I am a Scarecrow and the Demon Lord of Terror! - Chapter 256

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As their line of sight moved, the tall and thin man and the other two turned pale.

They knew very well that no matter who was next, they would not be able to walk out today.

It was useless to run.

They would not be able to win even if they went up and fought.

Now, they could only wait here for death.

The tall and thin man's eyes were gloomy.

But then, he saw the young man opposite him put away the scythe in his hand.

While he was in a daze, he noticed that the young man opposite him suddenly smiled. Instantly, his heart became uneasy again.

Therefore, he subconsciously wanted to activate magic.

But in the next moment, he saw three little scarecrows crawling out of that man's body.


The little scarecrows were the size of his palm.

One of the little scarecrows shook its head. After that, its hollow gaze swept around, and then it fixed on his body.

In an instant, his hair stood on end.

Being stared at by this little scarecrow, he felt extremely terrified. His legs and feet subconsciously trembled.

This was not his fault.

After all, he was only a B rank mage.

Similarly, this little scarecrow also had the strength of a B rank, and was quite powerful.

In addition, this little scarecrow had some of Flanders's Aura, and the aura it brought was naturally much stronger than that of many mages.


The tall and thin man only felt his eyes blur.

Then, he saw that the little scarecrow was actually flying towards him.

In the next moment, this little scarecrow rushed in front of him.

He thought that this was some kind of attack, so he used his hand to grab it. In the end, just as he touched the little scarecrow, the little scarecrow entered his body.


The tall and thin man was shocked.

This was not some kind of attack?

Was it some kind of parasitic ability?

The tall and thin man immediately reacted, and his heart immediately panicked.

This kind of ability was extremely terrifying.

He was just about to use magic to force it out.

But at this moment, he felt his heart suddenly contract and an intense pain assaulted him.


The tall and skinny man immediately lay on the ground and started to roll around crazily.

It was the same.

There were also two other mages.

The other two little scarecrows rushed into the bodies of different mages and started to roll around on the ground in pain.

Soon, the flesh and blood in their bodies were filled with straw.

[Fear Points +14,000]

[Fear Points +13,000]

[Fear Points +15,000]


"Tsk tsk."

"That's it?"

Flanders was full of smiles. Looking at these people, he was a little disappointed.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

He waved the scythe in his hand in boredom and looked at the mages and strange creatures who had gathered not far away.

However, he did not go over.


The blood spirit flower's voice was heard.

"Just do your job well. You don't have to worry about them, because they... don't dare to come over anymore."

Flanders looked into the distance and gave them a very kind smile.

[Fear Points +15,000]

[Fear Points +16,000]

[Fear Points +19,000]

"This young man..."

Not far away, a mage who had been observing Flanders's situation took a step back nervously when he saw Flanders smiling at them. He subconsciously activated the magic in his body.

He was not the only one who reacted like this.

Most of the people present had the same reaction as him.

There was nothing they could do.

They had seen everything that had happened before.

Whether it was a few mages who had their necks twisted by a strange creature that they could not see or even detect, or the scythe that fell from the sky later, or the strength that this young man had displayed after he came out.

Every time, they felt their hearts tremble. They felt that the other party was quite terrifying.

They asked themselves if those few mages were replaced by them.

Then their results would probably be the same.

This young man's speed was really too fast.

In the few moments when he made his move, even if they were watching from here, they were still shocked by his actions.

They could not see his actions clearly!

Also, until the end, they did not even see how the other party made his move. Why did the three mages suddenly collapse to the ground? And why did they suddenly lose their breath!

They were all confused.

"It's really too scary!"

"Who is this young man?"

"Have any of you seen him before? Or have you heard of him?"

A group of people asked the person next to them one after another.

The result was naturally destined. No one had ever seen it before. In fact, they had even heard of this young man.

"But this weapon..."

One of them stared at the huge black scythe in the young man's hand and fell into deep thought.

"What's wrong with this weapon?"

Someone glanced at the huge scythe and was very puzzled.

Of course, there were also quite a number of people who did not think much at first. However, after hearing this person's words, they began to carefully examine this weapon. After scanning it a few times, their expressions suddenly changed.

"This is..."

"This young man, could he be..."

They seemed to have thought of something, and their expressions suddenly changed!!

Following that, the expressions of these people became panic-stricken. Many of them did not even say anything and immediately fled from this place.

This caused quite a number of people to look at each other, not understanding what was going on.


"He's the scarecrow?!"

There were still people who cried out in surprise.

Following their cries, many people at the scene immediately reacted, their faces instantly turning pale.


What was that?

Some people were stunned, but when they saw the reactions of the people around them, they instantly understood that this so-called scarecrow was probably a rather formidable fellow!!

Among these people who did not know, most of them were strange creatures, and only a small number of them were mages.

The strange creatures were born in the Black Swamp.

They had always lived here and did not have much communication with the outside world, so of course, they did not know about the scarecrow.

And these mages who did not know about the scarecrow, most of them had also stayed in the Black Swamp for a long time and had not contacted the outside world for a long time.

Although they did not know, they did not dare to underestimate this so-called scarecrow, regardless of whether it was a mage or a strange creature. It was not only the reactions of the people around them, but also the strength of the opponent that they had seen before.

At the same time.

Other than the group of people who were watching from afar.

High in the sky, it was almost above the clouds.

There were two men standing in the air. They had also arrived here long ago and had seen the battle scene from before.

"Have you seen it clearly?"

The buzz-cut man crossed his arms in front of his chest. His voice was very faint.



The other man had a long knife scar on his face. He nodded and said, "very strong. It seems that he is close to the ceiling of B rank. It is similar to the information I received. There should be very few people who are his match among B rank."

Hearing this, the buzz-cut man did not feel afraid.

Instead, a smile appeared on his face. He turned to look at the man with the scar and said with a smile, "are you confident?"

The man with the scar also smiled.

"Of course!"

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