How To Become A Great White Moonlight - Chapter 67

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How To Become A Great White Moonlight 67

As soon as Ji Luoqing finished dealing with family affairs, he received a text message from Qin Shuyao, saying that she hoped he would come out and meet her.

Even though he had told her to have an appointment later, Qin Shuyao still insisted that he only need to see her for ten minutes.

Unable to resist Qin Shuyao’s soft begging, there was a lot of time left until the appointment with Yan Shiying, and Ji Luoqing agreed.

As soon as he arrived near his destination, before Ji Luoqing saw Qin Shuyao, he saw a few boys around a corner obviously maliciously.

Qin Shuyao’s irritated question came from inside, and Ji Luoqing hurriedly stepped forward to help her out.

When she saw him appear, Qin Shuyao immediately grabbed his arm and hid behind him in fear.

If Ji Luoqing didn’t face blindness, he would be able to recognize that these boys are just the same people who bullied Qin Shuyao last time.

Seeing Ji Luoqing guarding her behind from a few boys without fear, Qin Shuyao vaguely remembered the scene of her being protected by him when she first met him, and her heart was sweet.

Although a bit despicable, this method is really easy to use.

After the boys left, Qin Shuyao released the hand on her arm, revealing the wound intentionally.

Her trick, like last time, the sound of pretended pain, but did not expect to hear He said: “I remember there clinic near here, a little later trouble can you go do it,”

She, Qin Shuyao was taken aback and raised her head.

“By the way, I don’t know what you are looking for with me today?” Ji Luoqing said, and looked at the phone again.

It is clearly the same scene as the last time, but the people seem to be different.

Did she do something wrong?

Qin Shuyao was stunned, and under Ji Luoqing’s repeatedly inquiring eyes, she had no choice but to give out the excuse she had prepared.

In fact, there is nothing wrong, she just wanted to find a chance to see Ji Luoqing. It’s been a long time since he came to look for her, even if she asked him for an appointment again and again, he turned away.

Today is her hope of betting on the last chance, but the result is very different from what she imagined.

Qin Shuyao looked at the wound on her arm, it was not deep, but she looked very embarrassed. The same wound was exchanged for a long conversation between him and her during the last three-day trip, but today it was only exchanged for a quick glance of Ji Luoqing.

Qin Shuyao couldn’t help biting her lip.

Ji Luoqing confirmed to her again, “Can you go to the infirmary by yourself?”

He seemed to wish to leave immediately.

Qin Shuyao grinned reluctantly, “It’s okay, I can do it myself.”

As soon as the voice fell, Ji Luoqing nodded at her politely , turned around and hurried away.

It seems that no matter who is being bullied here, he will save the person, not because she is Qin Shuyao, nor will he look at her differently because of her weakness.

Even if she was standing in front of him, his whole mind seemed to have been placed on another person far away, he could no longer tolerate anyone other than her, and would not give others half a chance.

The light in Qin Shuyao’s eyes gradually extinguished.

This time, she finally knew that she was hopeless.

After Ji Luoqing and Qin Shuyao separated, he hurried to the place agreed with Yan Shiying.

The time has not yet arrived, but the sky is still dark.

The surrounding night market vendors set up their stalls one after another, all kinds of scents were blowing in the evening breeze, and the exaggerated signs appeared colorful in the night.

From a distance, Ji Luoqing saw Yan Shiying walking from the end of the long street.

There was a sudden smile on his face, and just as he raised his hand to beckon her, he saw the upright and tall man following her.

Xia Fanyi.

Xia Fanyi also saw Ji Luoqing, and looked at Yan Shiying next to him. He nodded towards Ji Luoqing with a faint smile, saying hello.

Thinking that he himself had promised to be a shield between Yan Shiying and Ji Luoqing, Xia Fanyi regretted why he agreed to help her chase Ji Luoqing.

Seeing Yan Shiying’s face with a flowery smile at Ji Luoqing, Xia Fanyi’s heart throbbed hard to contain.

Looking at Ji Luoqing again, he seemed to be a little stiff when he saw his appearance. When he walked in front of Yan Shiying, he was a little surprised and asked her: “How could Xia Fanyi …?” 

Xia Fanyi sighed fiercely from the bottom of his heart. Does he think he really wants to come?! If it’s not for Yan Shiying!

But there was an impeccable smile on his face, “Come here to help Yan Shiying pick a gift.”

Ji Luoqing was a little puzzled, “Gift…?”

“I heard that your birthday seems to be coming soon…”

Looked at Yan. Shi Ying smiled and began to talk to Ji Luoqing, and the two walked forward side by side on their own. No one noticed him behind them. Xia Fanyi only felt that he almost didn’t catch his breath in his chest.

With a silent bitter smile, Xia Fanyi followed behind them.

He didn’t go to see Ji Luoqing, because the smile on his face made him feel dazzling at just one glance.

But when his eyes fell on Yan Shiying, Xia Fanyi felt a meager sweetness in his loneliness.

As if just following her, breathing the air she had breathed, it made him feel unspeakable satisfaction.

This street is very long, with lights and festoons at night, with a dazzling array of vendors and shops, and the aroma of food wafts from people to and from people.

