I am a Scarecrow and the Demon Lord of Terror! - Chapter 255

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The young man walked out from the red fog.

He had a gentle and refined face with a smile on his face. At first glance, he gave off a very kind feeling.

But everyone knew clearly in their hearts.

Where was this place?

This was the Black Swamp!

A person who could move around in the Black Swamp could not be so simple!

Moreover, this red fog actually took the initiative to make way for him?

This kind of situation made him feel even more incredulous!

Who was the blood spirit flower?

That was one of the previous overlords of the Black Swamp!


Who was it taking the initiative to make way for?

Which person or strange creature had this kind of ability?

At least, he had never heard of it before!

But this young man before him could!

All sorts of signs indicated that this young man could not be as simple as he appeared on the surface. In fact, this young man was very likely to be one of those extremely terrifying existences!

Therefore, the tall and thin man did not dare to relax even a little bit. He looked at this young man with extreme vigilance.

Although the other party had a smile on his face.

But for some unknown reason.

The tall and thin man looked at this smile. The more he looked at him, the more uneasy he felt.

The smile seemed to contain an extremely terrifying power.

But this young man walked closer.

The tall and thin man's expression suddenly changed drastically.

Because the alarm bell in his heart suddenly rang loudly, extremely violently!

The alarm bell rang...

Naturally, there was no need to say much about what this meant.


Extreme danger!!

And the source of the danger did not need to think to know that it came from this young man in front of him.

The tall and thin man's forehead immediately broke out in a sweat.

His footsteps subconsciously took a step back, and then with a bang, he bumped into another mage.

He subconsciously looked back.

He saw that the other four mages had the same expression as him. They were all staring at the young man in front of them with fear in their eyes.

As expected!

There was a big problem with this young man!

Who was he?!

The tall and thin man was very frightened. His breathing had become rapid at some point.


"You all seem to be afraid of me?"

The young man got closer and closer.

When he was almost in front of them, the young man stopped and looked at them with a faint smile.


The tall and skinny man nervously rolled his throat.


He was about to open his mouth to speak.

But he found that he was so nervous that he could not say a complete sentence!

The other four mages had the same expression.

They did not know why, but they could not even say a complete sentence in front of this young man!

This young man...

Who the hell was he?!

Just standing there gave them so much pressure!

After all, they were all B rank mages!

They were now convinced that if this young man attacked them, they would probably not be able to retaliate at all!

Just as they were feeling terrified.

In the next second.

Something that made them even more terrified happened.

The young man opposite them had a smile on his face. Then, he took a step forward and walked to the side of the huge black scythe.


He stretched out his hand and pulled the giant black scythe out.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Countless black moons appeared in mid-air.

The giant black scythe waved in the young man's hand. Then, he straightened the giant scythe.


In an instant.

The few mages, including the tall and thin man, felt as if they had been struck by lightning as they stared blankly at the smiling young man.


This giant black scythe was his?!!

It was actually his weapon!!

The hearts of the few mages rumbled like thunder.

Following that, endless fear struck them.

Although they had never expected that this young man was here to help them, they could probably imagine that this young man's arrival was very likely to be disadvantageous to them.

However, when the scene before their eyes really happened, they were still filled with shock.

They could not believe it!

Immediately after, the brilliance in their eyes gradually disappeared.

They were in despair.

If it could be said that the previously invisible strangeness creature them to feel despair, they felt that they were advancing towards the abyss step by step.

However, at this moment, this young man's arrival.

It was as if he had directly pulled them into the abyss, not giving them the slightest chance to resist!

"You... who exactly are you?"

Just as the tall and thin man was in despair, a mage beside him suddenly squeezed out a sentence.

Hearing this, the tall and thin man immediately cast his gaze over.

Although he was filled with fear towards this young man, the curiosity in his heart still drove him to look over.

The other mages also looked over.

"Who am I?"

The young man thought for a moment, then a smile appeared on his face. "Of course I am the god of death from hell."

God of death?

The tall and thin man was stunned for a moment.

Before they could react, the young man's relaxed tone was transmitted over again. "Emm... according to what you said, I am probably a strange creature."

A strange creature!!

The tall and thin man and the other mages' pupils constricted.

Then, their bodies began to tremble.


As soon as the young man finished speaking, he brandished his scythe.


The tall and thin man and the others looked as if they were facing a great enemy. Cold Sweat broke out on their heads as they stared at the young man.


But it was useless!

They did not even see the young man's movements clearly. They only saw a blur before the young man's figure disappeared. In the next second, a strange sound came from beside their ears.

So fast!

The tall and thin man was shocked and hurriedly turned his head back.

However, he only saw that the mages at the end had his head separated from his body.

As for that young man...

He was standing behind the mage. One of his hands was pressing on the mage's head, preventing it from rolling off his shoulder.


The tall and Thin Man's eyes were immediately filled with blood from fear, turning red.

But what made them feel terrified was...

The dead mage had seen something before he died, and his stiff face was filled with fear!

This made the tall and thin man and the others feel even more terrified.


A mage had just spoken.

But he suddenly stopped.


Everyone only saw the young man with the scythe disappear. By the time they reacted, they realized that the head of the mage who had just spoken had already fallen to the ground. It even rolled a few times on the ground.


The tall and thin man's face instantly turned pale.

They did not see it!

He could not see how this young man had attacked!!

Even if he had been staring at the other party, by the time he had reacted, the other party had already finished attacking.

This was really...


There was nowhere to use his strength!

Instantly, only the three of them were left on the scene.

"Tsk tsk."

"Who's next?"

The young man waved his scythe, a very kind smile appearing on his face as he slowly swept his gaze over them.

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