I Became A Mighty Lion - Chapter 332

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Chapter 332: Mutated Gorilla


Suddenly, a black female lion pounced ferociously!

Looking at its anger and ferocity, this black lion that had died tragically might have a deep relationship with her.

Little Curly Tail twisted his butt and swung his tail heavily.


This tail slapped the stiff rock and shattered it.

The black female lion dodged agilely and pounced at lightning!

As Little Curly Tail retreated, he swung his iron tail and slapped it, but it was all dodged by this black lioness.

The black female lion dodged left and right, jumping up and down. Her reaction was fast and extremely agile!

In the blink of an eye, the female lion pounced in front of Little Curly Tail. With a ferocious expression, she raised her claws and ruthlessly grabbed his eyes.

Little Curly Tail’s tail had just landed on the ground and he could not retract it in time. He could only retreat and dodge.

However, this black lioness was extremely fast and instantly pounced in front of him.

Little Curly Tail was furious and did not want to retreat anymore. He suddenly jumped up and raised his claws to counterattack.


Two figures passed by each other.

Little Curly Tail’s face was covered in blood, and so was the black lioness.


The black female lion roared angrily and immediately turned around to continue pouncing.

Little Curly Tail’s eyes flashed and he immediately turned to escape.

When the black lioness quickly caught up, Little Curly Tail suddenly swung his tail and slapped its head, sending it flying.

However, this black lioness only lay on the ground for a few seconds before she immediately jumped up again.

At this moment, Little Curly Tail had already turned from passive to active. He pounced close and his tail whooshed over like a storm.

The black female lion quickly dodged.

“Smack! Smack! Smack!”

The iron tail slapped the rocks on the ground, shattering the rocks and sending stone fragments flying.

The black female lion wanted to rush up, but she was forced to take a step forward by the waving iron tail.


Finally, Little Curly Tail’s tail hit its head again.

The black female lion tilted her head and fell to the ground.

Little Curly Tail took this opportunity to swing his tail again with a whoosh!

Before the black female lion could jump up, she saw a black shadow widen its eyes. Then, with a bang, its entire head was cut in half!

Blood splashed and brains flowed everywhere!

The black female lion’s body suddenly twitched and she died completely.

Little Curly Tail did not dare to stay any longer and immediately turned around to charge at Mei Mei and Catherine.

At this moment, the two female cubs were surrounded by five powerful black female lions and were in a bitter battle.

Catherine’s claws were dripping with blood. Her attacks were ruthless, fierce, and fierce. There were already a few black lion corpses on the ground.


Little Curly Tail roared angrily and pounced forward.


In the cave, the rocks above him were still falling.

Chu Xiaoye ran forward and suddenly encountered many huge vampire bats. They pounced at him in a black mass. Their sharp claws, the fangs that were revealed at the corner of their mouths, and their blood-red eyes made them look exceptionally terrifying!


Chu Xiaoye immediately spat out black smoke and hid his body. Then, he raised his golden claws and waved them in front of him as he ran quickly.

Unexpectedly, before his golden claw could show its might, the black mass of blood-sucking bats instantly lost all their strength under the black smoke. They fell to the ground and struggled a few times before dying!

Chu Xiaoye was also shocked by the might of his smelly fart. Seeing that there were still blood-sucking bats coming from in front of him, he immediately turned around, stuck out his butt, and spat out air as he retreated.

As soon as the aggressive giant bats came in contact with the black smoke, they seemed to be drunk and became dizzy in midair. Then, they fell to the ground with a bang. After struggling a few times, their bodies froze and they died!

Chu Xiaoye took this opportunity to continue forward.

Mountains rolled behind him and blocked the way. It was dark in front of him, and he did not know what danger was there.

“Roar —”

Just as he was running, a huge creature covered in black fur suddenly jumped out from the darkness in front of him. It was holding a thick white bone staff and had a spotted tongue snake wrapped around its waist. Its fangs were bared and it was exceptionally fierce!

It was a mutated gorilla!

The way the gorilla stood and the way it held the white bone staff, as well as the ferocious expression on its face, made it look like a ferocious human man.

It suddenly roared, raised the white bone staff in its hand, and smashed fiercely at Chu Xiaoye!

There were rocks behind him and the passageway was narrow. Chu Xiaoye did not dare to retreat or dodge. He could only raise his claws and attack the white bone staff that was whistling over!


An intense pain suddenly assaulted him!

Chu Xiaoye only felt a huge force coming from his claws and crushing down on his head!


The bone staff that was as hard as iron actually broke his foot and smashed into his head, causing him to fall to the ground.

His head was bleeding and his mind was blank.

“Roar —”

The mutated gorilla raised the white bone staff in its hand again and smashed down ferociously!

Chu Xiaoye could not dodge and could only turn around and jump back. With a bang, the white bone staff hit the ground heavily, creating a dent on the ground!

Seeing a rock fall from above, Chu Xiaoye suddenly raised his claws and slapped it hard!


The rock flew out and smashed heavily into the mutated gorilla’s chest, sending it flying!

Chu Xiaoye took the opportunity to charge up. A stream of air spewed out from behind him and he chased after it at lightning speed. Before the rock and mutated gorilla could land, he slapped the rock again!


The rock fell from above and smashed heavily into the gorilla’s chest again, pressing him to the ground.

“Ugh —”

The mutated gorilla opened its mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Chu Xiaoye jumped up and swung his claws for the third time, slapping heavily on the rock!

This time, the rock was actually broken with a crack!

At the same time, the ribs on the mutated gorilla’s chest were crushed!

Before it could resist, Chu Xiaoye’s fourth palm had already slapped ferociously again!


The rock suddenly shattered and the fragments at the bottom were like sharp blades that pierced into the mutated gorilla’s chest and heart, almost penetrating its entire body!

“Roar —”

The mutated gorilla widened its eyes, opened its mouth, and let out a hoarse roar.

Then, blood flowed from his mouth and nose and he died completely!

Chu Xiaoye raised his claws. They were already dripping with blood, and the bones of his other claw and entire foot had already shattered.

Fortunately, silence had returned to the sky and the rocks did not fall again.

He squatted in place, his chest heaving and he was panting.

A strange heat rose from his body and flowed into his limbs.

His torn muscles, broken bones, and open wounds were healing at a visible speed.

Suddenly, a rustling sound came from the darkness in front of him, as if many things were crawling on the ground and walls. It sounded like goosebumps.

Chu Xiaoye looked up, his eyes flickering with golden light.

On the ground and on the walls, huge poisonous scorpions swarmed over with a murderous aura!

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