Ji Luoqing and Yan Shiying walked side by side. After seeing Xia Fanyi,He got surprise at first, he soon accepted the fact that the three were traveling.

He had long been accustomed to the situation where she was always surrounded by other people.

Since he crossed the line of defense in his heart and kissed her that night, he has decided that as long as she does not abandon him, as long as he has a place in her, he will not leave her no matter how painful the situation is. .

He was not like Yue Xiuning who would use despicable means to eradicate others. He would wait until she could see him as soon as she raised her eyes. He would be very patient. One day, she would really see him.

He is not greedy, even if he can’t really own her, even if she hasn’t seen him, but as long as he can stay by her side, he is willing to watch her with others.

Ji Luoqing didn’t say clearly what birthday gift he wanted, because he said he would be very happy no matter what she gave.

A few people chatted and walked into a jewelry shop. Yan Shiying glanced at random, and saw a unique style of men’s ring at a glance.

It is unique, because the design style of the ring is very similar to the bracelet Ji Luoqing wears, so it is not bad to make a set.

The clerk came up cleverly, and after looking at her and Ji Luoqing for a few moments, he said: “What kind of ring do you want to pick for your husband?” As soon as the voice fell, Ji Luoqing was taken aback, and then the tips of his ears were slightly red.

Before Yan Shiying could speak, Xia Fanyi stepped in between the two and asked Yan Shiying with a smile, “Which one do you like?”

The clerk realized that he had said something wrong, but the clerk had a good psychological quality. Without changing his face, he said, “Which model does this gentleman want to buy for his wife? I recommend these models. They are the most famous series in our store.”

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Ji Luoqing: “…”

Xia Fanyi: What should I do? , It’s cool.

Yan Shiying smiled, and didn’t intend to embarrass the clerk, “Take this ring out and show me.”

She invited Ji Luoqing, holding up his hand and putting it on him.

Very suitable, that is, just the finger size are not fit.

Under the gaze of the two, she greeted the clerk, “Take his measurement.” The clerk directed Ji Luoqing to another counter.

As soon as Ji Luoqing left, Xia Fanyi changed his face and dragged her, “Why did you put it on for him directly? Am I not by your side?”

His voice was obscurely lowered, “Can’t you let me help…”

At the moment when Yan Shiying held up Ji Luoqing’s hand just now, even if he knew that she was just trying on the ring for him, his heartbeat still stopped uncontrollably for a moment.

Suddenly he understood that from the beginning when he said he wanted to be friends with her, it was a vicious circle.

Because she is a friend, she can laugh with others unscrupulously, even if she is in physical contact, she doesn’t need to care about him.

Because he is a friend, even if he sees her being moved by Ji Luoqing and humbled for liking him, he can only pretend to be patient.

She won’t know how much he cares, won’t know how painful he is, and he can’t tell her.

Seeing his expression, Yan Shiying was taken aback and smiled.

“What’s your expression? Hahaha, Xia Fanyi, are you jealous?”

She jokingly said this, Xia Fanyi only felt that his heart shook heavily and his long eyelashes trembled silently.

That’s right, he was jealous, even if it was such a trivial move, he cared terribly.

Xia Fanyi lowered his face and did not speak.

Yan Shiying spoke nonchalantly again: “Don’t worry, I know you like Yaoyao, just joking with you.”

No, he likes her.

Xia Fanyi moved his lips slightly, and finally began to regret how he made his love for Qin Shuyao public, and even used her as Qin Shuyao’s test object, so that no matter what he does, he is called “Qin Shuyao” and was separated by a wall far away, and could no longer move forward for half a minute.

At this stall, Ji Luoqing is back.

Yan Shiying immediately turned around, “How about it? Do you like it?”

Ji Luoqing nodded, and glanced at Xia Fanyi behind her, seeming to stop talking.

Yan Shiying asked the clerk to pack the ring. While waiting for the clerk to pack, she coughed and said, “Suddenly I want to drink milk tea.”

She smiled and looked at Xia Fanyi.

Xia Fanyi suddenly understood it, and it was his turn to assist again.

Covering the bitterness in his heart, Xia Fanyi took the initiative to speak, “I’ll go buy it.” He glanced at Ji Luoqing, “You guys talk.”

Then he walked out of the shop.

After Xia Fanyi left, Ji Luoqing breathed a sigh of relief and took out the hand that had been hidden behind his back.

He saw a delicate female ring shining brightly in his hand.

Ji Luoqing put on his glasses in a daze, his expression hesitated, “I thought of you just now when I saw this ring, I want to give it to you… is it okay?”

He said simple words like a drum. With great courage, he almost wrote the anxiety about her refusal on his face, and looked at her with bright eyes like small animals, looking…very bullied.

Yan Shiying raised her lips casually, raised her eyebrows and smiled at him, “I will agree if you kiss me.”

Ji Luoqing was taken aback , “…What?”

“Forget it.” Yan Shiying was about to turn around, immediately pulled by Ji Luoqing.

The roots of his ears slowly turned red, and he looked around carefully, then blushed and leaned down, holding his breath, and quickly pecked her lips.

“Yes, you can.”

The clerk in the corner trembled, Mom, it’s no wonder he will be beaten in the face, this young lady can play.

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