Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Chapter 97 Things That Su Bei Can’t Take Away

Xu Meiqi hated Su Bei more . Even when she still went to the Su family’s villa, she didn’t like Su Bei’s arrogant look . And she also hated the fact that Su Bei was the legitimate daughter of the head of Su family .

She smiled and said, “Huixian, look! It’s Su Bei over there . She has been kicked out of the Su family, right? No wonder she can’t even afford to buy a car here . ”

“With her current income? Of course, she can’t afford it . But who knows if there’s an old man paying for her?” Luo Lili said with a smile .

Su Huixian was in a good mood today, so she just said, “Don’t talk nonsense . Let’s go around and have a look . ”

Xu Meiqi smiled and complimented Su Huixian, “Huixian, even if Su Bei has taken away your chance in the Orisa Fashion Show, it’s nothing . Uncle loves you, and Mr . Luo spoils you . Uncle even let you go out to relax and choose any luxury car you want here . These are the things that Su Bei can’t take away from you . ”

Hearing these words made Su Huixian happier . Indeed, Su Xingfu was worried that she was in a bad mood, so he asked her to go out and buy whatever she wanted .

Su Bei would never get their father’s love .

When Su Bei overheard their conversation, the expression on her face slightly changed for a moment, then it returned to normal .

She looked at the cars in front of her casually with a relaxed expression on her face, admiring the masterpieces produced by industrial technology .

The store manager was very angry at Su Bei .

But when he raised his eyes and saw Su Huixian, a smile appeared on his plump round face . He immediately walked up to her and said, “Miss Su, what brings you here today? Come in, please . We are so honored that you visit our store today . What kind of car would you like to see?”

Su Xingfu and Du Luo were regular customers of this car dealership . Everyone here knew who Su Huixian was, so they gave her the VIP treatment .

The store manager was flattering Su Huixian all year round .

Her family background alone was already extraordinary . And if she really married into the Du family in the future, he would have to work harder to compliment her .

“I’ll just look around first,” Su Huixian replied with a reserved smile . “I’m tired of roadsters, so I want to see if there’s any big car with better safety performance . ”

“Yes, of course! Miss Su, you’re a tall, long-legged woman with an outstanding figure . You will definitely feel uncomfortable when you drive the roadster for a long time . Look at this SUV . It suits your international supermodel temperament,” the store manager said to Su Huixian in a very flattering tone .

Su Huixian’s face lit up .

Xu Meiqi also smiled and said, “The store manager surely knows how to compliment his customers . Cousin, I think we might as well check this SUV . It may really suit you since you have long legs . ”

With a smile, the store manager said, “I’m telling the truth . Every time Miss Su appears on the stage, she’s really like an International supermodel . And with such long legs, she deserves to drive a big luxury car that matches her looks and temperament . An ordinary woman’s face will remain unseen even if she gets into this kind of car . Only Miss Su’s figure fits into this kind of car . ”

“Okay, then . Tell me all the details while I’m taking a look,” Su Huixian said as her gaze swept over the neatly arranged luxury cars .

“This SUV here is the latest model of Mercedes-Benz . It has the most advanced brake system . The moment it senses danger, it will automatically brake for you to avoid hitting pedestrians . Its safety performance is really high, but it is very fast . Its speed can be changed to one hundred kilometers per hour in a second . You will surely have a very good driving experience . Miss Su, come, check it . ”

The store manager led Su Huixian to a tall and eye-catching car .

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