I am a Scarecrow and the Demon Lord of Terror! - Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: Scatter And Flee

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After running for some distance, leader number 1 did not feel any peace in his heart.

The sense of crisis and danger in his heart could not be removed.

The alarm in his mind did not stop. Instead, it became louder and louder.

This was not the psychological effect of leader number 1, but a strange creature’s ability that he had subdued.

This was a strange creature’s ability that could predict danger.

It had played a decisive role in many critical moments and saved his life.

The sense of danger did not come into contact with him, which meant that the strange creature did not think that he was safe now.

What should he do? It seemed useless to continue running.

“He’s still chasing, and he’s almost catching up.”

At the thought of this, leader number 1’s heart was filled with fear, but at the same time, he could not help but become impatient.

“No! We have to run separately! Let’s split up into three groups.

“If we can get out of danger, we’ll gather at stronghold number 4.”

After thinking for a while, the leader gave an order to split up and run for their lives.

“Split up? Alright!”

Hearing the leader’s order, the other subordinates did not have any objections and listened to the leader’s orders.

Just like that, under number 1’s assignment, they split into three teams and escaped in three different directions.

Among them, leader number 1 and the team formed a team of the two strongest mages and fled frantically.

While escaping, number 2 asked the leader with some confusion, “number 1, this way the strength of the team is uneven. Why don’t you assign us to the other two teams?”

Hearing this, number 1 gave him a deep look and said coldly, “when you meet a bear in the wild, you don’t have to run faster than the bear. You just have to run faster than your companions.”

Hearing this, the other two people felt a chill in their hearts and instantly understood what he meant.

It turned out that when he was assigning the teams, number 1 was already prepared to sacrifice the others to buy time for them!

The squad was indeed trying to increase their chances of survival. However, it was not to increase their chances of survival, but to increase the chances of leader Number 1’s own survival.

“They are sacrificing their lives for the association. Their deaths are worth it.

Let’s cut the crap. Let’s hurry to stronghold 0. That’s the safest place.”

Number 1 did not feel uncomfortable at all because of the act of selling out his teammates.

He had no other choice. If he really wanted to blame someone, he could only blame himself for being too weak.

In the end, this world was a world where the strong survived while the weak died.

This was an eternal rule of survival.

After briefly explaining to the other two, number 2 and number 3 looked at each other before following behind number 1 expressionlessly.

After all, they were not the ones who were sacrificed, so what did it matter.

However, there was an indelible crack in this team.

Number 1, 2, and 3 were on guard.

They did not want to be abandoned like those people who were sent out.

Then, number 1 took number 2 and number 3 to base 0, which only he knew.

After a long time, none of what number 1 said was true.

He had never thought of going to base 4!

He had lured the other members there to buy himself more time!

Sometimes, human nature was even scarier than strange creatures…

On the other side, Flanders sensed the Black Hawk squad’s movement.

“Split into three teams? Do you think you can escape like this? Naive.”

He could feel the dozen or so rays of fear split into three teams and fled in different directions

But how could the people he had locked onto escape?

Thus, Flanders was not in a hurry. He first chased after the slowest auras.

There were 12 people in the entire Black Hawk Squad.

After Xu Datong died, there were still 11 people left. They were split into three teams.

Except for the leader’s team, which had three people, the other two teams had four people.

Number 5, 6, 11, and 12 were in the same team.

They drove an SUV and fled crazily in the city.

As they drove, they arrived at a remote country road.

Base 4 was very remote, and they were rushing there.

Seeing that they were about to reach base 4, their nerves relaxed a little.

Number 5 said with lingering fear, “I don’t know what that guy, number 7, provoked, but he was killed regardless of distance.

And the way he died… was really scary!”

Recalling the scene at that time, number 5 could not help but shiver, and a few drops of cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

If it was possible, he really wanted to delete this terrifying memory from his mind…

Hearing this, number 6 agreed.

“It’s indeed too terrifying. I’ve never seen such a horrifying scene!

I don’t know if the enemy is a human or a strange creature.

If it’s a strange screature, then it’s enough to make them suffer.

But if it’s a spirit tamer… I’m afraid it’s a strong enemy!”

As he spoke, number 6’s expression turned serious.

“It’s really hard to say. It’s obviously a simple mission. All we need to do is capture an ordinary person. I didn’t think that it would cause so much trouble!”

Number 11’s expression was filled with worry and worry.

“Yeah! I heard that the target is related to a certain newborn ghost strange creature.

“She just happened to run over to Yundu, so the higher-ups asked us to capture her and ask about it.

I didn’t expect that a small mission that came up on the spur of the moment would turn out like this.

“Number 7 died… too tragically!”

No. 12, who was in charge of driving the car, interjected. He also had lingering fear in his heart.

The more they talked, the more dejected they became.

Fortunately, they retreated in time. No matter if the enemy was a spirit tamer or a strange creature, it was impossible for them to catch up to them.

However, just as the few of them were slightly more relaxed, an accident happened.


The off-road vehicle crashed into something with a loud bang!

“F*ck! Number 12, drive carefully!”

Number 5, who had been hit hard, cursed angrily.

If they were not spirit tamers, the collision would have destroyed the vehicle and killed them!

“I… I didn’t see any obstacles. Why did I crash into something all of a sudden?”

Number 12 was also a little confused.

“Let me see… eh? When did a scarecrow appear on this road? I didn’t see it just now.”

Number 6, who was sitting in the passenger seat, said in puzzlement.

“Is a scarecrow so hard? How could it crash an off-road car into such a state?

It should have its back against a utility pole, right? I’ll go down and take a look.”

As he said that, number 5 got off the car and looked at the Scarecrow.

He saw that the scarecrow was tall, thin, and twisted. His face was ghastly.

There was an indescribable sense of strangeness!

However, this scarecrow did not look strong enough to withstand the impact of an off-road vehicle.

Number 5 looked around the scarecrow to see if there was something hard hidden behind it.

In the car, number 11 looked at the scarecrow’s appearance and felt a little scared.

He suddenly remembered what number 7 had said before he died.

Number 7 had shouted several times before he was completely burned!

That voice was like a cry from purgatory, making people shudder!

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