I Became A Mighty Lion - Chapter 335

Chapter 335: A Python Swallows a Lion King

Outside the cave.

It was already night.

Tilly killed the two powerful black female lions and successfully stopped the black lion king from slapping the top of the cave.

However, they also paid a heavy price.

Her snow-white fur was dyed red with blood and her body was covered in wounds. There was also a deep claw mark on her face.

The bones on one of her hind legs were broken. She could only raise them and could not land.

This once arrogant and beautiful Miss Snow Mountain was miserable now. Even her posture became comical.

Mei Mei stood beside her and let her lean on her. She was also covered in wounds.

Catherine’s sharp silver claws had already been rubbed flat and a terrifying wound appeared on her back. One could almost see the ribs inside.

However, this female cub was still standing steadily with a determined and cold gaze.

Little Curly Tail had his back to them and was standing behind them. His tail was already broken and his entire body was covered in the blood and internal organs of the enemy. He looked ferocious and terrifying.

The ground around them was filled with the corpses of the enemies.

However, they were still surrounded.

The terrifyingly strong black lion king led ten powerful lions and surrounded them. It was also covered in wounds, but it had the advantage.

Because the strength of the black lion king had already recovered to its peak.

As for their kings, they were trapped in the cave and did not know where they were or if they were dead.

The moon rose into the sky.

On the rocky hill, it was bright and calm, not like it had just experienced a bloody battle.

To the black lion, night was the most beautiful and strongest moment.

They bared their fangs and waited for the king’s last order.

Balo stood on a flat rock and raised his head to look at the bright moon surrounded by stars in the night sky, as if he was recalling the glorious time when he had once galloped through the grassland invincible.

However, those times that should have lasted forever were gone forever.

The muscles on his face twitched a few times and he slowly lowered his head to look at the young brown lions in front of him. All of this was thanks to them!

At this moment, the young lion king with a golden mane had probably died in the cave below. The hatred and anger in his heart could only be vented on these few lions.


Balo growled and walked down the rock towards the young lions in front of him.

He wanted to kill them personally!

He wanted these little things to die miserably and in pain, in fear and despair!


Right at this moment, the snow-white figure actually limped and pounced at him. Its movements were still as fast as lightning.

Balo was secretly amazed, but his claws slapped over mercilessly.

His movements and reaction were also very fast, or even faster!


With a muffled bang, Tilly was sent flying and fell heavily to the ground. She struggled for a few times and could not stand up again.

However, she still bared her fangs and let out an angry roar.

The powerful black lion king looked at her disdainfully and coldly. It slowly walked towards her with a cold killing intent, but it still did not see the fear in her eyes.

Balo seemed to be a little embarrassed and angry. He quickened his steps and revealed his sharp claws.


Catherine and Mei Mei pounced forward together. Although their movements were much slower than before, they were still fierce.

Balo stopped and looked at them coldly.

Then, he suddenly turned around and swung his tail. With a bang, he sent the two seriously injured female lions flying.

Catherine and Mei Mei fell to the ground in a sorry state. Another deep wound appeared on their heads and bodies, and all the bones in their bodies seemed to have fallen apart.

They struggled to stand up, but they staggered and fell again.

Balo had just retracted his tail when Little Curly Tail’s broken iron tail suddenly slapped over ferociously!

The strong wind assaulted the lion king and messed up its whiskers and fur.

He stood there without moving and did not dodge or stop. He watched helplessly as this ferocious iron tail slapped his head and neck.


With a crisp sound, his iron tail was like a stick!

Little Curly Tail used all his strength, but the black lion king that was slapped still stood there without moving. There were no wounds on its body.

Just as Little Curly Tail was about to retract his tail, a cold light flashed and Balo’s claws suddenly slashed down. With a whoosh, he actually cut off another part of his tail!

Blood splashed and his bones and flesh were separated. The pain penetrated his bones!

Little Curly Tail staggered and fell to the ground. He trembled and retracted his bloody broken tail. However, he roared angrily and stood up again, charging over ferociously.


Balo flew over with a claw and slapped him away.

Little Curly Tail fell heavily beside Mei Mei and Catherine. His vision turned black and his entire body twitched in pain. However, he still roared angrily and stood up shakily.

He was a lion. Even if he had to die, he had to stand and take his last breath!

Balo looked at him teasingly and walked towards him. He decided to use his claws and sharp teeth to make this young and stubborn lion let out its last scream or show its instinctive fear.


Right at this moment, the ground suddenly trembled, as if something was colliding below.

Balo stopped and looked at the ground in bewilderment.

The ground full of rocks actually started to crack.

“Boom! Boom!”

The ground trembled again.

The other black lions could not stand steadily and fell to the ground. Then, they quickly got up and looked at their feet in fear.

Balo suddenly had an ominous feeling.

“Boom —”

With a loud bang, rocks suddenly flew up from the ground not far away. Dust flew up and a huge bump appeared on the ground, as if a huge monster was about to emerge from the ground!


A thick and black snake tail covered in scales suddenly broke out of the ground!

Balo immediately relaxed when he saw this scene. It was the mutated python he had designed to trap in the cave. Although it was a little difficult to deal with, he was not afraid at all.

Rocks rolled everywhere on the ground.

The thick snake tail swam on the ground and wrapped around a huge rock. The remaining bodies started to retreat slowly from the ground.

When all the bodies of the black python crawled out of the ground, all the lions were shocked.

As for Little Curly Tail and the others, they revealed terrified expressions for the first time.

The place where the python was near its throat bulged up and almost made the part of the python’s body transparent. From its shape, it looked like a lion that had just been swallowed!

Usually, when a python swallowed its prey, it was only a big bump. When the prey reached its stomach, its bones would shatter and it would shrink into a ball. It was impossible to tell what animal it was from the outside.

Now, this big bump was exceptionally clear. Its limbs and head were especially prominent, as if the lion was standing alive inside!