhhh… sorry. The design is pretty much the same as the one I gave to Lefi. It’s got that same cross in the center, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t special. I made sure they all had different gems in them.”

A stream of tears dripped down her face as she examined it from all sorts of different angles, accompanied by a gentle smile.

She rested her head on my shoulders as I ran a finger across her face and carried them away.

“Y’know, Master? I always wanted one of these. Whenever I was lookin’ at Lefi’s and Nell’s, I was always thinkin’ that theirs were real pretty ‘n that it would’ve been real nice to have one. ‘N I think I told you before, but I was real worried ’cause I didn’t think I was good enough for you, ‘specially compared to them. I know you told me not to worry ’bout it, but it ain’t somethin’ I can control. But… I think I’m okay now. Now that today’s gone ‘n happened, I don’t think I’m gonna have to worry no more.”
“Are you finally feeling better about yourself?”
“Mhm… I think I get it now. Even if I ain’t real good at anythin’, you’ll still love me anyway, Master. I’m finally startin’ to feel like it ain’t wrong for you to love someone like me ‘nymore.”

She looked straight at me with a beautiful smile. Her eyes were red and her tears had messed up her makeup. But even so, she was beautiful, beautiful as the stars shining down upon us.

“Glad to hear it,” I said. “I’m happy you’re happy, but you should probably try not to cry. You’ll ruin all that makeup you went through the trouble of putting on.”
“That’s okay. Because you’ll love me even if I turn into a wrinkly old granny. Makeup ain’t somethin’ I need to care ’bout. I’m too happy to give a damn.”

I could feel her fingers tremble as they wrapped themselves around mine. I could feel her excitement, relief, and happiness from her touch. Her love.

And I was sure she could feel mine as well.

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“I love you, Master. I really really do. Can we stay together, just like this, forever?”
“Of course we can. Come on, I thought everyone knew that demon lords didn’t like letting things go,” I said with a light chuckle. “You’re not getting away from me anymore. No matter what you say or do.”
“I don’t think I ain’t ever heard anythin’ like that before.” She giggled. “But okay, Master. If you say so, then I’ll be yours for good.”

I slowly turned to face her.

“Yes, Master?”
“I love you, Lyuu. Never leave my side.”
“You got it, Master. I’ll be right here. Forever ‘n ever.”

I wrapped my arms around her tiny frame.

Her warmth coursed through me as her breath tickled my skin.

Bringing me endless comfort and peace of mind.

Lyuu returned the embrace as she looked up and closed her eyes.

I slowly closed the distance.

And met her lips with mine. The world blurred as my senses were flooded by a sense of euphoria. One so strong that it almost seemed to hurt.

Everything vanished. The beach, the stars, and even us. Everything but our hearts. As one.

Each time we kissed.

Over and over and over again.

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